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‘Justice League’ Movie To Hit May 2017, ‘Wonder Woman’ & ‘Green Lantern’/’Flash’ Crossover Coming Same Year

'Justice League' Movie To Hit May 2017, 'Wonder Woman' & 'Green Lantern'/'Flash' Crossover Coming Same Year

If you’re one of Hollywood’s most legendary gossip-mongers, forced to sit in your hands for months by a non-compete clause before launching your own self-titled website, you’d better come back with a doozy of a scoop. Fortunately, that’s what Nikki Finke has done. The much-feared, much-ridiculed writer debuted her new site earlier today, and has followed it up with a pretty huge story: the details of Warner Bros.‘ plans for their DC Comics movies, which the studio were planning to reveal at Comic-Con.

Beyond a May 6th “Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” date (pushed back from the original summer 2015 plan, which Finke says is due to wanting to shift the film to plan more for “Avengers“-style team-ups and cameos), little’s been confirmed from Warners about what they have planned, beyond how crucial the DC properties are to a franchise-starved studio.

But while Finke stresses that the situation’s still in flux, she says that ‘Dawn Of Justice’ will be followed up with a “Shazam” movie in July 2016 (which may well be the DC property that Dwayne Johnson has been hinting at, and which has a release date that puts it directly in conflict with an as-yet unannounced Marvel movie). Then Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s adaptation of “Sandman,” a fairly risky prospect, will hit that Christmas, squaring off with Gareth Edwards‘ “Star Wars” movie.

Beyond that, 2017 will bring the main event of a “Justice League” movie in May before “Wonder Woman” finally gets a solo picture that July (presumably starring Gal Gadot), while that Christmas will see an as-yet untitled movie teaming up The Flash and Green Lantern, the latter of whom will NOT  be played by Ryan Reynolds. And finally (for now), a direct sequel to “Man Of Steel” will hit in May 2018, five years after the first film. It’s an ambitious schedule, with three movies a year seemingly planned, and with “Metal Men” and “Suicide Squad” pictures also mooted at some point too.

Unless Finke went completely mental during her exile, she’s normally reliable enough, so it seems that Warners’ big Comic-Con surprises may have been spoiled. Certainly, all eyes will be on Hall H, and we’ll see if further details like directors and casting are revealed in the meantime.

May 2016 – Batman v Superman
July 2016 – Shazam
Xmas 2016 – Sandman
May 2017 – Justice League
July 2017 – Wonder Woman
Xmas 2017 – Flash and Green Lantern team-up
May 2018 – Man Of Steel 2

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you forgot the most important movie…Suicide Squad August 2016


Finally! Just saw on tv earlier this evening that this is all confirmed. I hope Wonder Twins are in the Justice League movie. They were always my favourite of the Superfriends growing up. WW’s new outfits kicks ass!

Joe Kidd

Daniel day Lewis as: Alfred Pennyworth
Christian Bale as: Batman
Henry Cavill as: Superman
Scott Porter as: The Flash
Matt Damon as: Aquaman
Ryan Reynolds as: The green Lantern
Dennis Haysbert as: the Martian Manhunter
Bridget Regan as: Wonder Woman
Ray Fisher as: The Cyborg
Amanda Seyfried as: Supergirl
Lacey Chabert as: Batgirl
Brandon Molale as: Shazam
Dwayne Johnson "the rock" as: Darkseid

3 possible Lex Luther…
– Jesse Eisenberg
– Bryan Cranston
– Mark Strong
Matt Damon as: Hawkman
Stephen Amell as: Green Arrow
Grant Austin as: The Flash
Jean Claude Van Damme as: Wildcat
Channing Tatum as: Captain Adam
SamWorthington as: Metamorpho
Rachel Adams as: Hawkgirl
Kelsey Grammer as: Gorilla Grodd

james riddle

where credit is due will the real green Lantern please stand up its hardcto believe you all would take a 1970 all time super hero that was afro american super hero and turn him into a Caucasian super hero anyone that read DC comic books knew what color he was my question is why they turn him white

Roger Soto

It'll be the greatest day of millions of peoples lives!-)

Chris Richey

Has to be fake. Man of Steel 2 IS Batman vs. Superman. And JL is supposed to technically be Man of Steel 3. So the fact that "Man of Steel 2" is listed here twice makes me doubt it.


lol Warner Bros. is hungry…


how about a batwoman origin story?
i'd love to see that happening… cause its about time we'll see some female superheros on the big screen from the DC universe. Wonder Woman is a good start but it feel like: too little too late..


Can DC pull it off ?! My suggestion would be to feature badass villains. Face it, Marvel doesn't really have badass villains in their movies. They have Loki. DC could feature the Legion of Doom, Cheetah and Ares, Capt. Boomerang and Prof.Zoom, Sinestro, Black Adam, Brainiac, and muthafreakin Darkseid


Just give us a live-action "Teen Titans Go" already


I've never get over their character choice for WW. Ruined before it ever began.

Krazy Joe

The news that Ryan Reynolds won't be Green lantern is kind of infuriating.

The only way to make up for that is to cast Nathan Fillion.


the Rock will be playing Black Adam the nemesis of Shazam aka Cpt Marvel


I just have to say why Ben Afflek. I can't stand him as dare devil and now batman. WTH is going on in hollywood. My chubby ass would make a more convincing Batman and if you don't believe me cast me or try me out. I rather see Jack Black or Jonah Hill be Batman then Ben, and you know either of them would make a good Batman. For those that are true DC comic fans don't worry about the story line because just like Marvel Comics they going to ruin the story of when they met each other like always. I can see the Rock as Shazaam but Capt Marvel Movie might be better then Batman V Superman because of Ben. Why can't they just get a nobody, shoot get me I will play super chubby man LOL. Don't worry Matt Damon will be casted to play the new Joker, you know the one that dies in the movies and comes back to life LOL but never goes to jail LMAO this is going to be great I can't wait to see these movies. :)


Is it just me, or does anyone else think a movie called Shazam is just doomed to fail. Yes I know it's a classic comic/character etc. But "Shazam" sounds like a kids breakfast cereal or something. The general public will probably think it's a movie about a circus, and be confused as well by the fact that Captain "Marvel" is a DC character.




It just feels like DC is 5-7 yrs too late with this and as metnioned by others, there will be a time of over saturation of comic book movies and I think DC will bear the brunt of this. Casual comic book movie fans will pass on a lot of DC properties to watch the ones that are already established by Marvel. It also feels like DC waited for Marvel to set the blueprint and is now following it.


It's only a matter of time until comic book movies hit oversaturation. They've already reached it for me. Now we're getting THREE DC movies a year, plus 2 Marvel movies, plus Spiderman, plus X-men, plus Fantastic Four. Ugh. At some point, audiences will have enough. Watch our WB, you are going to get yourselves and the whole industry in trouble.


DC officially stands for 'Don't Care' because they clearly don't. They have several properties (Gotham, Arrow, Constantine, etc.) spread out over different networks with separate universes (except Arrow/Flash) not including the movie. The reason Marvel has success is because as they stated "Everything is connected." DC should use Arrow/Flash as a stepping stone to introduce the other members of the Justice League and have Gustin/Amell play the parts on tv as well as in film but I don't see that happening. It's crazy because unlike Marvel, DC actually OWNS all (or the majority) of it's properties so these problems could be avoided.


The problem with believing WB on anything is that their track record shows that they always promise more than they deliver. I'll believe they are serious about these plans when they actually start production on these films. Frankly, I think it's just more spin and they won't seriously think about shooting a single frame of anything until they get the returns of BvS.


Excited to see WB/DC trying to compete with Marvels movies. My concern here is with the release order. When Marvel released their movies they did solo movies first then brought all of them together with the Avengers movie, followed by more solo movies. WB seems to want to jump the gun by releasing a JLA movie before introducing the solo movies of the main team members. Wonder Woman, Flash, GL and others should have thier Solo movies released first along side the Batman and Superman movies. Then release the JLA movie followed up with Team up style movies afterwards.

Nelson Muntz

All comments on this page sound like they were written by Comic Book Store Guy from The Simpsons.


Yeah i read it earlier. It kinda pisses me off. Marvel has a huge lead on DC and already has there movies planned out up until like 2020, and they release 2-3 movies a year. DC is on 1 and there next movie won’t be released until 2016 and it’s going to be another superman followed by all this bulls**t you see in this article. They’re constituting throwing Wonder Woman into Batman v Superman as a little supporting character so that they can use her for future movies ( ie. Justice league) annoys me. AND it’s going to feature Cyborg which means they’re going to use the new Justice league instead of the old one (with Aqua Man). and Jessie Eisenberg is a p***y, Lex Luthor is jacked and has always been intimidating; so that’ll be an disaster waiting to unfold. The casting for that movie, besides Superman, i can live with that, is atrocious. And the Flash/ Green Lantern movie is going to be after the Justice League movie. They are two founding members, how the f**k can you introduce them in the Justice league movie without giving them they’re own back story; unless the flash TV show is going to serve as the back story and they’re just saying “F**k it, everyone knows how the Green Lantern (Hal Jordan/John Stewart/Kyle Raynor) got his powers. No, DC. And Shazam? I mean Captain Marvel is cool and all but that’s just random as f**k, he’s not part of the Justice League and everyone who knows about the DC universe wouldn’t care to see an entire movie about him, even more so if The Rock is playing him. And Sandman is stupid, the one they’re using isn’t even in the same DC continuity as the other characters, there’s another sandman who teamed up with Batman, they’re not using him. The Marvel cinematic universe is demolishing DC and always will, even though the last Avengers movie will be in 2015…which is still sooner than the soonest DC universe movie. I just hope that the Flash is in the Justice League movie and isn’t as much of a timid kid as the one in the TV show they’re making is. The Flash is notorious for being an annoying blabbermouth who is the comedic relief of the Justice league. The one in the tv show is scared to talk to girls. This annoys me.

I needed that.


No solo Batman with Affleck? I wonder why.


I was hoping that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would play Nightwing, or that they would make a Nightwing movie because it would be awesome. But these movies have hope to them.

Cheryl Gilmore

No Martian Manhunter?


I hope for Shazam they give Billy Batson some adequate time and actually show how he became Captain Marvel. And Marvel has to have the personality of a 10 year old kid; which i doubt Dwayne Johnson can bring. I'm still pissed about Ben Affleck being Batman though. And Grant Gustin seems way to shy in the show. If he were to be flash he would need to break out of his shell. Flash is always portrayed as the comic relief the the Justice League, Gustin is timid and doesn't speak out. Flash never shuts up. They're could be a better pick for him, but just to keep the DC universe in sync with the TV series' i suppose they should keep him.


Is The Flash going to be played by Grant Gustin? They should put Stephen Amell's Arrow in there as well!


Hooooooooly crap that's quite a cramped lineup. But why in God's name are they making Shazam and Sandman before Green Lantern/Flash? And since marvel tends to do around 2 films a year, we're looking at at least 5 superhero films per year. I can't possibly believe the execs haven't thought this through, but they're running the risk of serious overexposure.


The person who submitted this to Nikki Finke came out and said this is fake.


I don't know what's going to happen with Batman/Superman or Justice League, but Man of Steel was awful. Whoever is doing DC movies, here's a clue: Experiment with stories, get inspiration from the comics, don't mess around too much with the costumes or the characters.

Man of Steel was wrong on so many levels.
First, the costume: Superman does not have scales on his costume. Aquaman has scales on his costume.
Second: Listen: Superman has a wealth of villains that have not had movie treatment. Superman Returns and Man of Steel: Lex Luthor and Zod. Seriously? And in Superman Returns, Lex Luthor is going to knock everything but California into the ocean… where have I heard that before? It doesn't take a Brainiac to figure out another villain you can put in a movie!
Third: Superman smashing through buildings and going out of his way to save, pretty much no one. He knocks a satellite out of the sky because he doesn't want to be spied on. This is totally out of character. The worst: He kisses Lois. She says, "I hear it's downhill after the first kiss." He says: "That only applies when you're kissing a human." SO… is he saying it's going to be downhill for him because she's human, or is he just being arrogant? Superman is supposed to be down-to-earth, endlessly helpful, and just a touch shy. This character was not Superman. New writer, please.

The last two Superman movies don't make me optimistic.


Their choice for wonder woman is a skinny woman…this sucks…wonder woman is a amazon 6'0 woman of amazon porportion.,…more like Zena than the skinny broad they have…shit Serena Williams would beat the shit out of the womany they got playing her now


Superhero overload!


WhaT? No Martian Manhunter!? Jon Jonzz was a founding member of JL, damn fools! Jon is just as powerful as superman!

Matthew Andrews

Neil Patrick Harris should play the flash


Whilst reading this article, I thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt was going to play Green Lantern, which got me slightly excited…

Also, Grant Gustin as Flash or Bust.


More curious to see how DC/WB go forward with the big screen plans in light of their successes on the small screen.

Frankly, WB has a history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, so I can fully see them mishandling it and alienating whatever momentum they're currently building

Black Canary

Looking forward to Wonder Woman, Flash/Green Lantern, Justice League. Shazam is going to be very risky. I can't believe DC would rather invest on Shazam over Wonder Woman.


So looking forward to jl movie, Wonder Woman, and halbarry crossover. As for shazam… Really dc? Really? Does anyone give a Crap about that character? Laaaaame let's try something half interesting like a green arrow & black canary, hawk girl, zatanna, teen titans or even a Harley Quinn!! Like come one!


boy oh boy, lotta big movies to not give a shit about


I'm honestly most excited for Sandman. Maybe there will be some other hits, but Sandman is an amazing property, and I'm excited about JGL, whatever the extent of his involvement.

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