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‘Belle’ Coming to Blu-Ray/DVD In August

'Belle' Coming to Blu-Ray/DVD In August

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced
that Amma Asante’s highly acclaimed period drama "Belle" will be released on
blu-ray DVD on August 26th.

Inspired by the famous painting of Belle with her cousin
Lady Elizabeth Murray, the film, starring Gubu Mbatha-Raw, tells the story of Dido
Belle the bi-racial niece of Lord Mansfield, then the Lord Chief Justice of
England, and her fight to help end slavery in the U.K.

The DVD will include several special features, including short
documentaries about Belle, the painting, a profile of Mbatha-Raw, and a “making of”
documentary, among a few other features.

No word yet on if any director or actor commentaries will be
on the DVD.

Read Zeba’s enthusiastic review of the film here.

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The movie was excellent. Any idea when the DVD version will be out in the US? It seems to be out in other countries.

lynn thomas

I am really mad that this is not coming out on regular DVD. Whose bright idea was that ?

Mary Gagnon

Where do we get the DVD?


Why only blu ray?!?! what if I want an actual DVD…


The above still of the actress Gugu looks a lot like stills I have seen of Kerry Washington in Scandal. I wonder if the director and lead actress were so obsessed with Scandal that they tried to recreate Kerry's facial expressions in Belle.


Belle was extremely well-written, well-cast, well-directed and well-produced. Really a treasure of a movie!


Nobody here had a problem with "Belle" being a "true" story about a black woman in a love triangle with two white men, and not a black man in site in the entire movie? I found the movie to be well-produced, cautiously-directed and not very well written. Maybe I'm just too militant.


The film was very well put together, and engrossing. I enjoyed it.


Excellent film!


I liked the movie too. I saw it in a full theater and everyone seemed charmed. Applauded at the end.


Belle was exquisite! It was so much more than I thought it would be. It was so well done and loved all of the the characters. Such a great film. I am so glad I saw it in the Theater! Cheers!

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