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It Ain’t Over Yet – Arsenio Hall Is Reportedly Plotting His Return To Television

It Ain’t Over Yet - Arsenio Hall Is Reportedly Plotting His Return To Television

Although his new talk show was cancelled last week by CBS Television
Distribution, after just one season, Arsenio Hall is not down for the count just, as, according to The Wrap
(HERE), he is currently planning yet another return to late night.

His manager John Ferriter said that they have been fielding several offers from interested parties,since the news of his show’s cancellation was announced, and that they’re in early talks to reboot the talk show, but on another network.

According to an another insider, E!,
OWN and BET have all reached out to
Hall about the possibility of hosting a show on their networks. However, The Wrap states that two of the networks deny that they have reached out, or have had any sort of communication with Hall and his

E! said that Hall was “too old” for the network’s demographics, while OWN insisted that
they have no plans to bring Hall to the network.

Which leaves BET, one supposes.

In addition, people at CBS insist that the
company hasn’t received any interest from other networks to continue “The
Arsenio Hall Show” or to buy syndication rights.

So the question remains – will Arsenio return to television
or not? Is there something really going
on here, or is this a “trial balloon” set up by Hall and Ferriter in the hopes
that it will convince a network executive to pick up the show?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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yes he should come back I grew up watchingArsenio Hall back in the daysthis show is very funny and I’m glad that he did come back

Donna M.

I am late with the news and I did not know Arsenio Hall would not be back untill I found out in the first weeks of September.
I loved the show and was greatly disappointed that the show was cancelled.
I do agree very much with what the comments that was said by Zakkmu in June. His demographics should be posed to the 30 and up group. I do feel that the show was trying to introduce new and up comming talent, therefore I do agree the unsung, unappeciated, and underground talent should be bought on the show with some rebooted changes. I know most of the artist that Zakkmu mention and I am sure others would appreciate seeing these artist as well on the show. I hope he will find another network to pick up the show, his numbers will diffenitly explode because it will be different than the others.


We need Arsenio back on the air. He brought diversity and with the cancellation of Lopez Tonight there is no minority on late night.

dat nigga

ya, its ova!

Charles Morey

I am the wrong demographic for Arsenio Hall…old, fat and white…BUT I WANT HIM BACK ON LATE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is also entertaining, funny, intelligent, creative, edgy, and the list goes on!
Please somebody help!
I buy stuff, too. So advertisers should be happy.


i enjoyed the show because it is nothing on our cable i love the show and want to see oh how i hate negative people if you dont have anthing nice to say dont say it at alliu

lisa runels

the best thing ,I liked about hall was,he would snicker and make fun of people,and himself also,he laughed at himself and was silly,and sometimes,mean to people and about people,kinda like johnny carson—hall needs, to review his shows,from way back and bring that back,would be a smash hit ,today…just do the past show,attitudes…incorporate some new wave stuff,but just do the past shows…would be fun and great…


I'd like to see Arsenio back on television. This guy gave so many their start and exposure, when they first got into show business. I wish him well. This is his dream, and if fate is in his corner, he will survive.


Go Away You Have No Talent…Please Go Away And Take Oprah With You….

susan frances

Nobody wants to watch you on TV. Your ratings were terrible so just Man Up and suck it up and go do something else. Show some class and ride off into the sunset. Bye Bye


Hey what does that mean?? Those dumb assess on late night are a joke if was not for the hip-hop performers or others movies stars they be just nothing themselves!!! Good luck if you get back on the air as for Oprah she is so fake lapping up behind anyone to make her look good now that she has that fake station!!!!


interesting…. Would. be a slick move….


Good Luck Arsenio! Hope it works out!

Dave's Deluxe

Arsenio, it's pretty obvious we want you to make this work! But you HAVE to change something. SOMEthing, I don't know. Writers, format, something, man. We need you on late night.


I hope that Arsenio continues to find a venue that will appreciate his talent and the joy that he brings to the public. I was at one of his first shows and the audience consisted of people ranging from 18-65 and we had a ball. He has a youthful appeal that these networks need to acknowledge. He should try having his show on cable networks and replace some of the really bad reality shows. Good Luck and keep on Looking! We want you back!

Apostle Zack

I don't understand why industry folks think 18-49 is a real demographic; You are dealing with TWO generations. That approach works better with prime-time TV where multiple generations watch shows together.

I definitely co-sign on Zakkmu. You must target the underground market and start on the web first. The web allows better metrics. You can actually see who is watching rather than Nielsen throwing out general figures.


Arsenio should go on the Bounce network. They do need a late night talk show host. However, he has to change to suit the times we are living if he wants the 18-49 market. He also needs to utilize the social networks more.


I just read the wrap. 18-49 demographics. No wonder his show failed. What 18-25yr old is going to stay up and watch Arsenio Halls Show. His demographics should of been 30 & up. Arsenio Hall should reboot and bring on what I call unappreciated talent. For example Rachelle Farrelle, Avery Sunshine, Dwele, Julie Dexter, Goapele, Laura Mvula, Nayanna Holley, Gerald Clayton, Bilal, Eitenne Charles, Gary Taylor,Floacist, Algebra Blessett & Cecile McLorin Salvant. His numbers will explode if he concentrate on the underground talent. In other words Arsenio needs to differentiate his show from the pack. And this would do it.


As a last resort, he could produce his show as an internet show, but I'd prefer him to be available on television, as well.

Lauren B

I'm guessing it won't be called "The Arsenio Hall." They're probably pitching a late show with a slightly different concept. He clearly has the ability to bring in "numbers" ( the Prince show had EVERYONE watching), I just think things have to be restructured. I don't think BET is a good fit because they just aren't loyal to anything, even good stuff. OWN should be going after him because he would bring new demographics that they currently don't have right now, YOUNG PEOPLE and MEN. The Tyler Perry saturation is hurting the brand at OWN and they need something totally different.


I'm glad he isn't giving up.


TV sucks sometimes. He should win an award for best longtime late night talk show. Back then, we fell N love with his program. God bless the man & whatever God planned for him, he will be proud. But viewers should dispute not having a favorite TV show deleted soon after it debuts. Also voicing their opinions! If anyone hears about any beloved TV show Bn cancelled after the debut, there’ll b a problem. It was that CBS cancelled it. THAT was wrong. What a sorry thing to do.

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