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Early Contender for Worst Poster of 2014: Woody Allen’s ‘Magic in the Moonlight’

Early Contender for Worst Poster of 2014: Woody Allen's 'Magic in the Moonlight'

The poster for Woody Allen’s upcoming romantic comedy “Magic in the Moonlight,” starring Emma Stone and Colin Firth, made its debut on Moviefone.

Firth plays a character who has a knack for unmasking fake spiritualists, so it is business as usual when he travels to the South of France to expose Emma Stone’s character as a fraud — that is, until he falls in love with her.

We’re perplexed to say the least. Not so much by the plot of the film, but rather the peculiar poster.

What makes this poster so awful? How about the fact that it ignores some of the most basic rules that apply to building an image: The most glaring error in the whole thing is Firth’s rather awkward glance to the left. It seems as if he is supposed to be looking at Stone, but instead, he seems to be looking past her, at something offscreen, which is rather off-putting in a still image. Furthermore, the hats sported by Firth and Stone appear rather cartoonish — a characteristic that may possess an expressive quality in the context of the film, but when contrasted with the rather ordinary layout of the still and text in the poster, appear less appealing.

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I think if one reads all of Indiewire's article on Allen, they clearly dont like the guy.


I think the poster is intriguing.
If you're looking for sappy flash, that's not Woody Allen.


Isn't he dead yet? Woody looks like a dead man walking!


Isn't he dead yet? Woody looks like a dead man walking!


terrible. trailer was charming. looking forward to seeing it. woody i think approves everything so im surprised by this. that hat firth has on is too big… like someone with a cheap photo editor just copied and pasted it on…


It looks like this was made for the VHS release in 1996.


this must have been an errored upload, or a fake.


The Photoshoping is terrible, they didn't even bother cleaning up the edges of images after they were cut out of their original source or correct the brightness and contrast so they match the lighting of the background. Looks like it was done as a rush job after a very long day.


None of this would ever have happened it Woody would choose to work with black people for once. Then the posters would be bright and colorful. Or at least some Puerto Ricans.


Just hit me. The photograph has been shopped but they were further apart and so the distance between them was taken out. So now his eye line is looking at where she once was in the photo…case solved. And I like the hats.


It would appear that the photograph has been shopped. My guess is that these are two separate photos that have been combined. As far as the hats…everybody has an opinion.


Is she a ghost? You can see the frame's border through her arm.


Well the hats are supposed to be in the style of the period. 1920's. So I can't see what is wrong with them. Also I don't believe Mr Firth is supposed to be looking at Miss Stone they are both looking off to the side. But if you want to dislike it then you will find any fault, whether it is justified or no.


Woody's been phoning it in for quite some time now. Why should the poster be any different?


I'd rather have this over a poster with no tagline that's covered with whatever color or design or small lettering where I can't even figure out what the title is or what the flick is about . When it gets to Netflix or any streaming service I just pass right on by.

Anne Campbell

While this poster is indeed pretty bad, I can't imagine Sony Classics will actually use it. They'll use the black and gold one with just the title. I think that one will really encompass the artistic sense of the film. And this one will be quickly forgotten.

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