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Nikki Finke Is Back

Nikki Finke Is Back

As of midday on Thursday, Nikki Finke had published two posts on her blog, One was her “I’m back and here’s why” screed (complete with what’s wrong with Deadline), and the other was a routine item about what Warners is doing at Comic-Con. Let’s see how she does on her own, filing every day. She’s had seven months off (due to an non-compete clause) to recharge her batteries, and may have some strong stuff stored up. 

The site she founded in 2005, Deadline, was better with Finke than without her, although the folks who work there, from owner Jay Penske on down, are a lot happier not having to deal with her every day. He tried to get her back as a columnist who didn’t have any control over anything else on the site, but that was unacceptable to her. As far as she’s concerned, it’s her site. She never came to terms with the fact that it was his.

Now she’s back being the indie that she wants to be. Will people read her? Some. Will studios advertise with her? We will see. Somehow I doubt this will be another cash cow. She won’t be posting with significant volume. She’s wealthy, she doesn’t need money. She can spout and exhort and excoriate to her heart’s content. The meaner and more vile she is, the more people will read her. She has a voice that rings loud and clear.

Will she still wring executive necks and threaten law suits and bully people into giving her scoops? We shall see if the town is willing to get back into that abusive relationship. (The media is fanning the flames: here’s The Washington Post’s breathless welcome back Nikki story.)

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Nikki, while serving in the Air force as an enlisted soldier, there were places, people and things our superiors said were big no-nos (never do that nor go "there"). Well, of course those questionable places sparked curiousity, so quite naturally we found ourselves tasting the " forbidden fruits". What's my point? Well, while reading IndieWire's Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood) she mentioned your name.

Actually, in her article "Nikki Finke Is Back" she sort of dumped on you. So am thinking, why if so much venom (some call it hater-aid) being splashed on a fellow writer/critic? Anyway, after reading her post I was reminded of all the off limit places of my military days which brought tons of wonderful memories. And, today, after reading this post, I believe I know why you intimidate Ms. Thompson. Well, it appears you have the courage to go against popular opinions. I love that in you. I will be back!


After the end of his career, Walter Winchell continued to type up his column and then stand on a street corner and hand copies out to passersby. Nikki is becoming the cyber equivalent. The wheels grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.

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