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Guy Pearce Joins Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult in Dystopian Romance ‘Equals’

Guy Pearce Joins Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult in Dystopian Romance 'Equals'

Yes, we have another dystopian movie coming up. But instead of a being based on a young adult novel and starring Shailene Woodley, this one’s an original starring Kristen Stewart. In Drake Doremus’s romance “Equals,” Stewart and Nicholas Hoult play young lovers in a romance by Nathan Parker, set in a society where emotions have supposedly been eradicated. 

Just ahead of the stateside opening of David Michôd’s Cannes hit “The Rover,” Guy Pearce (“Memento”) is joining Stewart and Hoult. Doremus (“Like Crazy”) previously worked with Emmy-winner Pearce (“Mildred Pierce”) on “Breathe In.” Filming starts in August in Japan and Singapore.  

In “Equals,” Stewart plays Nia, who lives in a future society called The Collective, where the inhabitants, called Equals, live calm, well-ordered, peaceful lives. There’s no greed, poverty, violence–and no emotion. But a new illness has cropped up: SOS, or Switched-On-Syndrome, which activates in its victims a range of emotions: depression, sensitivity, fear, and love. Get the disease and you are clapped in The Den. When Silas (Hoult) is infected, he becomes an outcast, but he meets Nia, who is able to understand what he’s going through and to hide her feelings. They discover a connection and fall in love. 

UTA Independent Film Group arranged financing and will sell the North American rights; foreign sales company Mister Smith Entertainment sold the film in 35 territories out of Cannes. The Scott Free film is produced by Ridley Scott, Michael Schaefer, Ann Ruark, and Jay Stern and Chip Diggins of LA entertainment venture capital fund and film production company Route One, which is financing the movie, and executive produced by Mike Pruss, Lee Jea Woo,  Choi Pyung Ho and Russell Levine.

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why isn't your other article about Guy joining equals also on Kristen's board?
at least she already knows Nicholas which will make filming easier, he was pictured at birthday party
I hope Guy being involved does not cause problems , he doesn't jump the discredit Rob to support Kristen bandwagon
or that interviewers/sites don't use Guy to bring Rob into this film ,when they were promoting The Rover Guy was asked about filming equals with Kristen, theyre films need to be promoted without linking/comparing each other/ or Twi or at least mentioned without reference to the other or pictures of Bella/ Edward


Ok. Love is listed like a bad thing, it’s not. Would I love a world without all the negative destructive feelings, yeah, it would be good, a world with no love, excitement, enjoyment, fun, laughter, empathy, affection… wouldn’t be.
I’m surprised she’s doing another love story, as she has said in early interviews while she had a boyfriend, and after Twilight she’s never been in love. And it shows in Twilight I still can’t understand the over the top “amazing chemistry in Twilight” except for about two scenes in five films she looks like she hates him, not in love. (But she has chemistry with Taylor, and she kept saying how she likes his physic) that’s why, she lives in a world with no emotion made me laugh, falls in love but hides her emotions, well she nailed that in Twilight, It will probably work better with Nicholas though as they are already friends, and she doesn’t need to look in love. I don’t understand why Guy is referred to as being in "David Michod Cannes hit the Rover”, but in another post your referring to "Robert Patterson’s Rover flops”?

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