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Listen To Jonah Hill On Howard Stern: “I said a disgusting word that does not at all reflect how I feel about any group of people”

Listen To Jonah Hill On Howard Stern: "I said a disgusting word that does not at all reflect how I feel about any group of people"

Days before “22 Jump Street” (which is apparently quite progressive in terms of the way it deals with LGBT people), the generally gay-friendly Jonah Hill had an Alec Baldwin moment: He was caught on camera telling a photographer to “Suck my dick, faggot!” 

He immediately went on to Howard Stern to address this, seemingly sincere in his embarrassment as he rather eloquently explained how his choice of words were “disgusting” and “not at all reflect how I feel about any group of people.” It’s an interesting interview, and one that continues to extend the debate about how aggressively we police words and whether or not it’s warranted. We’re very curious what y’all think in Hill’s case, because we went back and forth while listening to this interview between both sides… On the one hand, he has absolutely no ownership of that word, and on the other… Doesn’t it waste our time to direct anger at folks like Hill, who are clearly not really the enemy?

Listen below:

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Perfida Limpin

Don't lose sleep over this imbroglio, Mr. FOT* Hill. To paraphrase Coco Montrese, we've got your back rolls. We still adore you like we adore like all our entitled, egotistical for-press-release-only LGBT allies. We need you because America is dangerously running out of rich, spoiled, obese role models.

*Future Over The


See, I've used the word Faggot several times. I've never actually called anyone that was a homosexual it though.


one time a guy was following me too close in his car and I yelled at him as he whipped around me …"you like riding my ass faggot". this is kinda weird since I'm gay. I guess sometimes we just lose it and we don't account for our words. I believe Jonah is a good guy.

Steven Werner

In Mr. Hills defense the photographer was disguised a bundle of dried kindling. He should feel worse that he paid someone to teach him to act and then went out and made "This Is The End".


If he said this in anger (or jest), he says the word a lot. A LOT! He uses it when chillin' with Chan and his other boys, he watches television programs and comments about some of the people using "faggot," and he has been using it for a while. I use it. To my gay brother. When I am angry at him. It slips out. It's NOT right to do so, but this word has been embedded SO exponentially in American culture as a put-down, it is like calling someone a "clown." Maybe we should be a bit more conscious of what we say. Maybe we should look at the evolution of the word and realize what the last line of the article states. My ex-gf is a bitch, a true bitch. A person who does, in fact, own the word. Yet, when in fanciful argument, I still may call someone a "bitch." eh?


only fags get offended


I think it was honestly just a slip-up. Unfortunately, because gay slurs have been lumped in with curse words, sometimes they slip of of allies' mouths when they mean to say expletives. The point is that he didn't validate his behavior: he immediately apologized. Hopefully, it won't have a bad influence on anyone.

James M.

Don't worry, Mr. Hill. We know your valued support of the gay community, and I hope not too many people think you said the word out of malice (other than toward the photographers). I think the larger debate we should be having is why the paparazzi are not considered stalkers in this country, simply because they carry cameras.

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