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Frank Darabont To Direct ‘Snow White And The Huntsman 2,’ Kristen Stewart Might Not Return

Frank Darabont To Direct 'Snow White And The Huntsman 2,' Kristen Stewart Might Not Return

Update: THR reports that the spinoff is now titled “The Huntsman” and Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron will return….but not Kristen Stewart.

So, remember all that talk about a “Snow White And The Huntsman” sequel? Well, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself, because it looks like the gameplan is changing. Yes, Universal still wants to make a followup, but they’re changing course a bit while hiring a pretty top-tier name to be the guiding light.

Deadline reports that Frank Darabontpreviously shortlisted with Gavin O’Connor and Andy Muschietti — is now in talks to direct a “Snow White And The Huntsman” spinoff. That’s right, the plan right now is apparently to focus on Chris Hemsworth‘s character, while Kristen Stewart remains in doubt to return. If this all sounds familiar, well, it is, because way back in 2012 the rumor was that Stewart was being dropped, though those reports were denied not long after. No reason is being given for Stewart’s possible departure — maybe she lost interest, or perhaps Universal wants to focus all their energy on the guy who plays Thor.

It should be noted that Darabont only seems to be directing at this point and not writing, and it’s not clear who is penning the script just yet. But we reckon we’ll find out in short order.

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It was not a prolonged affair – it literally WAS a momentary indiscretion. And please don’t say the character of Snow White wasn’t interesting. The look between her and the Huntsman at the end, the fact that it was the Huntmans kiss that woke her and not William’s – Snow White is very much a part of that story. Nobody ostracized Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt from work after the "Mr.and Mrs. Smith" Debacle so it’s not even close to fair to do it to Kristen. It is now May 2015 and Kristen has become the first American actress in over 30 years to be nominated for a Cesar award and the only American to ever win it (France’s version of an Oscar). Just think, if the SWATH people hadn’t been in such a big hurry to cut their nose off to spite their face, the promotions for this movie could have read "Starring the only American actress to win a Cesar – Kristen Stewart" It would have done HUGE things for the movie’s promotion. And guess what folks, I’m not what you folks like to call a "tween" – at 59 I’m an older fan of Kristen, a young woman who made a mistake, acknowledged it, and has carried herself with more grace and dignity through the consequences than any of those criticizing her

Bradley Chalifoux

I want to be in this part of the movie also I want to be the script writer to it.

Jo Crawford

Guest, you are way off the mark there. Now Thomas Jefferson, who was third president of the United States, had Sally Hemming as a housekeeper AFTER his wife died. Now Libby Ross seems to be alive and well. Rupert Sanders made the remark that he was in love with Kristen Stewart BEFORE he could legally touch her. Sally Hemming was a grown woman over 21. How old was Kristen Stewart when Rupert Sanders first saw her ? Kristen Stewart has made 329.1 million for SWATH. This is a movie guest where the bottom line and only the bottom line counts. If she help make that much in the first movie, don't you think she should be in SWATH 2?


Kristen Stewart has certainly affected some people. In my opinion, she is just a girl who is living her life and we need to butt out of her personal life . I am sure we would not want people interfering or criticizing our life choices. So she disappointed you, you think. You do not know much, mostly rumors and bad opinions directed at Kristen.


Only circus playing lately are the people still talking about a 2 year old picture. Let it go. You are not perfect either, try and work on your closed mind.


Ditching Kristen Stewart was the smartest thing Universal ever did. She's a giant albatross around their neck and they made the right decision to get rid of her. She has enough negative baggage to fill a 747.

Since she made herself into tabloid fodder with her cheating scandal, her life is a circus and who would want to be involved with that mess? She's carried on with Alicia Cargile for almost a year now, playing the "keep 'em guessing" game she loves so much.

If I was that desperate for attention I would go into therapy. I expect to see new pics of her out getting coffee with Alicia or doing something else equally newsworthy, just to counteract all the bad press she's getting from this SW2 news.


Big mistake. Not Snow White. Not going to see it. KStew made studio a lot of money. Shame no one has vision. She's a good kid.


That's good 4 movie as kstew is really horrible actress
She only has one expression…

haya khalid

love u Kristen and Robert but HATE u sooo much RUPERT …..

ayesha pattinson

there soooo many other actresses who can play the snow white like JENNIFER LAWRANCE …. its good that she is not playing this ……….

kristin stewart

thx to GOD … she is cheater she deserve this …… her work is just kissing directors not acting

kristin stewart

I like it

haya khalid

thx to GOD that she is not in next snow white … its perfect

ayesha pattinson





I think this is a typical Hollywood stunt to get people talking about this movie and work up Kristen Stewart fans and non-fans. When they "change their minds" and add her to the movie script, it will be dramatic and they will have an even bigger turnout for the movie of which translates to more money for Hollywood. Well done, Hollywood.


Kristen shld b in d movie plz


Well thats ok but i certainly wont be going to see it if Kristen isnt in the film!

Final say on this matter

Let me assure you makers of this movie that with the former lead it will tank. It was only buoyed by the other two leads, Charlize and Chris. Many people avoided a movie which obviously was miscast. Let me assure you that you will get better Box Office success without the Razzie winner. Look at the comments below, made by her handful of delusional fans. these are a minority. Her failure with OTR and any of her indies should indicate to you she has no Box Office pull , IMO.


I never saw SWATH because it was miscast with the lead role. I felt cheated because I love Charlize. BUT, without Kristen, I will run to the cinema. THANKS.


The reason I didn't watch the first one was because of Kristen. I might actually watch this second one.


We want K-STEW in SNOW WHITE… Kristen Stewart may not be the best actress in some ways but she did a great job in SWATH. Please reconsider Universal. Please.


What???!!! No! Please don't. What's the point of having a Snow White movie without Snow White??? SWATH 2 was THE movie I was planning to see in 2016 but now I have my doubts. Kristen Stewart may not be the best actress in some ways but she did a great job in SWATH. Please reconsider Universal. Please.

B. Frye

I will not be attending a SWATH movie without Kristen as Snow White in it. The whole idea of no Snow White is ridiculous — really who wants to see a movie like this. I thought KS was great as Snow White and enjoyed the movie. Obviously many agree with me. — why are they fighting success?


Thankgod, I saw the first just because of Stewart and Charlize cause the movie was pretty weak, without them I have no reason to watch this sh*t, I'll save some money and go see American Ultra and Mad Max 4


Huge mistake to eliminate Snow White from the sequel – the huntsman will not be able to carry the movie – certainly not to the tune of $400 million – many factors to cause pause – a) time elapsed from original movie b) the momentum of the ending of the original, basing the main focus on the huntsman? really? Do you think he can hold attention throughout the entire movie? really? Let's not forget the arrogant

– heartless character he was initially until he found compassion and admiration in Snow White. Their story should continue if not then do not link it with SWATH – Let it stand alone completely disassociated. ps if Stewart is not in it – I won't waste my time – js


What's Snow White without Snow White! It wouldn't be worth seeing without Kristen.


I wont watch it if Kristen isn't in it. Mainly because i'm a huge fan of hers and I hate watching movies that change their characters. its not appealing.


Little girls need Show White and Kristen Stewart is Snow White. I will not go see another Hemsworth movie as a replacement. He could do his usual part blind. Universal is being stupid!!


Thank God that Kristen isn't in this movie!!! This movie already ruined her professional as well as personal career. She's better off without it! I love the fact that she dropped off…..Good for her. Love you Kristen! Go do movies that makes actual sense, like Jennifer Lawrence & Emma Stone…


Can't imagine who would go see this movie – two principles (in the 30-40 age range) in a story for kids that is missing the actual fairy tale protagonist?? Better hope Thor fans go ga-ga over Hemsworth trading in his groovy Thor hammer for a woodsman's axe. But that seems unlikely as it was females who drove the the original SWATH to $400 million. Hate to say it but this doesn't sound the least bit appealing to the target range. At all.
It's actually kind of funny… who's the marketing person I send flowers to?


the guy from THOR nobody wants to see him being anything other than THOR…………….We want K-STEW in SNOW WHITE…


kristen stewart is the reason i went to see SNOW WHITE, i couldn't care less about THE HUNTSMAN, so they better hire Kristen and make SNOW WHITE 2 in 3D and IMAX 3D and for NO more than $125M….


I'm not going to see the movie with out Kristen she has to be in the movie

Tris E

Wait, people commenting here actually liked Kristen Stewart's Snow White? When it was the EXACT same performance as Bella Swan? Or hell, ALL her other roles ever? You've got to be kidding me. You can try to defend her all you want, but it took two to tango in that affair that's derailed both their careers and ruined the prospects of this franchise's sequel. But, actually, this kind of spin-off is what I (and any sensible audience) would've wanted to see anyway. The Huntsman and the Dwarves were entertaining and fun, while she was wooden and boring.

It was clear from the get-go Hemsworth's Huntsman was the interesting and entertaining character. Especially his banter and interaction with the dwarves. That right there is the line-up for a Lord of the Ring-ish team-up for this spin-off right there. The only thing that character has in common with his Thor is their muscular builds. One is a blond, magical hammer-swinging Asgardian prince with a Shakespearean accent while his Huntsman is a brown-haired, axe-wielding, Scottish-tongued, widower. EVERY role Hemsworth has been doing in the past few years (Thor, Huntsman, Rush, Red Dawn) has been different, including the accents (British, Scottish, American, etc.). The same cannot be said of your precious KStew, who was vastly overpaid for her Snow White ($35 million according to iMDB) and it essentially was Bella in another movie (not even an appropriate English accent for this film? Ugh). I'm curious how they're going to resurrect Theron's dead Ravenna. And why? Should just make up some newly-original adventures for Huntsman & the Dwarves, even have Sam Claflin's Duke William the Bowman tag along.


not watching the movie without Kstew character being snow white


Mother of three won't take her three girls if Kristen is not in it. Rupert Sanders is the discusting one here, talk about take advantage of this poor sweet down to earth girl.


Easy for me, without Stewart I'm not going to see this film.

Lisa Bradwell

No Kristin, Count me out.




All seven of the original producers bailed… think Stewart and all smelled a turkey in the oven. Poor Hemsworth, at the time of SWATH 1 he signed on for two. The prospect of marketing this is making me laugh – preteen girls going to see it for Charlize? Don't think so. That means Universal is planning on getting all the boys to run to see a Huntsman movie? Lulz….


Figures that they develop a film with a strong, central female character, make a bunch of money at the box office, and turn it over to the old boy's club. We already have a couple Thor movies, do we really need another one? I actually liked the first Snow White movie -and Kristen Stewart's Snow White- and was looking forward seeing where the story would go. Count me out for the Thor/Huntsman "spinoff."


Best for both Kristen and Universal.


I will be happy if Kristen is not part of the spinoff. Her career seems to be going well now that she is back doing interesting indies. She has been getting great reviews in her latest roles. Being in the spinoff won't do any good for her career. She does not need another franchise.


Pass. Darabont works best when he also pens the script. It also helps when it's the work of King he's adapting. Also adapt Long Walk already Frank!


" Maybe she lost interest"? LMAO, please, The Playlist never changes. She's been DROPPED, deal with it!


I would not be surprised if Kristen lost interest and dropped out of this "iffy" and long gestating project. I am not surpsed that Frank Koepe has dropped out as well. There is a glut right now of fairy tales adaptation and who knows how Frank is planning on doing this 'spin off" using the huntsman's character which was pretty shallow in SWATH.


He hasn't made a movie since 2007, far too long for someone with his talent to be absent for. Here's hoping that this being a success means it can fund more big screen projects for Darabont namely, The Long Walk and Fahrenheit 451.


Is anyone really surprised Universal doesn't want to focus on their tarnished Snow White? Stewart's affair with the very married Rupert Sanders pretty much derailed her sequel chances. When she made herself into tabloid fodder, she kissed her big budget studio career goodbye.

There are too many other fresh, talented actresses with good reputations who can easily do the parts she would have been offered. Just look at Jen Lawrence, Shailene Woodely, Emma Stone, Amanda Seyfriend, Soarise Ronan, Emma Watson, Hallie Steinfeld, etc. The list goes on and on.


I'm so glad that the twilight chick is not returning. She makes each movie literally unwatchable. Zero charisma or acting skills. Now I'm considering watching it.


hemsworth's character was the highlight of the first. if they are going to make a sequel to a movie that really doesn't need one might as well focus on the more interesting character out of the cast.


But David Koepp even hinted the mirror would be the villain in the sequel:

"I felt like they had a really, really great idea that seemed like a natural extension of the story… Snow White is queen now, but the mirror is still there. It doesn’t bode well for our innocent little queen."


LOL KStew hags will be having a massive melt down.


I saw The Shawshank Redemption at an early screening at the University of Houston back in 1994. I knew nothing about the story or the writer/director Frank Darabont. After the movie, I was struck how moving the movie was. Darabont immediately became one of my favorite directors and I looked for every piece of info I could find on the guy.

Yet since Shawshank, I have not really loved anything Darabont has done. I loved The Green Mile book and thought the movie was a miscast misfire. The Mist was a decent enough film and The Walking Dead had a decent pilot but am I alone in thinking Darabont has had a mildly disappointing career based on the commanding heights his career started off at?

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