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Details On Woody Allen’s Next Film With Joaquin Phoenix & Emma Stone Reveals It’s Basically A Woody Allen Film

Details On Woody Allen's Next Film With Joaquin Phoenix & Emma Stone Reveals It's Basically A Woody Allen Film

You can pretty much set your watch to Woody Allen‘s work schedule, and with his next film “Magic In The Moonlight” dropping next month, the director is naturally already on his next movie. Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone are slated to star and as per usual, there are no plot details. Okay, that’s not quite true.

It has emerged that shooting for the movie will take place not in exotic European locales, or bustling metropolises, but instead in Rhode Island, with casting now underway. And there’s more. The Boston Globe reports that it will be a “contemporary story” and—get this—will feature “academics, graduate students, and middle- and working-class folks.” So, another movie with erudite braniacs, smart young people and regular Joes all colliding together? Yep, sounds like more than a few Allen movies we’ve seen.

His pace is certainly admirable, but when he’s not inspired, Allen can feel a bit formulaic. That said, it’s an enjoyable formula, but here’s hoping this one finds the director pushing himself a bit, particularly since he’s roped in someone of Phoenix’s calibre for the lead role. 

“Magic In The Moonlight” opens on July 25th. 

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seeing that phoenix is doing this and is generally picky maybe it's one of his a+ ones… on the other hand some actors just want to work with allen and say yes to anything so maybe it's one of his b pics… we won't know for a year i'm guessing.. it's been a while since allen got all academic-like… seeing that he gets financing overseas more easily and he's choosing to shoot in rhode island of all places maybe it's very very academic like north east college set… would love to see a totally different kind of allen flick… while magic in the moonlight looks charming it doesn't seem like any new ground is being broken but blue jasmine rocked… and midnight in paris hit similar themes as previous films but still was awesome… you never know with the guy which is what's kind of fun

who the frick are you?

dear kevin jagnernauth,

who the freaking hell are you, bitch?

-woody allen

Johnny JohnJohn

One of our greatest living pedophiles, I mean filmmakers.


Formulaic yes but his best films fall under that umbrella.


Why isn't Joaquin Phoenix's name in the poster? It doesn't look like he stars in this..


I like Woody Allen movies. Even the lesser ones are a nice break away from the norm because they're shot on film, have no violence & no CG effects whatsoever. But, boy oh boy, as of late aside from Midnight In Paris his films sure do have the WORST & DULLEST posters imaginable.

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