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“Brutus the Bound: Infinite Gladiator”

"Brutus the Bound: Infinite Gladiator"

Video game proof of concept? Pilot for a series? I don’t know what this is – but it’s the “Best New Thing” of the day!

According to its designer/animator Chris Burns, “It’s an homage to Samurai Jack, and essentially a trailer for a web series we’ve been batting around at the studio”. 

Created by Joe Croson, animated by Exit 73 Studios, the plot concerns Brutus, a great warrior from a distant planet, who “is ripped from his past and taken to the future of an evil Overlard. The Overload holds Brutus’ family hostage and binds Brutus in a temporal harness, forcing him too become an Infinite Gladiator, fighting opponents throughout time and space.” It’s good gory fun – and I wish them luck getting it produced. 

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Hey Jerry did I ever tell you about the time I saw King Star King piss into Brutus' mouth. Classy guy…


Metairony: simultaneously indulging in what you are pretending to satirize.

Nate Bear

Yes please.

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