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Project of the Day: ‘David’s Reverie’

Project of the Day: 'David's Reverie'

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David’s Reverie

Tweetable Logline: A jazz musician struggles to prevent his epilepsy diagnosis from derailing his emerging career.

Elevator Pitch: DAVID’S REVERIE, starring Brandon Fobbs (“The Wire”, “Walking Dead”), tells the story of an up-and-coming jazz musician whose dream of leading his jazz band to a broader audience is halted when he is diagnosed with epilepsy.
With each seizure, David is transported to a fantasy world where he hears music like he’s never heard before. David fights to reconcile managing this disorder while fighting to play the music inside him.

Production Team:

Writer & DIrector: Neil Creque Williams
Producers: Channing Godfrey Peoples, Erik Douglas, Delmar Washington
Cinematographer: Nathaniel Krause
Composer: Andrae Alexander
Production Designer: Jamie Holt
Choreographer: Marika Piday-Warren

**Recipient of the Panavision New Filmmakers Grant**

About the Production: I was diagnosed with epilepsy as a child and experienced uncontrollable seizures as a teenager.
I’ve always wanted to tell a story about a character dealing with this disorder while pursuing his passion.

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congratulations on a good film

Congratulations on a fil

Barbara Holston

Great film!!!

Karmen johnson



Congratulations David on a winner! Much success!

Courtney Harris

Good Luck Chan!!

Carol Landrum

Best wishes

r hunter

Must see.

Kim Brown

Looks like a great film! Well done!!!

Kim Brown

Looks like a great film! Well done!!!

Patricia Turner


James Todd

I'd definitely see it. I love the combination of jazz music and personal drama.

Brandon Fobbs

What an amazing story! Such an experience of triumph over challenges on so many levels.


davids reverie please. its a story that needs to be told.

Paul Mccloud

You overwelm me with your remarkable work and passion.


Channing Godfrey Peoples is an amazing young actor, writer, director, producer. Destine for fame and critical acclaim, her latest work is as producer of "David's Reverie." Working with an outstanding group of young film professions, including writer/director Neil Creque Willams, this project exposes the affect living with epilepsy has on the career of a young jazz trumpeteer.

Please contribute if you can and support otherwise by asking your friends to support; by contributing and asking their friends to join in. This is the next generation of filmmakers that will tell our stories. Give them a hand up. Thx!!!

Ruth G. Inniss

A remarkable piece of work from Channing Godfrey Peoples once again. AMUST SEE

Kyla Harris

Loved the film!!


Awesome Channings work is absolutely remarkable

derrick rogers



Definitely supporting

LaVerne Boykin

It's a Winner! Can't wait to see more.


Excellent work


Would love to see it

Alexis Scott

I support!

Racquel Belle

I'd like to see David's Reverie

Peris J Lester

Great job!!!


Amazing film!!!

Helen Schultz

Wishing the best for an excellent job!

Maryellen Hicks

This is an amazing movie. Mr Williams is so talented. I look forward to him winning
an Oscar one day!!!!!

mark ridley

So very proud of this film and all the hard working folks.

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