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Attention Filmmakers: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Want to Make Your Dreams Come True with ‘Project Greenlight’

Attention Filmmakers: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Want to Make Your Dreams Come True with 'Project Greenlight'

Ready to be judged by Batman and Jason Bourne? Now’s your chance (again). HBO has announced that they’re bringing back the talent competition “Project Greenlight,” allowing aspiring filmmakers to submit for the chance to make a feature film — under the watchful eye of producers Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and a crew of reality TV cameras. 

A reality show born of the late-90s indie film boom, the first seasons of “Project Greenlight” produced a few underseen features — “Stolen Summer,” “The Battle of Shaker Heights” and “Feast” — that did not launch any megastar careers (well, except for “Shaker Heights” actor Shia LeBeouf, that is). Of course, that was a pre-YouTube era, when cell phones weren’t capable of shooting HD video. How that changes the playing field could be most interesting. 

In the amusing and self-deprecating announcement video below, Affleck and Damon admit to not having had any new ideas in 13 years (when the last “Project Greenlight” ended), before encouraging the “next great filmmaker” to take a chance on entering. Not listed among the contest prizes is the chance to hang out with Affleck and Damon, but you have to admit, that looks like fun. 

Submissions open on July 24th and close August 8th. More information is available at

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Red far

Interesting, because most directors like shooting something they feel passionate about, or at least know something about. So I assume whoever applies for this gig needs to be a generalist. Some great dramatic directors fall on their face with comedy. Maybe there will be an opportunity to select from several scripts?

indie champ

What a great way for two Hollywood lottery, critics darling winning ego maniacs to exploit new neophyte bros that have film ambition in the middle of a digital revolution. Shame on you HBO and shame on Ben and Matt. Some poor sucker is going to win and they will exploit him until he becomes Project Greenlight "The Next Sucker".


Perhaps Ben should spend some time on his directing skills instead churning out mind numbing drivel like Argo. But, I guess it makes sense in that it's rather emblematic of our time that a hack director with no concept of direction, no concept of how to write and no art direction get his trophy's for his actors, acting their roles for this sugar coated, diabetic inducing coma of a Lifetime "TV" movie. His Oscar was undeniably the worst "Film of the Year" pick since Ordinary People beat out Raging Bull & Tess for the top spot. As German Film director Werner Herzog once said, "The world is starving for images and without them we will die." 2013 marked the year that Art has officially been murdered and relegated to tweetsville by these two, dopes.

Alex Conn

Why is this Facebook not youtube

Da Mick

Since they're both writers there are probably too many legal issues with unsolicited scripts. That's a pretty tight window for submissions.

Scott Smith

Really – commie posts on;y?


I actually only ever watched one of these before, but I seem to remember them looking for a screenplay and a director. I guess just a director this time.


After all this time, these guys still manage to be a breath of fresh air.

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