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Paramount Sets Xmas Day Limited Release for Ava DuVernay’s ‘Selma’ Before Nationwide Roll-out (Oscar-Qualifying Run?)

Paramount Sets Xmas Day Limited Release for Ava DuVernay's 'Selma' Before Nationwide Roll-out (Oscar-Qualifying Run?)

Paramount Pictures and Pathé have set a Christmas day initial limited release date for Ava DuVernay’s “Selma,” which will be followed by a nationwide theatrical expansion on January 9, 2015. 

The early limited roll-out suggests an Oscar-qualifying run for the film, which shouldn’t be a surprise, given the material, and the talent involved, both in front of and behind the camera.
Telling the story of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s historic voting rights struggle, the film’s release will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the landmark legislation.
David Oyelowo leads a cast that includes Carmen Ejogo, Tom Wilkinson, Colman Domingo, Tim Roth, Giovanni Ribisi, Keith Stanfield, Andre Holland, Tessa Thompson, Kent Faulcon, Oprah Winfrey and more, in a film produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B and Christian Colson (who won an Oscar for producing “Slumdog Millionaire”). 

Paramount Pictures will release the Pathe UK-backed project.

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My prediction: this will do what "The Butler" did. Good box office, but no Oscars.



Ol' Skool

"It has "Oscar bait" written all over it"

Hmmm… "Oscar bait", what exactly does that mean?

I mean, since most will agree that this is a "black" film, shouldn't we say "black Oscar bait?"

If so, lets take a look back at the Black Oscar bait the Academy adores so much.

1. First, who can forget Denzel's roles in "Glory" and Training Day. In Glory, he was convinced by a white officer to give his life (by running of a damn hill of no return) for his country, a country in which he was not even considered a human with the same rights as whites. In Training Day… well… that Oscar bait was the image of a dirty, crooked, dope smoking black cop.

2. The Help. Well, the title speaks to the flavor of that Oscar bait.

3. A nasty, conniving, dysfunctional black mother and her obese daughter is the bait of this film – Precious.

4. Miss Daisy wrecks her car, her son, Boolie hires a black man, Morgan Freeman, a chauffeur who drove for a local judge until he recently died. Yum, yum, the good ol' white woman gives Morgan the job as her chauffeur. And, it gets tastier. When Miss Daisy finds out that Hoke is illiterate, she teaches him how to read. Yummy, Driving Miss Daisy is top shelf black Oscar bait.

5. Who wraps their arms around poverty way down in the Louisiana Bayou? I've heard there's some mighty good fishing down there. Yep, yum-yum, however, catfish and shrimp are not the Oscar bait the Academy found so endearing. I believe the images of a nappy haired, half dressed black child and her alcoholic father, living in a squalor was the delicate morsels the Academy found so delicious. The Best Of The Southern Wild sho was stimulating, tantalizing and tasty – wasn't it? Now that's Black Oscar Bait.

6. BRUTAL VIOLENCE! RAPE! HANGINGS! Slavery and the white savior is a double-bubble treat the Academy goes coco over – 12 Years A Slave.

7. Who doesn't love a little brown sugar in their coffee? Well, apparently the Academy loves their brown sugar when is being flipped and flopped (fked doggie style) at the hands of a white man. OH YEA… naked ass is always Oscar bait, especially when that as@ is on the body of one of the leading black actresses of the day. YUM-YUM, lets give a rousing applause for the monster's balls.

Yuck, puke, i'm about to barf but I have to ask the question, if "Selma" is "Oscar bait", how so, and which way will Ava Duvernay go?


I knew they were going to try to get a Oscar qualifying run for the film. It has "Oscar bait" written all over it

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