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How You Can Help Stop Enforced Invisibility of the LGBT Community In Russia: An Open Letter

How You Can Help Stop Enforced Invisibility of the LGBT Community In Russia: An Open Letter

Manny de Guerre — the head of the Side By Side LGBT Film Festival in Russia — has written a letter about a recently launched campaign her festival has launched to help stop the enforced invisibility of the LGBT community in Russia. We’ve posted it below, including various methods in which you can help the situation in Russia, perhaps something we should all consider as we go into the relative utopia of our Pride weekends. If you can spend $100 on booze and cover charges this weekend, you can throw some money Manny’s way.
Dear Friends and Supporters,
The last 24 months have witnessed an unprecedented onslaught against the LGBT movement in Russia. An orchestrated campaign headed by the government, religious leaders, state controlled and non-independent TV, radio, print and online media, regional and local politicians and various civil society actors including nationalists and parent groups, have actively coerced together in a rigorous attempt to curb the human rights and freedom of LGBT people in Russia.
Side by Side LGBT Film Festival has been working across Russia (Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Tomsk, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Archangelsk) since 2007. In that period we have been one of the key actors in helping to bring around change and through our work play a pivotal role in breaking the silence on LGBT issues, stimulating dialogue and discussion within the public domain.
In spite of the deteriorating situation and the continued crackdown we aim to maximize and extend the range of accurate information on LGBT and LGBT rights within the public space, challenging stereotypes and obsolete notions currently being expounded by conservative elements within society. Through establishing alternative discourses on LGBT issues we seek to win over adherents to ideas of equality, respect and non-discriminatory practices and behaviour. 
Side by Side LGBT Film Festival has recently launched a fundraising campaign RESIST TO EXIST
In order to continue with our invaluable work financial resources are needed to meet organisational, project and legal costs. 
How you can Help: 
If you can provide informational support to our campaign RESIST TO EXIST Side by Side would be grateful. You can help by doing either one, several or all below: 
(1) Circulate information to your friends and colleagues through your social networks: facebook and twitter
(2) If you have a website place a banner and a link to our website
(3) Circulate information through your newsletter
(4) Make a donation
If you have any questions concerning the campaign or need materials please write to Manny de Guerre.
Thanks again for your generous donation and in advance for you continued support and solidarity,
Best wishes,
Manny de Guerre

More information here.

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mark nick

I support how they feel about deviant behavior! we need that here in America!

Ross Yerkes

Very few of these Gay Agenda laws were enacted with the consent of the majority of the voters. they were tyrannical edicts by anti-Christian judges in opposition to the RELIGIOUS MORALS and the DEMOCRATIC VOTE of the MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE. We now have tyrannical government forcing the will of an anti-Christian, minority on the Christian majority. (Bolshevism)
No happiness for gays will come from this legal, gay tyranny because happiness doesn't come from following the example of pagan Rome with its avaricious Hedonism, which is what LGBT sexual gluttony is. Happiness comes from a good conscience, self respect and good mental and physical health, which are the results of self discipline and self sacrifice for the benefit of others – the practice of Christianity. This "Gay Revolution" is part of "The Culture War" which is a war between two of the most famous Jews in history over who will rule the hearts and minds of mankind – the spiritual Jewish Christ, Jesus or the Jewish Messiah of Materialism and End Time's Anti-Christ, Karl Marx. The triumphant end of this "Culture War" by Christ Jesus is fast approaching, and THIS is what will solve all the problems of the gay, LGBT revolutionaries !

Manny de Guerre

Many thanks for posting the information and spreading the word, Manny

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