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Good Idea Or Bad Idea? Mark Ruffalo Says Marvel Now Considering ‘Hulk’ Movie

Good Idea Or Bad Idea? Mark Ruffalo Says Marvel Now Considering 'Hulk' Movie

It would seem the tide is shifting on Marvel‘s feelings about making a new, standalone Hulk movie. The character — one they’ve tried twice before to make into a viable standalone franchise — has perhaps never been more popular thanks to Mark Ruffalo‘s portrayal of the green monster in “The Avengers.” And while that led to a flurry of fanboys begging for a new Hulk movie, as of last year Ruffalo revealed that Marvel had “no plans” to make that happen. And even Marvel’s guru Joss Whedon said it’s “the most difficult Marvel property.” But the character is a popular one, stopping by recently (and randomly) in a World Cup ad for Nike, so perhaps Marvel is changing their stance regarding Bruce Banner?

It would appear so. Chatting with Digital Spy, Ruffalo revealed that Marvel are toying with the notion at least of giving Hulk his own movie.  “I think they are, for the first time, entertaining the idea of it. When we did ‘The Avengers’ it was basically ‘No!’, and now there is some consideration for it,” he said. “But there’s still nothing definitive, not even a skeletal version of what it would be. I look forward to going down that road, if we could crack that nut.”

But the question isn’t whether Marvel will make another Hulk movie, it’s if this is a good idea to begin with. What made Hulk so effective in “The Avengers” was that he was served out in perfect portions. Every time he went green, it was a special occasion, one that Whedon utilized for maximum action and comedic value. The problem with giving Hulk a full length movie is that you dilute the effectiveness every time he gets mad enough to smash stuff. And while the character is interesting, let’s face it, no one wants to see a Hulk movie to witness his inner turmoil. 

Audiences loved watching Hulk get into the mix and trade quips with Tony Stark, and again, because he wasn’t the focus of the story, the character (and Ruffalo) got the cream of the crop of Whedon’s writing. Plant the actor and character in a non-Whedon scripted or directed effort? We’re not sure the results would be as sharp. It’s the same reason why Quicksilver is so great in “X-Men: Days Of Future Past” — Bryan Singer and co. have a lot of fun with his abilities and attitude, putting the mutant as the centerpiece of one standout sequence, and then move on, likely knowing anything else just wouldn’t measure up or pack the same punch.

But what do you think? Is there a good, Ruffalo-led Hulk movie to be made? Let us know below.

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They/we are overthinking this. In Ruffalo they've found the right guy to play Banner, so the only real question is, "what compelling story do we want to tell?" It's not about focus groups and whether audiences say they want a Hulk movie or not. It's also got nothing to do with the comic books. I know the fan bois don't want to hear that, but the reality is the success of Marvel's films is predicated on non-comic book fans being engaged. So the only issue is having a compelling story that can be made into a movie the broader audience will feel a connection to. Movie-making is an art, not a science.


Joe Fixit.


The problem is that …..YOU NEED TO READ THE HULK COMICS!


New Hulk!!!!!!! Yes!!!!


Hulk vs. Wolverine. Please. If Disney can't work out its issues with Sony, then do Hulk vs Thor. Can you imagine the Hulk smashing his way through Asgard? It would be amazing and true to the comics.


Bruce Banner is a boring character, but his alter ego is truly incredible. I'd love a trilogy that plays off of the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk story lines, and leaves Bruce's problems on the sideline. In Pt 1 the Hulk could be portrayed as the helpful Hulk who saves a small town, protects Bambi from hunters, etc. and is then slowly (or not so slowly) driven mad somehow by the Leader and Ol' T-Bolt Ross. In the end a now raging, out-of-control Hulk defeats the Leader and Red Hulk, but is so wild that the Avengers, with the help of Dr. Strange, have to banish him to the Crossroads (long time Hulk fans know what I'm talking about). Parts 2 and 3 can then follow the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk themes, but hopefully be completely different stories than the comic book versions. Epic stuff rather than reconciling with Betty or anger management therapy.


I always liked the comics / cartoon episodes where Hulk and Bruce argue with each other in Bruce's/ Hulk's mind. You would actually see the two of them together in some weird landscape shot. Two separate characters, at least in those scenes. If you could put that in I think it would present in a much clearer way the "inner turmoil" that was missing in the first two attempts. You could also put in Rick Jones for crying out loud.


A Hulk movie would be so, so awesome!! The problem with the writers is they want to use the 60's and 70's Hulk, where he doesn't speak and all he does is scream and smash things. Well, if you follow today's Hulk, he is and intellectual Super Hero. All the comics and TV shows have him speaking normally. He is now smart enough to control his anger, he has come to grips with himself and Bruce Banner. They are one person, the same person. So, if you're gonna make a movie then lets bring his character up to date and show both of his sides….. His intellectual side and his violent side. That's the movie everyone wants to see!!!!


I think they should make the new Hulk movie/idea into a small series ala Sherlock. 3 episodes, each 1 hour and 30 min. long for Netflix or Primetime TV on ABC as specials, and maybe tie in or cameo some of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Get Spidey from Sony and have a return of Sam Raimi to direct with a return of Tobey. Those two are a lot of fun in the comics together.


Yes a Hulk standalone movie could work now that The Avengers has given Hulk a voice and established that Banner has some control. Planet Hulk would be excellent with the Dr. Strange ending another poster proposed giving the Hulk a return with a purpose other than revenge. I don't think WWHulk would work because it involves introducing too many characters and concepts it would cease to be just a Hulk movie. Sure Hulk would be pissed at first after his return but he can't be bent on revenge against the world because it would place him in a position of never realistically working with any other hero ever again.


Ummmm… if it's a good Hulk movie this time, it's a great idea. If it's not any good (like the others), then it's a horrible idea.


If they decide to do another stand alone Hulk movie, they should go back to the begining and do it right. They shuld have Gen. Ross approach Dr. Banner with building a new gamma bomb for the military. Then they could take the story from the comics and include Rick Jones wandering onto the test site where Banner goes out to save him and gets caught in the gamma bomb blast. Heck they could even do this story as a flashback or maybe as a recollection of Gen. Ross's memory on how the Hulk was created as he considers undergoing the treatment that transforms him into the Red Hulk. Then it's Red Hulk vs. the Incredible Hulk.


How about The Hulk VS The Red hulk the story writes it self you have General Ross stealing the hulks blood and then he becomes The Red hulk.

Edwin Camacho

YEEEESSSS!!! I am a die hard Hulk fan since the late 60's and can't wait for another Hulk stand alone movie. Ang Lee's didn't get the Hulk at all. He made it into some soap opera type movie like Beauty and the beast. Now the Ed Norton Hulk was fantastic!! They finally got it right. I love Ed Norton as the hulk he was perfect and I was upset that they didn't use him in the Avengers movie. Then I saw the Avengers and fell in love with Mark as Bruce Banner. I still think Ed is better because if you read any of the Hulk comic's Ed Norton looks like Bruce Banner. lol!! Anyway Mark played him great also. So yes I can't wait for them to bring another Hulk movie. Please Please make this movie!! :-)


definitely needs to be more than 50% Hulk action. That is what people want to see out of a Hulk movie. With Iron Man, sure Tony Stark is a character himself, same thing with Bruce Wayne. But with Bruce Banner that isn't the case so much – and especially with the HULK as the Super Hero. I'm not sure if Mark Ruffalo is willing to essentially be second banana in his own movie.

Planet Hulk and WW Hulk are great stories but Banner is essentially not in them. So unless Ruffalo is willing to do a movie that is mainly just a voiceover part, those probably won't get made.

But there are loads of stories that can be used from the comics or even combinations of stories. The Leader, Wendigo, Doc Sampson. Use it to introduce some baddies to the MCU – like the Wrecking Crew or the Absorbing Man. Hulk ends up in a Swamp and battles the Manthing.

I'd like to see this: At the end of the next Hulk movie (or end credits sequence), we see Hulk standing there when he hears his name being called – Hulk, I require help only you can provide. Hulk turns around to see the astral projection of Dr. Strange floating there. Perfect set up for a Dr. Strange story or a set up for a Defenders story in the future. Initially Dr. Strange needs Hulk to help him do battle with Dormammu or someone like that.


It won't work, because it'll just be too much of him smashing stuff. That, or it will just be the Planet Hulk/World War Hulk story-line plagiarized and put on screen. Since we already have that movie, we don't need it again in live action. There wouldn't be anything new, and he's literally Hulk through the entire movie.


Nobody wants to see another Hulk movie? Yeaaaaa right!!! Hulk has his own comic series for a reason. The first Hulk movie wasnt great, but the Incredible Hulk was pretty good.

Planet Hulk, World War Hulk….the list goes on and on. Plenty of source material to use to make a decent movie.


Hulk screaming and smashing things for an hour and a half got old awhile ago. Ed Norton couldn't even breath life into this horribly one dimensional character. Whats the script? …"HULK SMASH". Great. Pass. Next?…


I don't think it can work. Hulk can carry his own if dialogue is at a minimum, but nobody wants to watch a silent movie. If the focus is on Banner and/or Hulk's interactions with others, then people will cry that there wasn't enough Hulk.

People are just hopeful.

ser Adam

GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!nuff said

Roy J

I don't think it just lies in the writing. Mark Ruffalo was perfect for the role. Because unlike Norton and Bana, he played the character as if there was something funny about his situation. An inside joke only he can understand. There was an element of humor laying underneath that made his portrayal so much more interesting. Nobody wants to see a movie where a character does nothing but brood about his situation, which is what Ang Lee's movie was and The Incredible Hulk was outside of the action sequences. A lot of that has to do with the writing, but a lot of it also has to do with the actor. Ruffalo always had that twinkle in his eye, as if he knew something we didn't.

So, will a standalone Hulk movie work? It can. Hulk and The Incredible Hulk weren't bad films, they were just forgettable. A lot of that comes down to the actors not really understanding the character. So if any Hulk film is going to work, it's going to be one with Ruffalo. He deserves a shot, plain and simple.


The Hulk hasn't lasted since the early sixties in the comics because people like to read about Bruce Banner. They won't let The Hulk talk and make him into a separate character so he never has any appeal. He's just a SFX engine of destruction and there's no way to connect with the character that should be the hero of the film. In both of The Hulk movie do you root for the Hulk. At least in The Avengers they made him a heroic character.


Avengers 2 will give us a better idea of what a new solo Hulk film would be like. Now they have better special effects to make Hulk seem more believable to the audience, more facial expressions, more voice, and so on.


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no doubt about it! I enjoyed the other 2 solo films but this time do something different and have Hulk speak (and of course SMASH)!


go for it !
can't be any worse than the previous solo outings.

Dan S

The difficulty with Hulk lies in his dialogue in the comics, which runs from really good to really bad. Translating Hulk dialogue to a film is very challenging, so previous Hulk films resorted to making him relatively mute. Whedon gave the character a voice in "The Avengers," a voice that we loved, so now subsequent films must resolve the challenge of making Hulk speak.


I don't understand why people are so negative about a stand alone Hulk film. The Ang Lee film was very entertaining.

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