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Cate Blanchett: “People Want to See Stories With Women at the Center”

Cate Blanchett: "People Want to See Stories With Women at the Center"

After using her Best Actress win at the Oscars as a platform to call for more movies about women (“the world is round, people”), Cate Blanchett recently spoke out again on behalf of her fellow female thespians. 

Often I find with female-lead films, that the budgets are smaller and the resulting box office is extraordinary,” she said. “But it would be great if there were more films led by women that had that initial investment, because people want to see stories with women at the center.

Our ticket-sale analyses have shown that movies with a female protagonist earned 20% more on average than movies with a male protagonist. And, the number crunchers at 538 have also proven that films that pass the Bechdel test are more profitable

Blanchett will be presented with Women in Film’s Crystal Award for Excellence in Film on June 11.

[via Variety]

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N Patterson

I think Ms. Blanchett is right on target. Hollywood is leaving money on the table by ignoring this huge demographic. Production companies that are diverse in terms of race and gender, that make films with female and males leads of all colors will be successful/profitable. The world has shifted and the Industry needs to catch up.


I think it depends on who the female lead is, and who her male co star is. Statistics can be deceiving.

Ronnie D.

I'm not sure they do, Cate Blanchett.. I'm not sure they do.

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