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Investigate The Latest Clue About Lead Roles In ‘True Detective’ Season 2

Investigate The Latest Clue About Lead Roles In 'True Detective' Season 2

There are a lot of questions right now about the second season of “True Detective,” but very few answers. The show’s creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto has been very open with sharing his progress, noting about a month ago that, “Right now, we’re working with three leads.” But could that have changed? The first script has reportedly come in as casting gears up, and it looks like those using the #truedetectiveseason2 hashtag will have to change their approach.

Yeah, we know, a Twitter report doesn’t exactly you give you much to chew on, and “male/female co-stars” could add up to “three leads” depending on the number and how you look at it. And it should also be noted that the development/writing process is one that’s always subject to change depending on where the story goes. So who so knows what could happen as Pizzolatto continues putting together the next season, which will focus on the “psychosphere ambience” of California.

Thoughts? Does this show need a dynamic duo or trio leading the next tale, or can one man handle it alone? Hit the comments section with your feedback.

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One man could handle the role alone… BUT it depends on who that one man is.


Wouldn't it be cool with two oldtimers like I don't know… Ed Harris and Bruce Willis! Harris is an actor who you always know what you'll get from. And this could acually be the role that could revive Bruce Willis career. They have the potential to be just as a great duo as McConaughey and Harrelson. Just imagine Willis as this tough guy cop who always goes after his own instinct and has been in a number of marriages but has never been able to stay in one and then imagine Harris as this good guy cop who always play it by the book and is a real family man with a wife, kids and grand kids. Total opposites. And they've been partners for years and are just a couple of weeks from retirement when they are handled the biggest case of their careers.


Robert D Jr. – Christian Bale – Jennifer Lawrence love triangle


Two words – Jon Hamm

Judy Landis

Unless Matthew and Woody truly work together, you have NO SHOW. We watch the show because of the dual and the chemistry between Woody and Matthew, so not sure where you are really going with this.


Season 1 is going to be a VERY hard act to follow. I'm afraid ANYTHING they come up with won't be able to measure up. But I'll be there and give it the fair shot it deserves no matter what.

Dan S

Unfortunately the success of the first season of "True Detective" means extensive media scrutiny of every morsel leaked throughout the development of the 2nd season. There will be no surprises and every decision made about the show will be praised/slagged until we're too tired to watch it when it airs.

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