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Project of the Day: ‘Almost Sunrise’

Project of the Day: 'Almost Sunrise'

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Almost Sunrise

Tweetable Logline: ALMOST SUNRISE tells the story of two friends, Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson, who embark on an epic 2700 mile journey to heal from their time in combat.

Elevator Pitch: An intimate story that explores the underreported epidemic of veteran suicides and the growing discussion around moral injury, ALMOST SUNRISE follows Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson on a journey of hope and healing as they walk across America.  Their passage is one of redemption, an outer transformation and inner awakening brought on by a rediscovery of the power of community, bringing these young men out of their battered psyches and into a renewed sense of relationship with the people and world around them.
Production Team:

Michael Collins – Director (Give Up Tomorrow)
Marty Sjyuco – Producer (Give Up Tomorrow)
Claire Ratinon – Co-Producer (BBC)
Clarissa De Los Reyes – Director of Photography (DOCUMENTED)
Gideon De Villiers – Cinematographer 
Patricia Kim – Executive Producer (Abduction, The Megumi Yokota Story)
Chris Sheridan – Executive Producer (Abduction, The Megumi Yokota Story)
Peter Cooper – Executive Producer

About the Production: The epidemic of soldier suicides illustrates what I think of as a crisis of community- our failure to care for our veterans. Regardless of our feelings about war, we have a moral responsibility to take better care of our soldiers when they come home. It shouldn’t rest on the shoulders of family members alone, because it doesn’t take long to see the ripple effect of the tragedies many veterans are suffering, and the way they affect us all. Through this documentary, I want to show hope, and solutions that can help change our narrative.Current Status: Raising funds to go into post-production. 

For more information and to support this project: Kickstarter Page 

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Kat Reynolds

I work in Psych Mental Health and have heard many stories of soldiers attempting and completing suicide. PTSD and how to help those diagnosed (or not) is not easily understood. It is a joy to see these individuals taking the time to care for themselves.

Line S

Yes I would definitely like to see this film


This an issue our generation cannot turn their heads to. Almost sunrise explores a real and timely issue that many veterans our age face. We cannot ignore the issue and it's time to really see what war can do to our service members and their families. Though a difficult topic Almost Sunrise is giving a face and story to a real issue. Hopefully through this film we can move forward to find a solution.

Chantal Ratinon




Charlie Tarpley

I would like to see Almost Sunrise and hope that others who see this film will have a deeper understanding of what our veterans face and the challenges of readjustment.

Georges Ratinon

Credit to this amazing team for their courage and dedication to tackle this sensitive issue.

John C

I have been throughly impressed with Mr. Collins' work including covering an event in which my organization particpated. I see the results of these struggles constantly and have been to too many services for those, both active duty and veterans, who lost the battle against the pain. Please, do not just vote Yes, but share this link with everyone you know. The success of this film is, quite literally, a matter of life and death.

arlene valentine

Waiting on this to come to TV. It appears to be a hart warming journey to watch.

laura black

This movie will change how the US understands veterans' struggles coming home and will help veterans understand it's ok to feel the way they do. With 22+ veterans taking their lives DAILY, we need this movie!

Janice Hobbs

I am a veteran who cannot wait to see this movie completed.

Carl David

This is an important film that must be seen by everyone. The rate of suicide among veterans is out of control; 22 per day. We must all do everything in our power to help our heroes who have put their lives on the line to preserve our freedom.

Stevon Rainey

Almost Sunrise is a story that needs to be told. Every American needs to know the obstacles that our service men and women have to overcome when they return home.


I would definitely see this movie. Everyone involved has worked so hard to support this cause. Our veterans deserve the utmost respect & care for all they have sacrificed.

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