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Alleged Plot Details For ‘The Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Surface

Alleged Plot Details For 'The Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Surface

We really shouldn’t have to say this but, duh, SPOILERS AHEAD. Granted, given that scripts on blockbuster movies change, and there can be handful of iterations at any moment, and given that Joss Whedon himself has had to adjust course to tweak his movie for the ever-changing Marvel-verse, who knows if these plot details for “The Avengers: Age Of Ultron” are accurate. But, what are tentpole movies without rumors to consider?

And so, Latino Review report today on some story elements from ‘Ultron,’ with the added caveat they are from the opening 15-20 minutes of a movie that they say will likely break the two-hour mark. And the opening sequence is the highlight of these rumors. Apparently, it will pick up right where the post-credits scene from “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” left off, with The Avengers teaming up to fight Baron von Strucker, who has Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch by his side.

Anyway, Hulk’s smashy-smash strength wins the day which leads to a party at Avengers Tower, where everyone tries to pick up Thor’s hammer to no avail… except Captain America, who manages to move it just a little bit (in the comics he’s able to wield it). Meanwhile, Bruce Banner and Black Widow will apparently have feelings for each other but Hulk is afraid his rage will be too much for her to handle. And speaking of love, Thor is now back on the market with Jane moving on (and we’d guess because Natalie Portman is done with comic book movies).

So in short, the opening is a big blockbuster spectacle (par for the course these days) followed by establishing where the characters are now in the story. Thoughts? You know where to go. “The Avengers: Age Of Ultron” drops on May 1, 2015.

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I now know that sadly Bruce and Natasha will happen but if I get kicked out the movie theater because I’m yelling no at the screen its not my fault! I’m Steve and Natasha 4 life!

Tessa Sparks

Yes! I agree with all the comments against Bruce and Natasha.I think it might be a pretty bad move if it turns out to be too fluffy. The first Avengers did a great job by not involving too much romance. Let’s hope Age of Ultron doesn’t get too swept up in all this stuff… But if any romance at all… I feel like Clintasha or Captasha works better… Sorry Bruce, you belong with Betty :)


Hoping that Banner/Natasha is just a flook. Maybe a vision cause they both get controlled by scarlett witch. Natasha and Steve all the way!

tyjuan robinson

It should be captain America not tony not clint and especially not Bruce banner hell if they have sex hulk will kill that chick seriously am not joking he will


I don't know how I feel. It's like they are trying to pair get up with all of the team one pet movie. First film appearance she's got sorta the hots for tony, next its Clint, most recently it's Steve. (hell out of all of them they had the best chemistry but if their bffs I'm fine with that too.) And now they go for bruce who's next Thor or Pierto?


I think the better question about Bruce Banner's relationship is: Where the hell is Betty Ross? I feel like it never mentioned her after the Incredible Hulk. So, instead of making him have his way with Black Widow, how's about we bring Miss Ross back into the equation and keep everybody happy by sticking black widow with Cap.


The relationship is there because hulk is going to kill ultron after ultron kills her


Guys, stop calling BS on the possible HulkWidow relationship, okay? In the first movie, they had plenty of chemistry, and I see no reason for the second movie to be any different. Whedon never gives an easy road for any of his characters, and honestly? Captasha or Clintasha would be a cop out to please fans. Give the thought of it a chance, don't sneer at the idea of it just because you don't want one of your precious pairings to break up. Not everyone is going to be happy with any one pairing. Put Clintasha or Captasha in, you're going to have the ones on the other side of the debate getting angry. So why not think a little outside the box? Personally, I am refreshed by this. I actually think that of the three, it has always been more likely for me. Clintasha has always seemed a relationship that has long since run it's course… I find them more of a brotp to be honest. Let's bear in mind that Clint was only in the movie for, like, fifteen minutes in total. She showed great caring for him, but nothing I wouldn't do for my friends if I were like her and in that situation. As for Steve… I don't know. The chemistry in Cap 2 was fantastic, and honestly, when I went to see it I was hoping for a relationship. But again, now I see them more like friends. Just give it a chance, guys. A romance between them might not be so bad. And remember, there's a whole movie plot to remember, beyond who Natasha dates.


I don't buy into a Black Widow/Hulk relationship. I could accept a Natasha/Clint relationship, but I'd like to see Mockingbird introduced to keep it somewhat inline with the comics. As for Steve, they went with the obvious chemistry between Cap/Tasha. I can't speak for anyone else, but the whole interaction, short as it was between Steve/Sharon in Winter Soldier felt forced to me.

Mitchell Henry

This is bullshit


If BW and Hulk do have a romantic plot going on in this movie, then I wouldn't be too surprise. I had a feeling there was something going on between Hulk and Black Widow in the first movie. Every scene they were in seemed like there was something between the two.

matt pickard

a much better avengers 3 would be to lead into civil war (read it if you have not) more heroes more fights. also would set things up for new avengers since the ones we have now will not be around forever. the avenger have so many members and so many possibilities.just athought


1: Hidow (Black Widow+Hulk. I thought since everyone else was going to do it, I might get it out of the way) is a completely stupid relationship stereotype where the woman falls in love with the muscly hunk. I hate that stereotype. And, if anything, Widow seems to be a better fit for Hawkeye.

2: 20 minutes long? An infiltration to a secret base while fighting lots of soldiers, a new villain who needs backstory and two test subject siblings with the power of SUPER-SPEED AND TELEKINESIS OF ALL THINGS should take about 25 minutes. But the party supposedly takes 2-3 minutes, meaning that the infiltration/fight is about 17 minutes. Not to mention, this is 20 minutes total… AT THE MOST! The least is 15, and at the least the infiltration/fight would be 12 minutes long. THAT'S A 13 MINUTE DIFFERENCE!!! This movie is beginning to feel rushed.

Other than that I have no problem.


I have a feeling, due to the Hulkbuster Armor said to be appearing, and the concept art with Iron Man vs Hulk, that at some point, Ultron or Vision does something to make Hulk either subservient to them or just to put him in a mindless rage that Thor isn't at hand as of yet to help stop.




I don't believe it for a minute – it was very clear that the Cap 2 post-credits scene with Baron von Strucker took place almost immediately after that movie ended, and there is no way in hell that Cap abandoning his search for Bucky in favor of partyin' down with Tony Stark makes sense. Ditto Natasha abandoning her search for her true self in favor a romance with Bruce Banner (horribly sexist, and sorry, I can't see Joss Whedon doing that to the one female on the team).

It sounds like El Mayimbe made it up to get clicks – does he really expect us to believe that Marvel left the first TWENTY MINUTES of the script leak? Really? It was a big deal when two PAGES of the Cap 2 script surfaced, and what actually appeared on screen ending up being slightly different from the script anyway. And wasn't he the one who said that Iron Man 3 ended with Tony flying off to join the Guardians of the Galaxy?

This alleged opening sounds like a really bad fan story. If it (or something similar) appears in six months on a more reputable site, I'll be more inclined to believe it. But right now? Not a chance.


It would be nice if in a battle Thor throws his hammer to Captain America and Cap smashes a couple of Ultron's army androids for a couple of seconds than throws it back to Thor.


I think a romance between Banner and Widow would be a bad idea. If anything, Widow would be attracted to either Hawkeye or Cap. And on a more serious note, if he Hulk-ed up during sex I think she's a goner, lol. Also I like that Natalie Portman is gone, since now they can have Thor and Sif fall in love, which is the way I always thought it should be. I've read lots of comics in my time; Thor and Sif have been on/off for years so it makes sense for them to do that in the movies. Enough about the romances that are only put in these movies to attract female audiences… I'm curious to see how Ultron will lead to Thanos, the obvious villain for Avengers 3. The Infinity Gauntlet is one of my favorite storylines so I'm definitely excited to see that translated onto the screen. One element that will be sadly absent is one of my favorite characters, the Silver Surfer, since his right are owned by Fox. One final note, during the post-credits scene of Thor: The Dark World we see what looks like Adam Warlock's cocoon. I would practically shite myself if they somehow managed to include him for the showdown with Thanos.

David Harris

I admit the Bruce Banner/ Black Widow thing would be cute, but c'mon we all know that Natasha and Clint are meant to be. They just seem to have more chemistry.


I honestly can't see the Banner/BW relationship being something either Whedon or Johansson would get behind. SJ was prickly about the idea of a relationship in Winter Soldier and even chose to wear a necklace to reinforce her character's relationship with Hawkeye. If it is their decision I think they will focus on an intimate, but quite possibly platonic, relationship between BW and Hawkeye. Otherwise, with the time constraints, it is all so superficial and no way to treat their main female character. Unless of course Marvel wants her to spend each film flirting with a different Avenger, meaning it will be Thor's turn next. If that is the case then it is a horrible message to send young girls and I am done will Marvel.


I say BS, especially the love story. If anything Natasha would have a relationship with Steve or Clint… No way it's Bruce.


I'm calling bullshit on the Banner/Black Widow love story. That just seems OOC for both Widow and Banner. And the whole thing with Thor and Jane supposedly breaking up? Um, didn't he come back to Earth so he could be with her while fighting off the evils of Midgard? Sorry, but this whole soap opera feel I'm getting from the beginning of the film is SO not Joss Whedon's style. He'll probably rewrite those little tidbits. If he doesn't then I'll lose a smidge of respect for him, which is saying a lot for me because he's my idol and the reason I wanted to pursue film studies


"Meanwhile, Bruce Banner and Black Widow will apparently have feelings for each other but Hulk is afraid his rage will be too much for her to handle."

Urgh, terrible. I know Marvel wants to give Bruce a love story without having to commit to another actor playing Betty, but slotting Black Widow into that role is uninspired.

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