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Review: Is Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘America’ The Worst Political Documentary Of All-Time?

Review: Is Dinesh D'Souza's 'America' The Worst Political Documentary Of All-Time?

America: Imagine The World Without
” is book-ended by scenes of co-director (and credited
“creator”) Dinesh D’Souza. At the start, he is a triumphant
filmmaker who made “2016: Obama’s America,” which he accurately
credits as “the second highest grossing political documentary of
all-time.” By the end, he’s referring to the charges against him of
completely transparent campaign finance law violation as a “mistake”
on his part, but also calling himself a victim of Obama’s America, a
martyr for loving his country too much (and also breaking the law and
being caught). In between is the weakest and most pathetic straw man
argument ever put to film, set to be released on the Fourth of July
for audiences who are sick of answering political arguments with,

“Incredible as it may seem, there are
people within America who want a world without America,” D’Souza
narrates, creating one of many false binaries the film attempts to
dissect. The thesis of the film is all over the place, as if D’Souza
knew full well he had a shoddy case study on his hands, instead
jumping around to observe America of the past, present and future.
The Civil War re-enactments (which feature a war re-envisioned by
D’Souza as “a war to end slavery”) stand alongside the notion of an
alternate reality death of George Washington. Were the movie to
follow that new history and all its intellectual implications, it
could have been intriguing and even a bit daring: recall the mock-doc
CSA: Confederate States Of America,” which humorously depicts a
country that lost that war.

Instead, we have D’Souza seated in
front of liberal firebrands, interviewing them and asking
embarrassing questions like why President Obama’s election didn’t
“end racism.” He gets to sit down with the likes of Noam Chomsky
to create the illusion that he won’t have the final, decisive word
off screen, usually in a show of foundation-less braggadocio. D’Souza
is an obnoxious personality on film: often wearing bleached mom jeans
and multi-colored thrift shop polo shirts, he speaks condescendingly
slow so that the cheap seats can hear him nice and clearly. His
speech has the sort of halting, faux-intellectual cadence that makes
you wish you were more of a bully in high school.

The film plays out like more of a
bullet-point presentation than an actual film, taking each argument
he thinks liberal minds are having and dissecting each,
cherry-picking anomalies in order to confront some sort of liberal
“truth” that doesn’t exist. He argues that discussions of the
history of slavery weaken our country and our resolve, and that the
true story of slavery is omitted from the collective narrative. That
“true history” involves the accusations that slavery had been a
part of several other countries’ evolutions (…yay?), that ONE major
slave owner (William Ellison) was black, and that the first female
millionaire in American history (Madam C.J. Walker) was in fact a
former slave. So, we can’t really talk about slavery’s negative
affects without discussing the potential character-building that was
going on. D’Souza’s flattery of the core audience is clearly more
important than the fact he might be fueling some very dangerous

He also addresses the issue of
Mexican-American immigration by being coy. Perhaps there is a real
lack of conviction in the way some of his interview subjects speak.
Or maybe the young man who claims the Mexican cartels would crush his
dreams back home is being fed lines from off-camera. There’s
considerable theatricality to D’Souza’s stunts that recalls the
director of the number one political documentary of all time. When
D’Souza dials up the smarm to pointlessly ask a border patrol cop how
many Mexican Americans critical of the American government cross back
over to Mexico, it’s straight out of the now-exhausted play-dumb
Michael Moore playbook.

And then there’s that doozy of an
ending. D’Souza plants the seeds of his anti-education jeremiad early
on by attempting to poke holes in Howard Zinn‘s “A People’s History
Of The United States
.” But that’s just a wind-up for an utterly
baffling segment where the book’s teachings are connected with
community organizer and liberal educator Saul Alinsky. The metaphors
and doubletalk end just about when D’Souza flat-out compares Alinsky
to Lucifer, before bemoaning his influence first on Hillary Clinton
and then on President Obama. For those of you keeping score at home,
the White House is under the control of the DEVIL. Of course, D’Souza
keeps refusing to probe deeper because he gets off on this sort of
name-dropping and hyperbole. When he devotes an extended riff to Matt
simply for mentioning “A People’s History Of The United
States” in “Good Will Hunting” (a seventeen-year-old movie, by
the way), his pitch lifts high enough almost into a voice-cracking
squeal. That semi-provocative opening involving an America without
George Washington suddenly feels miles away.

Of course, those aforementioned bullet
points merely hammer home that this is artless propaganda,
uninformed, sensationalistic and devoted to buzzphrases (“the
shaming of America”), simplicity (“have the United States been a
force for good or ill in the world?”) and grandstanding (“We
won’t let them shame us, we won’t let them intimidate us”—who
is them and who is us?). Insidiously, these are some of the ways
D’Souza and co-director John Sullivan keep the film brisk and
conventionally entertaining, not unlike a “Sharknado” sequel or a
particularly embarrassing YouTube video. Filled with soaring guitars,
pointless blacksmith montages and recreations with porn-level
production values (check out the sponge-wig on Frederick Douglass),
it’s all fist-pumping anti-thought, consisting of baseless
revisionist history and idle contrarianism. And maybe, deep down,
D’Souza knows it: one of the lasting images of the film is his
voiceover threatening, “Capitalists are under fire,” while he
watches Michael Moore give a speech on the Jumbotron, eating a Times
Square hot dog and standing in front of an Olive Garden. It would all
be so funny if it weren’t a total joke. [F]

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Anyone who found this documentary anything but laughable has to be motivated by extreme historical ignorance, racism, or capitalistic self interest. The once scene depicting a bunch of slaves riding off on a horsecart and being depicted as happy is enough to have you rolling on the floor. And add to that D’Souza’s self-pitying depiction of himself as a victim for breaking the law, and it was hard not to believe this documentary was actually not a spoof. Just goes to show how education does not necessarily make you intelligent.


Dan Goodwin: Truly inspired? I’m betting you have multiple orgasms, at the mere mention of Fox news. Oops, sorry about the mess!

Robert Oswalt

I may not know much, but I know this "review" was done by Obama’its" Socialism fails everytime it is tried… America is awesome, and stupid tools always try to bring her down…

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Marcelo Simas

In all your review, despite trashing the author, you didn’t answer NONE of his arguments. This is not a rational debate. Just low level name calling. Sorry for you!


Great review, I’m moderate, so def not a republican, but gotta say your review is pretty good. Dinesh is so funny only a brainwashed republican could watch his obvious crap. Reference to mom jeans was hilarious, btw. But agree with Dinesh on 911, but otherwise he’s an idiot.

Jennifer Beatty

I am looking for some fact checking regarding the historical events that d’souza presents in his latest book. I see plenty of character, personality, and agenda comments. What about the historical facts presented with quotes and explanations of important historical documents? I don’t really want to have to cross check them myself…any suggestions on an "unbiased bipartisan" review?

Robert Norwood

Poking holes in Howard Zinn’s version of things isn’t hard. remeber, he’s left wing all the way and has never presented a positive view of this country. No country is perfect, we’ve had our mistakes, we continue to grow and we’ve outgrown the liberal left’s garbage. You see, it’s funny how, as bad as it is, they stay here. Dinesh is a brilliant and insightful guy, get used to it.


More than one slave owner was black. Blacks owned slaves at a higher rate than whites. The first identited servant in the States was owned by a black man.

Gary B.

Some people don’t want to look the truth in the eye. The main reason being that it would leave them being held accountable and without any further excuses. I know America the Movie made me change some of the ways I was thinking.


Hey, I love America, born & grown up here, I cannot see America facing so much of trouble… A black cannot rule our country, it should have been some intelligent American as our President. That negro, is making America like Africa bush-forest .., i hate that silly man.


Hey, I love America, bron & grown up here, I cannot see America facing so much of trouble… A black cannot rule our country, it should have been some intelligent American as our President. That negro, is making America like Africa bush-forest .., i hate that silly man.

Ben Palazzo

Its okay to make politically motivated movies when they correlate with your beliefs but god forbid someone contradicts them!


This was excellent and it shows truth that liberals want hidden. Thanks Disesh! Your films should be shown in every school/college..

Sam Sorrell

A well-written review that implies fallacy in the movie without actually demonstrating it. In short, thanks for your opinion, I’ll form my own though. Julie is right, all you’ve done is protest, not litigate.

Mike Lupo

No one is able to prove Dinesh wrong for the facts he stated in the movie. There are no rebuttal facts in this review. I just think Gabe is angry and is painting a picture of how he feels, not what is true.

Jay Haych

I’m so glad I live in Canada. I hope for the sake of everyone on the planet that these comments aren’t proportionally representative of the way Americans think generally speaking. Yii-f*cking-iiiikes.


I can’t say I agree with the reviewers sentiment on this thought provoking movie. It depicted a lot of the issues and criticisms with our country, and attempted to answer what is right with America present-day and past. We need to unite our country and embody all the things that make our country great. Politics has become a business and the population as a whole has grown tired of the results (or lack of). I tend to think of myself as leaning toward the left but really I am open to transparency and honesty in politics, this will be the basis of my vote in the future. We need real people as a voice, not talking heads with hidden agendas. We have the ability to change our country, and not only is it our right but our duty!

Jim Buescher

To summarize this "review," i’d say, hypocrisy first, next would be emotional rather than factual. The reviewer criticizes D’souza for attacking Noam Chomsky and so-called "liberal educator" Saul Alinsky who are notoriously known as radical communists, not "mainstream anything!" He attacks D’souza for criticizing liberal Matt Damon, & his defense is the liberal movie Damon referred to, is 17yrs old? As far as I can see, Matt’s views are along the lines of fellow liberal actors, Clooney Afflick. This article is long on emotion, liberal leaning emotions & short on objectivity. Gabe Toro needs to get a new line of work, pathetically transparent, except to the kook-aide drinkers, maybe?

E J Schultz

I agree wholeheartedly with Dan above! The movie is depicting exactly what is going on in America and how it has changed in the last 25 years! To prove exactly who is right or wrong in the films narrative, one only needs to explore the annals of History. If people only take the time to study the arguments in the film, they can come to the same conclusions that Dinesh did. Look at all of History and it is totally obvious that Socialism has always FAILED and will continue to FAIL!


@harry. Yeah, sure. Why would anyone actually try to make their country better.

The Ricker

Thanks for the insightfull review, I think. I’m off to buy the book now and draw my own conclusion. Thank you for the tip that this book is out there to buy!


Three of the comments here clearly display that Dinesh and the Republicans use of fear and dog whistle politics have worked extremely well. Keep supporting the corporate agenda that will put all of you in the poor house. You people are just like the mindless lemmings that bought the rhetoric of dictators like Hitler and Stalin. Unregulated, Predatory Capitalism is crippling America and you fail to realize this fact. If you don’t wake up, it will be too late. Heed the words of George Orwell. Stop living in fear and being willfully ignorant. Inform yourself and help in saving our Country.

<a href="">lån penge</a>

his is an interesting post and certainly provides a good argument for

Dan Schepper

Gabe,you rule! This "documentary" is trash. Black people are better off because of slavery!! God, they are so ungrateful!!

Ha, douchebag

"Conservative filmmaker and author Dinesh D’Souza was sentenced today in New York to eight months in a community confinement center and five years of probation for violating federal campaign finance laws."


Another elitist, propagandist, attempting to withold accuracy about a movie which doesn’t belong in their Playlist or Ideology! The fact that they’re all bought and paid for, just like this President, proves how they have sold their Souls for profit and an Ideology, which shows no love for the best Country in the entire world history! I wish they would travel around the world, not France or England, but go to parts where there is absolutely No Middle Class, and then tell us again why they hate our country! I’m sure Saudi Arabia would be a great place to start and then go north into Iraq and just take note!
God Bless America!

Van A.

Harry Satchel, open your mind a bit… nobody is saying mexico is better than the states. but it doesnt mean there isnt room for improvement.. im sure back in the day living in Colonialist England was the best! does that mean what they were doing is right?

Drew Mooney

Gabe dude likes the taste of Obama's butt.


Hate much, Gabe Toro? You could just say you don't agree, and rebut with your fact filled arguments instead of name calling and talking crap. Your review would be funny of it weren't a total joke.


When does "America" come out on blue ray?


Nice knee jerk reaction to the truth. Liberals are easily the dumbest group of people on planet Earth.

Mary Powers

This attack on D'Souza reminds me of the attacks on Israel for shooting back, faulting him for self defense.

The Big Hit

Apparently, the Playlist didn't like the rest of what I had to say so my comment is being rejected to protect from spammers!!


Sounds like someone has a problem with Dinesh because he's from India and isn't drinking the liberal cool-aid.


Gabe is right, and Dinesh is an arrogant, propagandist, apologist for some of America's ugliest chapters. He holds the view that slavery was beneficial the black race. Colonialism was good for India too, and their subjugation made them better. Anybody that believes this nonsense thinks there are scandals in the WH, rampant voting fraud, and the latest from charter or voucher schools, The loch ness monster is really a dinosaur, disproving evolution. Obama has governed as a republican, as did Clinton.


I watched this movie more than 3 times in the theater. Each time I took someone with me to see it. It is my favorite movie right now. I could watch it over and over again at least 5 more times. It is very inspiring and tells nothing but the plain truth. I give 5 stars. By the way, we know whose side you are on if you dislike this movie. You aren't on the right side with those who build America up. You are on the wrong side. You are with those who tear America down.


Gabe's review is simply AWFUL!!!


Took my 16 year old daughter to see the movie yesterday. Hoped to vaccinate her against the followers of Alinsky.

The One

There seems to be a "level headed" chameleon in the room, Mr. Alex. Who's head does he want to be level?


D'Souza is a master of selling misinformation to the masses. However, I can;t really say selling these ideas is too hard; especially with certain demographics. A staggering amount of Americans are still stupid (or ignorant/misinformed) enough to label Obama as a Socialist. I'm right leaning, but I've never met any socialists who would either consider Obama to be one of them or seen any real evidence to justify the "Obama is a socialist argument". I don't really care for him much either, but I don't think he' anywhere close to being one of America's worst Presidents; and I also don't think that creating misinformation and half-truths about him is in any way constructive. I've even continuously heard people from the American right accuse Obama of being a full on Marxist. It's like alot of the people on the American right didn't go to school the day that they teaching about the political spectrum. It's self imposed ignorance to fuel the fire against a politician they don't like. It's like the Tea Party and the Libertarians swooped into the American right and got rid of all the moderates and level headed people. 

I also find it funny that whenever people find fault with the arguments of people like D'souza, they are immediately criticized and written off as being a liberal or a lefty (which is used by them as if it's a dirty word). They accuse liberals of being ignorant and intolerant, but these people continuously show intolerance by dismissing the entire left side of the spectrum as being delusional while also assuming that if you don't agree with their far right sensibilities you're automatically left leaning etc.. Even as a Conservative myself, I find the American right to be nearly inaccessible because of how fantasized it has become in the last thirty years.

The One

Great movie! How fortunate we are to live in a free nation and have divergent view points. The reason we have divergent view points is due to the wisdom of our founding fathers.

In some countries, like Cuba, Korea and many dictatatorships, anyone who speaks against the government is imprissoned. In some countries those who speak against the government are killed.

What type of government do want? A country where there is freedom and thought and speech, or one that compels only one view point?

Please, please tell me what you think?


Terrible, terrible, terrible.Just far right crap. People will not understand that we will only be free when we are all equal just as Russia was with all those happy people (and E. Berlin) before their collapse.

Joe Jones

Dinesh shows an alternative and accurate view of history. Curious how intolerant the left becomes when presented truth that doesn't fit their agenda. Talk about haters…

steve kubisiak

Gabe Toro is an ignorant bitch. This was an excellent movie and gay boy gabe is a flaming liberal.

TJ Walker

"His (Dinesh D'Souza's) speech has the sort of halting, faux-intellectual cadence that makes you wish you were more of a bully in high school," is the funniest and most insightful line ever written by any movie reviewer!


D'Souza has the nerve to criticize Obama?? D'Souza was on Megan Kelly and compared America to a child molester. D'Souza is bats.


gabe, I just had to see for myself after reading your review. I found the documentary very interesting although I thought it could use more editing. Although I received lots of pleasure from it, the most pleasure I got was knowing that you sat through to whole show just to tear it down. You lost much of your punch when you complained about his clothes and voice. you were supposed to view the documentary with an honest viewpoint. Best that you stick to ape movies.


Haven't had a chance to view this film . . . BUT with the obvious bias of the NewsCreators and their failyer to honor the Constitutional Protections. I am more then receptive to the favorable comments I have seen about this film. An explaination about why Mr. Obama has said nothing about the muslim beheadings of nonMuslims speaks to the core of the man. His silence in regards to support of the Iranian people when they revolted against the government and his willingness to jump into the Syrian mess after a gassing of one faction of muslim that hated America against the other faction that detests America is confusing! I see this as a until now clear picture of America and her over controlling government.

Eau clare

Dinesh D'Souza confirms all the worst ideas people have about Christians. That we're bigoted, hypocritical dim bulbs. It's dreadful. We are NOT all like this. As a matter of fact, we are mostly pretty good people struggling to do our best. Really. It's just the bad apples that make the papers.

Mans and beans

Something that is never going to appear in a Dinesh D'Souza movie:

(Reuters) – Texas tycoon Sam Wyly and the estate of his late brother Charles should pay damages totaling $1.41 billion for their role in a scheme that hid trades in companies they controlled using offshore trusts, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said.

In a court filing late on Friday, the SEC said the amount was justified by the finding of a New York federal court jury that the Wylys had engaged in a fraud that over 13 years earned them $553 million in profits that were not disclosed to investors in the companies.


Dinesh thinks he and Obama are twins. Because Dinesh spent his first seventeen years overseas and doesn't understand America, he thinks Obama doesn't either.


I guess when you can't really refute someone's arguments that well, you can always resort to picking on their clothing and the way they talk. That the author wishes he were a worse bully in a high school speaks volumes of his emotional and spiritual development.


Indiewire should see a handsome uptick in revenues this month considering the hundreds of clicks from the clueless 'tards. I suggest a new IWire-critic should, each foreseeable week, write a separate review, waxing philosophical on the pug-nosed D'Sousa's bountiful cinematic turd Then, courtesy of the witless peanut gallery, you all can give yourselves a hate-fueled raise (which you richly deserve). Win win.


Greatest quote: "Some things remain true even if Dinesh D'Douza says them."

Reg of the hill

The most unAmerican thing about Dinesh is his use of Marxist agitprop techniques. They're the same sorts of thing used on Fox, but of course, he wasn't born in America either.


Maybe I'll take D'souza seriously if he ever manages to launch a coherent argument against people who haven't been dead for decades and more than 2% of the population have even heard of. What a lazy intellect. Instead he and his rich friends spend millions trying to pull the wool over the eyes of working people. Shameful.

Brothers in arms

I see the Koch brothers just spent 2.8 million to buy another candidate in North Carolina, a state in which they don't live. You aren't going to see Dinesh make a movie about that.


Dinesh showed both sides of politics. It was not to change minds but for people to understand some of the lies being promoted regarding America. This documentary should be shown in all schools from grammar, high school and college. I have always said America is beautiful. America is a place I love and for those who don't like it, they are free to leave. I have traveled all over and I can honestly say, America is where I want to be. Great job Dinesh.




Andy Wolf

I thought it was outstanding. Some points were a little dry or panderish, but overall it was amazing. I wish I could see it again. As someone who left for war and came back to a different society (or maybe, I changed).. It struck home.


The progressive left have wanted to make this country a socialist government run disaster and that is totally un American. Go shame yourselves you socialistic leaning anti Americans. You are not American and you either love America or leave it.


I see the Koch brother's 'but boy' Dinesh has made another movie bashing American progress. Hey, if Dinesh says slavery is no big deal, let's take him at his word and start it up again. Let's use Indian immigrants this time. First we need to restrict their right to organize into unions (check). Then we need to restrict their right to vote, or we could buy up their politicians, same difference (check).


Saul Alinsky in his classic "Rules for Radicals" says to defeat your enemy… Demonize your enemy . Mock them. Ridicule is the most potent weapon out there. Ridicule their clothes. Their "dark skin" if Indian. What is done to Dinesh in this article.

The Movie was powerful. Well done. Did not disrespect the President. Very little of him in the movie.

ut historical misconceptions were shown. Like White indentured servants, captured and brought here by force, who OUT NUMBERED Black Slaves, and who worked side by side with them. In the colonies, a Black Slave could not work on roofs. There was a law. A white indentured servant had to do it, because if he fell and died, the Plantation Owner or Business Owner was not out much money. The LEFT does not want that story told. For Proof……The transportation Acts of 1714 were passed to tell the colonies to shut up. That the King would continue sending penal ships to the USA for as long as he wanted. It was a major cause of the REvoution.
The first Penal ship to Australia did not sale until after the Revolutionary War was won.
Dinesh sets some of our history right.
The left….knowing that only lies can support their theories of White Supremacy, and Voter Suppression and how we need an Open Border and we are an Evil people..and such…..hate him and of course don't like his movie.

Saul Alinsky, who dedicated "Rules for Radicals" to the Devil. i.e. Lucifer "the first rebel'm is a big part of the Movie. he used to come to college campuses in the early sixties so some of us remember him. he was a genius. an Evil genius but he was the master of organizing. Dick Army passed out copies of his book to the Tea party..and got run off from Freedom Works for doing it. Dick Armey played to win.
The Movie has no sex, no naked people, no profanity, no murders, what violence is historical, and… is fascinating. Very well done. And a big hit too, I thinl


Dinesh says his dad didn't like white people. He must be having a huge laugh skimming the fat off these dumb rednecks.

Minn in minn

You mean D'Souza's out of jail already?


Best movie ever!!!


Alinsky did do boos dedication to Lucifer in
Rules for Radicals

Movie Is Utter Propaganda Trash

This movie is utter trash and no amount of TOTALLY OBVIOUS non-partisan jingo tea party members in the comments section are gonna change that, fyi. Keep preaching to your little choir.

Carmel Dietrick

This is one of the best movies I have seen in many years. Some people are not afraid to praise America and those that built it. Of course, it was not playing within 15 miles of my home, RI is extremely liberal and so it dictates the videos and movies in the state. We traveled to MA to see it. It was well worth it. I would give it a 10.

No giants

Dinesh is a Taliban-loving hero … And science is a liberal conspiracy …. And Sarah Palin would be a wonderful President… I miss William F Buckley. He was a terrible snob, but you knew at least he had a brain.


Gabe Toro , if that is your real name , your full of it .


OMG! I thought it was awesome!! I think everyone should take a friend to see this and then challenge them to do the same. This country was so in need of this great history lesson and so well put together . We are so Blessed to be American, we truly are exceptional.


From Conservative John Tamny in Forbes:

"…viewers should be offended simply because what is promoted as a serious documentary about the problems in this country is so silly, not to mention plainly dishonest. America is presumably doing well in the red states, but to watch it one can only conclude that D’Souza is full of contempt for those to whom he hopes to sell tickets. How else could one explain a documentary that is so often condescending, and for its major omissions, explicit in its belief that its watchers are too dim and partisan to handle the actual truth?"

Bill moore

D'Souza is the most destructive immigrant after the Boston Bombers.


This review critic is dishonest and full of intellectual deceit . The review is a perfect example how a dishonest and warped mind works. Mentality of a typical liberal and leftist is in full flow.


R Moore your s idiot Dinesh is a botter man than you on his worst day. Snd tells the truth always to be a liar you have to lie, so you hsve just labeled yourself. Michael Moore is the waste of flesh and air not Dinesh. Dinesh gives hard facts not made up faultshoods lije Moore does. Get a clue

R moore

What the heck does Dinesh know about "essential goodness"? He's a liar, a criminal, and a cheat!

Joseph Cali

I really enjoyed the movie, because of the message not the cinematography. I enjoyed it so much I am going to order the book on my kindle. I am not an America hating leftist, or someone who thinks that politicians in Washington know what is best for me.


This critic is a joke. America was a fantastic movie and only reenforces my love of the American founding, and disgust with the liberal left.

Pollard, Ed

"The process of becoming American has to do with rupture and renewal — rupture from the Old World, renewal of the self in a new world. That self-creative capacity is what it means to be American in many ways, and I think that part of that rupture is the capacity to make fun of yourself and the capacity to criticize yourself."

Ayad Akhtar, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for drama

Unlike Dinesh D'Souza's view, honorable people enjoy having a sense of humor about themselves. They engage in self-criticism because they're not afraid of their history. It's one of the best things about America.


D'Souza still had a little credibility before he was a convicted felon. Now he's pretty much a joke.

Lauren Hild

This is the worst review of movie reviews! "America" is a great documentary because it challenges liberal views, something desperately needed in this time. This is why I don't take critics seriously.


Dinesh D'Souza is a commanding general of the tin hat crowd.

Betsy Ross

. You misrepresent his movie – one example – he doesn't talk about just 1 black slave owner but many – for example. You are void of facts in your analysis and do not know history so instead you mock him by minimizing the points he makes and calling him names and making fun of his clothes. You follow the typical rules of Saul Alinsky. Go read the book and some history.


D'Souza is an undesirable alien attempting to undermine American resolve to defeat terrorists. He needs to be expelled.


Gabe Toro seems like a well indoctrinated progressive. They are so cute when they think they have something relevant to say. Obama will probably call him to say what a good job he did on his essay.

William E Driscoll

This movie is at 9% on rotten tomatoes.


Saul Alinsky a liberal educator? One thing is for sure. If any of you have read Rules for Radicals you know there is no double talk in it….it straight out proclaims for the destruction of the Republic and the values upon which it was founded.


People should stop criticizing Dinesh Disouza for using the movie to compare himself to Lincoln. After all Lincoln was a great US President who was killed by conservative slavery supporters and Disouza is a disgraced former head of a small college who who defends slavery and pleaded guilty to trying to buy a U.S. Senate race.



Gabe ! You must have been is Bill Ayers class. Or if your Hilary C age???
The you were in Solomon L class. Never the less your idea of degrading America the movie was baseless ! Then what can you say now that it got a rating of A+ and planet the apes ( what you rated it as a good movie… ) got an A- . Go figure you sir are a liberal mindless drone !


Gabe you cry like an 8 year old. The truth is most Americans love America and you have a right to your opinion but everyone else has a right to theirs. It just so happens your sucks and the truth hurts. I have friends that are liberal and they even like most of it. Obvious if it is not a documentary made by Mike More full of lies you will not believe it. It must suck to be you. Sad. I feel sorry for you for being so lost. I wish you no I'll just that so e day your eyes will be opened.


This review is a sham! The movie is brilliant! The movie is a must see for anyone who call themselves an American. Best film out there! Wonderful. Excellent show.

Doug Dubick

Nice try, Gabe, but I just saw the movie and it was brilliant. You communists and socialist will pay dearly for your attacks on America. We will bury you.


Dinesh D'Souza said, "Muslims do not hate America because of its freedom and democracy, but because they perceive America to be imposing its moral depravity (support for sexual licentiousness) on the world."

A+B = C

The Muslims hate America because of it's sexual licentiousness, Dinesh D'Souza is morally licentious (got fired for taking his mistress to a Christian Conference), therefore Dinesh D'Souza is responsible for 9/11.

If you believe his logic, it is irrefutable.


If you hate America, you will hate the movie as well. The movie will not change many minds. You either live in the world where America is a force for good or you don't. Unfortunately the die has been cast on this. I loved the movie, but acknowledge that if you didn't walk into the theater with a love of country, you weren't going to walk out with one. This isn't the fault of the movie, but the extent that people have been brainwashed and indoctrinated into a false version of history by people whose sole purpose is to destroy liberty and everyone who believes in it's power for good. Or maybe I'm just being pessimistic.


This reviewer actually gets paid to write this junk review? He knows nothing of filmmaking. What a waste of time and resources.

Tim Smith

As of this review, I consider all of rotton tomatos reviews a waste of time to read.

Bettina braun

It was outstanding. The liberals and progressives just can't stand hearing the truth. Every American should see it unless you want to totally change the America we love.
The review is just sour grapes!


I think that only ones who have actually seen the movie should comment on it. Sounds like some never sat through it to me.


Enjoy it while you can… The days in which your readers care about your writings are numbered. Yours' and the lefts' chokehold on the dictation of American culture will soon be a footnote in the annals of American history. It will be required reading in High Schools, 200 years from now, when studying Propaganda and subversive behavior. People want to be enlightened, not propagandized. They want to hear the truth whether it conflicts with their political viewpoints or supports them. If your viewpoint can’t be supported by the truth, you might want to re-evaluate your stance on an issue. The movie does nothing more than show a depiction of events in American history that runs contrary to your talking points or ideology. To try and mount an ideological debate within the critique of a movie, shows an obvious sense of panic on your part. The progressive times are near an end. There is a reason why your “utopian socialist society” doesn’t exist, and it’s not because of a lack of trying. Every generation seems to think they are smarter than their predecessors, and their vision of the great society is somehow more manageable. Your “utopian society” is fundamentally flawed because it is not self-sustaining. You must take from others for your system to work. At some point, as it has happened with all other attempts, the money runs out and revolution begins and the rest is dictated by guns. The sooner you understand this, the happier you will be… Capitalism is your friend, without it… you would be nothing but a slave under different rules. Be truthful… have you ever met a happy socialist?


Great, must see movie. Go see it, see it again, and take a friend.


I agree it was not a good movie. It showed point and counter point. It gave each side a voice and showed pros and cons of each side. He was respectful ( unlike other movies) so I really do not see why anybody would have an issue. He allows the viewer to make up his/her own mind. It was refreshing to see a movie show both sides of conflicting views. Oh wait…now I see the issue he spoke the truth and libs hate that..ok I get it

Jim Madison

I thought it was a good movie. I would recommend you see it before you make any judgements. I've watched documentaries by Al Gore, Michael Moore, Dinesh D'Souza, and others, and I don't think there is anything to fear in evaluating a competing opinion.

Gabe Toro

You jerks better stop picking on me! I have a right to my own opinion on stuff, no matter what you may think, or how many threats made against me! All of you conservatives care about is money, money, and more money.


Saw the movie twice. The only lies are contained in this review.
D' Souza never comapres Alinsky to Lucifer, he points iut that Alinsky USED Lucifer in his writings. d' Siuza is anything BUT obnoxious. He seeks out leading liberals and lets them tell their point if view without interruption. He listens quietly and politely, and tears the arguments apart with fact, logic and reason furtger into the film one point at a time. The movie is brilliant and D'Souza will surely win major awards for this, or should.


A liberal blogger that hates and is totally wrong, how incredibly unusual. Maybe when you grow up an actually company will hire you, or perhaps you'll be able to afford a website of your own to scribble on.


"…..baseless, revisionist history". You're referring to most of what is taught in public schools and liberal universities then? If so then you are correct on that point…..but you're not, are you. Just another America hating, self-hating, Obama boot licker. Next!


Dude Your name is lennie…,, No one listens to a guy names lennie. Gtfoh….
Usually for me, when a film this important gets negative reviews from the press, for me its must see. Who takes a clown sack like the gentleman who wrote this review serious ?



Please name the conservative publications that states Mr. D'Souza's facts are contrived falsehoods.


anytime i see a review like this i know it a must see! thanks for the advice!


Looks like America is doing really well at the box office. Much to the dismay of the liberal trash blogger ^. It's going to be fun to watch liberal senator lose their jobs in a few months;)



Michael Moore attacted a sitting president in the movie Fahrenheit 9/11. Does this make Moore a "pretty pathetic" guy in order to make a buck? If Moore actually practiced what he preaches, he would voluntarily give 95% of his earning to reduce the debt. What is pathetic about Moore, he CANNOT even bring himself to do what he PREACHES! What does say about his character?


I don't necessarily think that D'Souza "gets off on this sort of name-dropping and hyperbole." Although since he does it constantly, maybe he does. I think it's more like he's currying favor with the billionaires who run the right wing publicity machine. I think it's mostly mercenary on his part. Which is pretty pathetic. Attack a sitting President of the United States of America in order to make a buck. Of courses, he also attacks the country itself, blaming it's "moral depravity" for 9/11.


Did you see the movie? If you did not, your statement is not objective. It is propaganda.

Liberal Bob

Left Behind was another movie that was widely panned by normal people yet popular with its' cultish viewers. This movie is in the same vein. The only people going to see it already drink the propaganda kool-aid.

Tammy Noel Smith

Hmmm.The first film D' Souza made,"2016",was the second most viewed film of all American documentary films ever made.Perhaps this one will bypass that and become the first highest grossing and most viewed film ever in American history.It looks like it's going that way and it hasn't even made it to DVD sales yet!Liberals,as usual,talk a lot.They make no sense and are the loudest hypocrites in America[celebrities being the absolute worst],like this writer.I have been to China and Ethiopia to adopt my children,and everywhere I went,the people called our children 'Lucky',because they were coming to America.Don't let the liberals tongues fool you,they wouldn't leave either because they know VERY well what other countries are like! This writer would be writing with a government gun to his head.LET FREEDOM RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michael Moore has obviously taken up writing under the pseudonym of Gabe Toro. This hate filled critic (diatribe) is full of the same things the writer accuses the film's creator of, i.e. the lack of substance in the film, but then he goes on to rail on such things as the faded jeans and polo worn by the film maker. Give me a break? I haven't scene the movie, but this critic was not helpful at all. Instead, it was just another liberal (want-to-be-writer) prone to hurling insults rather than offering anything remotely useful about a film critical for socialism.


Obviously the writer of this view is a liberal!

Katelyn Phillips

This movie was awesome, true and the media can't handle it. Too bad.

Brian Louis

Anyone I know who has actually seen this movie has loved it, and yet the majority of media critics despise it, which only serves as an indication of its excellence. Obviously they are running out of ethnic friends.


If you had to have morals in this country to speak that wipes out all the folks in Washington and yes Dinesh made a mistake he had to pay the price for breaking the law which is justice . It is better than your Obama and his liberal pals who think they are above the law and break laws with no consequences. Don't even bring up the felony on Dinesh when there have been so many laws broken by Obama all the blogs in the world wouldn't have enough room to record them.


The only folks who will think this film is not good are the blind lying lazy liberals who are trying their best to destory the greatest country in the world!

Here's just one of his lies

D'Souza says "the Civil War was the only war ever fought to end slavery." (like that's a good thing).

Abraham Lincoln: "I would save the Union. I would save it the shortest way under the Constitution… My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that.

I have here stated my purpose according to my view of official duty; and I intend no modification of my oft-expressed personal wish that all men every where could be free."

A. Lincoln.

A morally depraved individual like D'Souza doesn't deserve to breathe the name of a great American like Lincoln, much less misquote him for his own nefarious and self-serving purposes.

Randolph Alexander

A dishonest leftist said "… you neglect to mention Dinesh's moral depravity and felony conviction…"

Since D'Souza has never been convicted of a felony it is you that is morally depraved for lying.

Did you know libel is a crime? Why do ignorant leftists always believe the false narratives of other ignorant or dishonest leftists? It is because they are unprincipled.


Hard to give a positive review of "Americ" when you are a card carrying member of the Socialist party, isn't it?


With all due respect, I completely disagree with this review. This film was brilliant and all should see it. It might just change our country and keep us from plummeting further into debt and dependency. People need to wake up and get out of victim mentality that yes, Alinsky proliferated, putting it mildly. Applause D'Souza!

Marvin gittens

One persons political agenda due to their one-sided views and hatred for the Obama and the Democratic leadership.
The movie was deceiving hypocritical hey total and complete lie and I could have save my 20 bucks and Painfully watched Bill O'Reilly talk about Obama on Fox news. The movie starts out by deceiving you thinking you're going to see the history of America and leads into a plot against the Democratic Party and Obama, I call that lying and deceiving the American people and other individuals naïve enough to believe this garbage.

Martin Gregorio

That review was terrible. You didn't attempt to substantively refute a single major rebuttal of the standard left wing garbage when you had every opportunity. You just said he was wrong without any attempt at the marshalling of historical evidence or employing logic. Weak sauce.


A film critic should be able to separate his prejudices from his critical faculties. Your loathing of his opinions puts on display your inability to consider contrary ideas. Your mind was made up going in; perhaps you should write grocery lists instead.

gary l

First remember it is a don't expect cutting edge excitement…BUT…I did learn quite a bit …I try to keep up with politics and the country as a whole and was still surprised at some Hillary C and S Alinsky…and his connection to Frank Nitty and the Capone Mob of Chicago. Best Film…Want to awake a few brain cells YES…


You are much too nice, because you neglect to mention Dinesh's moral depravity and felony conviction. All very relevant since he pretends to be a moralist.


Wonderful review. Very long and complete and I'm sure your personal bias did not enter inter into it. My husband ,caretaker and I will see it tomorrow. It will be a pleasure to see such a bad movie. We may take some friends to a second showing. History is being made. Wow ,you say, WORST EVER.


I,ll be interested to read your report on a future movie titled "Abama, The greatest President Of All Time".

A Viewer

Wow. I saw the movie and then I read your review. Then I wondered if we had even seen the same movie. Regardless of a person's politics, I thought the movie was very well done, and I always appreciate the way D'Souza does his homework and comes up with historical facts. I didn't find the thesis to be all over the place. In fact, I appreciated how he brought it full circle in the end. The problem with D'Souza is that he such an intellectual that his work won't appeal to an audience with a short attention span who has been raised in a sound bite world, or anyone who can't see the implied meaning of many of his examples. You have to be able to grasp the gestalt of his work, or you won't get what he's trying to say. Perhaps this is part of the problem with your understanding of the film. That, and you didn't leave your bias behind as you wrote your review, as, with words like "an obnoxious personality film" clearly show you simply don't like the man.


I watched this film last night. Truly, I was impressed. It stirred those same emotions that many of us felt after 911, patriotism. I found this film to depict views that many need to consider. This is our America and we need to protect her!

D'Souza's "hero" Abe said

"My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that."

A. Lincoln

D'Souza lies like a rug.


Government-Approved Illegals !

Speaking of illegals, the government hasn't built the border fence high enough to keep out the un-American criminals who want to take away our freedoms.
Yes, the government hasn't built the White House fence high enough to keep out the un-American criminals who are now inside the White House and working hard to take away the religious, social, and economic freedoms of true Americans!
Here are two slogans that Obama would rather not think about: "Unborn babies should have the right to keep and bear arms – and legs and ears and eyes, etc.!" and "Unborn babies should have the same right to be born alive that abortionists had!"
If Obama would Google "Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right," do you think he'd feel guilty merely walking in the hallowed halls of that House where true Americans walked?
Is it safe to assume that Mecca Wafers are Obama's favorite candy? And is barack-coli a vegetable or a disease?
(For more on Obama in Washingdumb, Google "Obama Avoids Bible Verses," "The Background Obama Can't Cover Up," and "WHITE HOUSE-GROWN TERRORISTS starring Obaba Black Sheep….")

[Preceding piece unearthed on the blogosphere not long ago.]


"America" the Worst Political Documentary Of All-Time? Nah, that would Micheal Moore's Fahrenheit 911.


Where would our dear Dinesh be without dead people to attack? Lol. When your arguments are as pathetically weak as his, you need dead people to criticize.


About what one might expect from your leftist viewpoint.


Yet again, another leftist critic who can't put aside his politics to honestly critique the movie. You totally misrepresent what D'Souza says about slavery. He in no way justifies it. He simply provides a compelling moral and historical context of how slavery does not invalidate America the country or idea. Slavery was not unique to America but America actually put an end to it – fighting a bloody war to end it. Are you seriously arguing that the Civil War was really not about slavery? So, it was all just about "union"? Think about your reply carefully and honestly ask yourself whether (before you heard of D'Souza's movie) you really believed the Civil War was not ultimately about slavery. Also, D'Souza points out that the prevailing historical narrative (which seeks to establish grounds for America's illegitimacy) leaves out very important facts. For example, many free blacks had slaves; slavery was ubiquitous in world history and that it was the West who abolished slavery and America who fought a war to end slavery. Also, the first American self-made woman millionaire, Sarah Breedlove, was black. D'Souza's point is that these facts are intentionally left out of the accepted liberal narrative because they confound the desired message – that the US is illegitimate and oppressive and that out of justice we need big government socialists to change things for the better. So, now you (and several other critics) accuse D'Souza of creating straw-man arguments revisionist history. How ironic. But then again, how predictable and dishonest of you.

Betsy SK

So wrong on so many levels. I have seen it 2 times already and will see it again and again.

David Brayton

What an unmitigated fool you are. I suggest you speak of your Marxist, left-wing credentials before you try to write of something you clearly don't understand. Not only are you a propagandist that Goebbels would have been proud of your writing is sophomoric at best. YOU ARE THE ENEMY and we know it now more than ever.

Tea Lady Elaine

No one in their right mind, who is a proud American would say anything negative about "America". It's a wonderful compilation of American history and politics. Our country is very much like the Titanic right now. Not enough dingy's for the number of people and the ship is sinking. I cannot for the life of me figure out how people like mike moore who has millions hates capitalism so much. Listen, if he believed and meant what he says he would be giving his fortune away to good causes. But no, he keeps it well hidden like most liberals do. All talk, all hot air.


1 of only 52 movies in the last 29 years to get an A+ from Cinemascope in post movie surveys of people coming out of theaters.

Brent Kellogg

You're wrong on some many levels!


Very simple. Gabe, you're a moron.



Went and saw the film so I could form an opinion on it. I was surprised by the first half with all the different stories and what not . It was pretty lame, but not a crappy and filled with propaganda as I expected. Just when I thought the film was over and I thought I could leave it faded back in and turned into a mess. That's when all the political punches were thrown and it turned into to every Tea partiers favorite movie. It's just a movie of a guy from the radical right forming radical opinions about some radicals on the left.


This Country is sounding more and more divided. Left and Right are sounding more and more like North and South.


Mr. D'souxa seems to up have an obsession with straw. Straw men for his arguments, straw donors for his illegal campaign contributions. His nickname should be scarecrow.


Naw, the worst one of all time is probably the one you have plastered all over your home and office as a "great film" – "An Inconvenient Truth" followed by "W" and "Sick". :)

Manny in mo

Dinesh divorcing Dixie to be "with" Denise Joseph would be like Bill divorcing Hillary to be with Jennifer Flowers. Shame!


I find it highly depressing that not one comment on this post is remotely unbiased. Calling liberals "Obama Sphincter kissers" and conservatives "clueless 'tards" in no way contributes to productive discussion. I am only eighteen years old, and I'm already sick of this. Get a decent head on your shoulders, evaluate your own (unavoidably partial) position, try to obtain relatively unbiased news information (instead of pandering to networks like MSNBC or Fox), reevaluate your position, and only after this and careful thought should you have anything to say about a matter such as the one in discussion here.

Please, just think about what kind of example are you setting for my generation.

Mike in tx

Dinesh D'Souza is the kind of man we true Americans conservatives can rally behind! But tell me, has he chosen between his wife or his girlfriend yet? I need to know which one I am supposed to think is a saint now.


Indiewire should see a handsome uptick in revenues this month considering the hundreds of clicks from the clueless 'tards. I suggest a new Indie-critic each week write a separate review, waxing philosophical on D'Sousa's bountiful cinematic turd; then, courtesy of the witless peanut gallery, you all can give yourselves a hate-fueled raise (which you richly deserve). Win win.

L. Mahalo

While liberals consistently deny truth and facts by demonizing the messenger, here's something they better wake up to:

Prior to WWII, millions of normally good and decent German citizens stuck their heads in the sand while Hitler and his followers took over Germany.

Hence, everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.

Francesco Cece

No you buffon…. Actually because you all are dumb liberals and don't understand how America was founded and became the greatest country in world, you don't seem to investigate the facts instead of spreading your "all as equal to one" kind of mentality and hatred to American Constitution Abiding Citizens called Conservatives like this great author Dinesh D' Souza who airs out the truth about America based on principles and morals coming from the Creator – God to our laws, and btw- our laws of the land was taken from the Ten Commandments!
The facts are this, the book "America: Imagine a World Without her" is topping as the Best Seller List for a great reason, the majority do know the truth and want America to succeed again and without Liberal and socialist governement rulers!
Taking away from all Liberal Democrats, Democrats and weak passive Republicans!


Since Conservatives might never win the White House in the future, they'd better come up with better propaganda film makers because they will be watching a lot of hack-job movies.


Based on your review of the movie, it appears you did not see it. Which raises the question on how you can review a movie you haven't seen?

And you wrote: "D'Souza is an obnoxious personality on film: often wearing bleached mom jeans and multi-colored thrift shop polo shirts…" When you review any of the bloated Michael Moore's films, did you make comments about his ill fitting clothes and baseball hat? The guy is worth $50 million dollars. One would think he could buy clothes that fit.


I love it – he blames Costco and Google for his failures. Just like he blamed others when he got called out for his infidelity and criminal conduct. Nothing is EVER this guy's fault! Lol.


All those reading this site, I suggest you NEVER shop at COSCO again. Costco REMOVES D'Souza's book AMERICA from it's shelves even though it highs a high ranking.

When membership holders threatened to drop their memberships, COSTCO, relents and places book BACK on their shelves.

The CEO of COSTCO is also BEST BUDS with our President.


I saw the film this evening and the theater was packed! There was a ton of clapping and Obama was boo'd every time his face was on the screen. Many yelled, "LIAR" when he said, "If you like your doctor…keep your doctor." D'Souza did NOT say that we do not need to discus slavery because other countries had slavery. What he said is that America is not alone in this shameful history; however, America is the ONLY country in history that has fought AGAINST slavery. Also…there was not ONE black slave owner….the black slave owner highlighted in the film was the most NOTORIOUS AND EVIL slave owner of the time! AND…the first female millionaire was a black woman who sold her products to the white wives and women of the time. YOU ARE INTENTIONALLY MISREPRESENTING THIS WONDERFUL HISTORICAL DOCUMENTARY!!! THAT MAKES YOU A LIAR AND COMPLETELY UNCREDIBLE. I learned so much from this movie. I have a Ph.D. and consider myself well-educated. Dinesh was the PRESIDENT of a major university, and a researcher by profession. His literature review and factual support for his premise are impeccable. They are interesting because he went beyond the liberally informed historical context to identify ACTUAL occurrences of the time. My advice? Whether you are liberal or conservative you WILL learn new information by watching this movie. He offers a powerful, entertaining story line that will leave you wondering, "Where di the last 90 minutes go?" I intend to purchase the DVD!

Hugh G. Rexshun

My wife and I loved D'Souza's new movie: America" Imagine A World Without Her.
The audience gave a standing ovation during the credits.
Failing to see this movie, is like conservatives not watching MSNBC: How can you know you are right, until you learn what your critics are saying?


I can't imagine why anyone would go to the theater to see a docu-drama. Besides, knowing the character of the writer from his debates, his infidelity, and his willingness to break the law when it suits his political agenda I won't be wasting my time or money on his quasi-patriotic campaign commercial for the GOP.

Just waiting for his excuse

Just waiting to hear D'Souza's fabricated excuse for why his movie is bombing. You gotta know one is coming. Since he apparently considers himself God's holy emissary on earth, immune to the laws by which others are expected to live, the movie can't possibly be bombing because it's terrible. So, let's listen, in 10, 9, 8….


The review plays out like more of a bullet-point presentation than an actual review, taking each argument he thinks conservative minds are having and dissecting each, cherry-picking anomalies in order to confront some sort of conservative “truth” that doesn't exist. The thesis of the review is all over the place.

Cheryl Laughlin

Great movie. The "movie critic" on this site gave it a "F". I guess he is a Obama loving liberal????? Iwill make sure to get my two teenagers to the theater this week!!!

Fay Swart

This commentary certainly shows exactly what D"Souza was saying in his film. This kook is really sick and shouldn't be in the business of reviewing anything. I'll pray for him and all his kind who shirk truth.

catherine Dennis

this move was amazing. everyone needs to see it to know what is happening to our country, these liberal reviews are LIES. SEE IT PLEASE IF YOU LOVE OUR COUNTRY


He is an embarrassment to the Christian community.


Pretty sick analysis.


Did this reviewer even see the movie? Dinesh never compares Alinsky to Lucifer. It was never implied that the WH was under the "control of the devil".
Shame on this reviewer who uses this piece to personally attack Dinesh …. that is not a 'review of a movie', but a personal hit piece.
I am convinced that this writer, Gabe Toro, never even saw the movie.

Often in tx

Dinesh's speaking voice is pretty much like fingernails on a chalkboard.


Wow, this writer leans a lot to the left huh… This does not read like a movie critic, it reads more like someone with a personal grudge! The movie was seriously amazing! A great source of pride!


He doesn't compare Alinsky to Lucifer. He simply points out that Alinksy quotes in his book a dedication to Lucifer


Wow what a hot piece of garbage. I hope this writer wasn't actually paid for this.

Dr roan

A classic bit of reasoning from the film: Right after he claims he going to disprove the notion that America “stole the labor of African Americans" (a hilarious phrase, by the way) D’Souza admits that the “enslavement of African Americans was theft—theft of life and labor.”

So he's going to prove something false – by admitting it's true! Ha, ha, ha.


Americans NEED to see this movie, so they grow a Back Bone and stop the Progressive Communist bullies in their tracks. The lies and deception of the Progressives have permeated the brains of our children, our young adults and it is amazing that it takes a Foreigner, like Mr. D'Souza, who loves this country, who chose this country, who is more a Patriot than most, to tell America the truth. So many lies and distortions have been perpetrated on our history, that Americans are shamed into kowtowing and not stepping up to defend America, because they are UNINFORMED, LAZY and COMPLACENT. Try reading and Putting on the Armour of reason and learning about history, Americans think their kids and the professors know better. NO WAY! As for you Obama Sphincter kissers, you lying sacks of human lying waste, get off her soil as you desecrate her with your presence.


Don't worry about the box office and reviews, Dinesh. You can still pursue your day job of bangin' conservative married ladies.

David McIntire

The book was Excellent. Mr. Souza hits it out of the park!! We can't wait to see he movie.

Dean Gregory

Your movie review of "America" is just what I would expect considering the source. My wife and I saw it last night. The theatre was about half full and the movie got a standing ovation. That is something, considering we live in the heart of liberal California.
I thought D'souza addressed the typical liberal viewpoint of America's history (all negative) quite well. It gave me some hope that we might finally be able to put a stop to the insane liberal thinking that appears to prevail in this country.

It's a bomb

CORRECTION: I earlier stated the movie was 17% on rotten tomatoes.

My mistake. It's actually 12%.

Stephen Strappelli

The lefties cannot cope with the truth about capitalism.. Dream on ye liberal s. Keep following your sick minded fantasy world about American History. The truth hurts the Obamaphytes……….Boo HoOOO!!!…….SDSW


I did see the movie this weekend and enjoyed the mix of historical re-enactments and speeches, beautiful scenic montages, modern music and interviews. In my opinion, this review would be far more professional if it did not resort to a string of sarcasm and insults, but perhaps present a balanced view of what was both "good" and "bad" about the film, supported by facts and a final opinion as to whether it's a 1 or 10 (or somewhere along the spectrum.) I don't believe I read a single, positive line in this review, which leads me to dismiss it as unbalanced and biased. If one understands that the thesis, if you will, of this film is to restore patriotism and examine the ideals upon which America was founded– as well as recognize that America is not perfect (no country is), I believe most people would come away with an overall positive feeling about our country and why we choose to remain here. We already know and expect a political documentary. So rather than the knee-jerk reaction, I suggest a do-over by this reviewer. Perhaps watch the movie, brush up on history, and give us a balanced, serious review. Like America's history, that means accepting both the good and bad. (By the way, Alinsky's book was dedicated to Lucifer, and Hillary Clinton did meet Alinsky and wrote her thesis on Alinksky's methods, which was kept under wraps at Wellesley. This review makes light of the Lucifer reference, acting like it's really "out there." There is credence to these references and the Alinsky link– these are documented facts, not "hyperbole" or "name dropping" as the reviewer suggests.) This movie isn't suggesting the "Devil" is in the White House as the reviewer suggests, but the idea here is to explore the political and ideological influences on the people running our country, and to ensure we continue to protect free speech and integrity of the American way of life and electoral system. Show this movie in the schools.


Dude should never have messed with Jason Bourne. It's bad karma. Universe came back and bit him on the a**

Nadine A.

Gabe Toro, what a hate filled review. I envision you with snarling, frothy drool emanating from your mouth as you typed this review. My guess, this "review" was all ready to go, upon your hearing D'souza was making another documentary, with just a few blanks left to fill in.

Sir, your hatred of D'Souza, and love of the left, emanate so strongly ….. maybe eau de backed up sewer odor would be an apt olfactory description for your words. I'm sure you and you're Alinsky loving cronies are doing everything possible to ensure this movie fails. This has never been difficult, because so many of America's youth (that's when the drilling begins) are already indoctrinated that displays of patriotism, love of God and family, are anathema to them . When a wonderfully moving, and factually informative movie such as this opens, these misguided youths, will believe even the likes of you, and choose not to go.

In “America: Imagine The World Without Her” there is, as should be, huge importance in pointing out Saul Alinsky's strong ties to Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama. Nothing baffling about Alinsky's hatred of the American Dream, and his philosophy of destroying it through whatever means necessary. All of these hidden agendas must be brought into the open regardless of you and your like wanting them to fester and grow in some nasty little corner. As for the how-dare-D'Souza link lucifer to Saul Alinsky, here in his own words;

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.” – "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky – 1971

Surely you don't get paid for the trash you write I would hope. Your grammar is horrendous , and your writing devoid of any factual or meaningful subject matter.

…, and please, please, shut up about (to quote you, out of context, just trying on your style) "the now exhausted" media fueled threats to ignite as much racial animosity as possible (no matter how insignificant a player you might be). Who are you insinuating the "core" audience might be. your writings have more sensationalistic buzzwords


I really enjoyed this documentary. One every American should see. There was applause following the showing our family saw as well!

Wayne S.

I liked it. There was spontaneous applause in the theater after the showing I attended.

It's a bomb

Total bomb. Finished fourth out of four new films, despite weak competition, and out of the top ten. Was even outgrossed by the number 3 film, despite being on 750 more screens. Was also the only film to gross less yesterday than Friday.

Currently at 17% on rottentomatoes.


@Gabe Toro. I hope this is not your full time job. This is the poorest written review I think I have ever read. You offer no Facts. Just personal insults and jabs at D'Souza. This kind of review makes me want to see a film even more as it's obvious you have not seen it.
BTW … 80% of the reviews have been very favorable and recommend all Americans see the film.


No need to swear, the movie is well presented and educational. We are a diverse group with differing opinions. We have been taught for years diversity is a uniting factor, not a dividing factor. Let's all get alone and respect one another's opinion. Thanks.

Ava D'Souza

TOTAL jingosistic propaganda that FOX NEWS loves. Terrible f*cking movie. Don't be duped and spend money on it.


All should see this documentary. Well documented history of America.


Fantastic review. This "documentary" is pure garbage. Rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble.


you are pathetic, did you even graduate high school?

Barack Obama

Well this author had been smoking some bad shit. What a liberal moron.


guess I need to include "objective" in my google search for a review of this film…dont think i found any objectivity here.


Sometimes TRUTH makes one wince. Control, dishonesty, power over the sovernign by a central government stymies the human spirit, creativity, productivity, and especially the QUALITY OF LIFE.

Take for example the central government Cuba and other countries who are either incapable of providing for the public good or more probably WANT to CONTROL the population through FEAR and DEPRIVATION with sole reason to maintain POWER. What is te psychological profile of one who CONTROLS with fear, deprivation and bondage.

Millions of people throughout the world would come to America if they could! Why, because here, anyone, no matter their background, status in life can ACTUALIZE their dreams. TRULY, with self determination, hard work and the knowledge YOU can do anything you set your mind people are set FREE!

Mr. D'Souza outlined why the MASSES risk life to come here. He has shown how the experiment of our Constitution has guided our country to become that humanity yearns.

Please, if anyone out there can name three countries that give more opportunities to the down trodden tell me.

If anyone out there WANTS to live under complete repression from there govnment please tell me. Be honest and tell me why.


This review is shit.


Nane, who are you taking about? When did drug cartels come into the conversation? Mexico's woes are directly related to their type of federal government. The "condition" of any country is the result of the central government. One just needs to travel from a broader US city into the recipical boarder Mexico city and you enter into a time warp. The roads, building codes, health care, police are from a different time era.

The reality is public services flow from the GOVERNMENT! The condition of any county is the DIRECT result of the central government. Thousands of people come to the USA, risking ALL, including their lives to escape the failures of their CENTRAL GOVERNMENTS. When the USA becomes as the failed oppressed govnerments of the world, where will we go?


I stopped reading your review when you started speaking to Mexican drug cartels. Obviously you don't know what the hell you are talking about. You are apparently clueless about the politics of Mexico. No cred. #cartels #PRI #nieto #narcos #coyotes


D'Souza is a classic case of psychological projection. He cheats on his wife so he accuses other people of licentiousness and moral laxity. He feels sympathy for the Taliban, so he accuses others people of being unpatriotic. Simple, really.


This film may have flaws but look at the reviews they have given Michael Moore's crazy movies. They can't even hide their bias anymore. No shame, no intellectual honesty, no integrity. Anything to win. Shameful.

Just Sayin'

Very disappointed. I came here expecting an actual review of this film, but all I got from it was a school-yard mentality and childish insults against D'Souza, which only leads me to believe you don't like the man and are ill-equipped to deliver an unbiased review.
Now, had you gone about properly refuting Mr. D'Souza's claims, whether they be about historical facts or liberal ideology, I would have been satisfied. As it is, the author merely reinforced the 'typical' behaviors of the liberal mindset, resorting to personal attacks and unvarnished mockery, masquerading as a 'review' of the work of an obviously intelligent man with whom their political leanings does not coincide.
I will definitely make the effort to view this film now.


Well it did not take very long for this discussion to deteriorate into second grade thought patterns.

Re tree

When does he go to jail?


Great Commentary !…As a History and Gov't. teacher for the past 30 years I highly recommend it especially for students.

Bubba TX

Such reviews are why that when the revolution comes that all you radical communist Democratzen SOBS will always be in the front of my gun barrel and never behind the stock and you will keep my barrel very very warm. If I ever run across you Mr. Gabe Toro, I'm going to cut off your d i c k if you still have one. NO BullSh*t! One day we will meet in the streets of America .. and it's not going to be pleasant. But I will remember this …. forever!

It's a bomb

Oh, yeah, it's a bomb, all right. Gee, I guess Rush getting down on his hands and knees and begging his audience to see it didn't help at all, huh? Or, maybe, even his audience is starting to figure him out. Here he is, supporting a director who got fired on a morals charge, hypocritically criticizes others for activities that happily embraces (nudge, wink), is a convicted felon, and chooses 9/11 terrorists over Americans he disagrees with. Failure couldn't happen to nicer guy.


The day before I saw this movie I hated every liberal in this country. When I walked out of this movie there was nothing I wanted more than unity between We the People. There are things that we have in common as the people. I don't believe that most liberals understand what has happened to them or where they are taking our nation. I don't believe GOP Republicans see it either. Folks, they start scrubbing your minds in the school systems with this propaganda. I went to school in the 70's and 80's in a small conservative town. I had never even heard of global warming but I had also never heard of a lot of the things that this movie pointed out either. I did fact check this movie (because I will buy the ideology of NO party ever again) and I found it to be true. I LOVE America too! It feels like everyday the left & establishment right are coming out with some new idea such as. "you didn't build that", "climate interruption", "income inequality", "undocumented citizens" and ALL of the race baiting BULL by BOTH SIDES. I grew up in a free country under Reagan! I want my kids to have the same freedoms that I enjoyed at a kid in the 80's! Im tired of being told what to do and how to do it and how much to pay for it by my increasingly weaponized government. I'm tired of the lack of education in our schools that are shaped around AMERICA instead of against her. Regardless of the sins of our nation, EVERY nation has sinned. Open your mind. Watch the movie. Fact check the movie. Each of us holds the spark of liberty. If we let that spark go out and let the government have total control of our freedoms, we will have no freedoms. I don't want to live under a liberal agenda. I don't want to live under a wholly conservative agenda. I want to live under the american agenda! Liberty!


“Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.” -Abraham Lincoln

D'Souza compares himself to Lincoln (!) in the film, but if Lincoln were alive today, D’Souza would be calling him a socialist and accusing him of waging a war on America.

Dan Roden

Poor liberal "critic" can't handle the truth. Everything in the film is 100% factual and presented in a very captivating way. Notice how this "critic" only bashes and insults and offers no counter arguments backed with anything of fact or substance. More proof that D'Souza hit got it exactly right.

America ...must see Movie

You should quit reviewing films, you jusy are not very good. D-

Happy 4th

The greatest good we can do our country is to heal it's party divisions and make them one people."

Thomas Jefferson (to J. Dickinson, 1801)


We are all blessed to live in the US of A. There is no other country in the world where ALL can achieve their dreams. Not to say it is easy, life is NEVER easy. With a dream, a vision, a plan and VERY hard work, ALL can reach their dream.
Don't ever let someone tell you, you CANNOT achieve your dreams. YOU, no one else is responsible for what YOU achieve. Be truly FREE, believe in yourself and DO IT!


Seems to me it's the conservative right wing that resorts to name calling…'retard','moron'…check the other comments. I mean,really?? Why are people against equal rights forall,regardless of skin color ,religion ,origin of country,and who a person loves ????
It's the tea party right wing republicans who seek to impose heir opinions and beliefs on the rest of us. Shame on the filmmaker !!! And shame on the hateful people who go see and applaud his films!!! God bless president Obama and the Clinton's

Mel B

Since it's the 4th of July I imagine Dinesh is celebrating by burning the US flag with his Taliban buddies. As he said, “When it comes to core beliefs, I'd have to confess that I'm closer to the dignified fellow in the long robe and prayer beads than to the slovenly fellow with the baseball cap.”


This review is all the usual liberal tripe-in this case from a blogger who isn't even a good writer (could the Left really not even find a kool-aid drinker who can at least WRITE?) I agree with DTOM; go see the movie and decide for yourself. If there's anything we DON'T need, it's another screaming liberal trying to foist his opinions off on everyone else and telling others how to think.

Ijiwaru Sensei

This review written too hastily and has a number of inaccuracies. The author's personal dislike for D'Souza and his arguments clouds his own arguments:

1. Gabe Toro infers that D'Souza "believes himself a victim of Obama's America, a martyr for loving his country too much." D'Souza makes no such claim.

2. Toro argues that D'Souza claims "that ONE major slave owner (William Ellison) was black." Actually D'Souza notes that a great many free blacks owned slaves in the South.

3. Toro also notes that D'Souza claims that "the first female millionaire in American history (Madam C.J. Walker) was in fact a former slave." No. The film specifically notes that she was born a free child, orphaned at seven, widowed by twenty.

4. Toro asserts, "D'Souza flat-out compares Alinsky to Lucifer." Again, no. D'Souza was quoting Alinsky himself.

The film certainly has its faults, but Toro's review is itself misleading.

Mike Avery

Disouza is the biggest gift to the left in America in decades.


I went to see the movie last night.
It lifted my spirits. America is an idea, a thought and an experiment in greatness.
I do not know if it is a fault or a virtue that I can see both sides of an argument. America is great and flawed at the same time, just like people. Many of her flaws were working themselves out, like slavery and the civil rights movement. If the civil rights movement was left to runs its course without the government (G) getting involved I think America would be in far better shape. It is my contention that when anybody starts using the G for their own personal reasons them America gets off track.
America works best when the G is constrained by the chains of the Constitution and people are left to work things out themselves.
Go see the movie and think for yourself.




I liked the argument with Chomsky but that slavery section left me feeling really uncomfortable. I saw the blind side you know things were awful, especially in the south but most other places too.


Saw it last night, the BEST political documentary of all time. Great production value, incredible story, and nails liberal nutbars for being the commie America-haters they are.


I love how obvious this review is (obvious as in a paid review to try to attempt to sway opinion). You all are going to lose :-)


The premise is loosely akin to "It's a Wonderful Life". Yes, there are people who want a world without America. America is not just a land mass. It is a culture, a philosophy, an inner feeling (being American), a dream even. There are those who want to destroy that. "Literal thinkers" apparently do not understand that.


Great movie. Everyone in the family went. Luckily it played first night just a couple miles from home.


It is obvious that Gabe Toro is a LIBERAL. Isis, Al Qaeda and other radical groups who hate this country don’t hold a candle to the hatred that the Liberals have for their own country. Wake up America before you lose your FREEDOM. Make your vote count this fall. It may be our last chance.


If it were up to the Left and Democrats, there would be NO opposing views or diversity of thought from which to sift through and make an intelligent choice as to which most makes the most logical sense. This new Liberal agenda of demeaning, marginalizing, dehumanizing and using the tactic of personal attacks to stifle any opposition, should be as frightening to open minded people as it was in Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union and Mao's China – who all did the same thing in the beginning.

It's a bomb

Box Office Prophets reports that of the four movies being release this weekend, 'America' is making the least – by far.

'America' attained a slender $650,025 from 1,105 locations for an average of $588 per play date. If we tripled that average to make it weekend-friendly, we would be evaluating a $1,764 take per exhibition. Barring something unforeseen, it’s a box office non-factor and the purest of bombs.


I just want to say, that after I read the review, I knew where this writer, Gabe Toro stood when I read his description of Dinesh D'Souza. Whenever a writer begins a character assassination, taking away the dignity of a person's character because you don't happen to agree with the, or picks on their clothing choices, you know you are dealing with a bully. His article is completely discredited and not worth reading.


Saw the movie last night. I recommend it. D'Souza, an immigrant from India, gives voice to his perspective. He addresses the suicidal rage against our own nationl – the desperate and shallow accusations of racism, imperialism, and theft. D'Souza points to the facts that America is the only country that ever fought a civil war against slavery / racism. That capitalism and trade are superior to totalitarianism and force. That the Rule of Law is superior to the rule of a man or a cabal of men/women. The broad scope of the movie necessitate brief arguments. At least the questions are aired and D'Souza dares answer them. See it and make up your own mind.

Patrick H

I'm not sure how much D'Souza understands about American attitudes and traditions. When he was questioned about rooming with his mistress at a Christian conference (no, not kidding!) he said he didn't understand that Americans would be upset about it. Or, maybe he's a Muslim and thought he could have two wives in America.

Either way, he has zero standing to lecture anybody about what is moral.

Robert Smith

I bet ol' Gabe probably loved Michael "Grungy Glutton" Moore two leftist propaganda douchomentaries.


Great movie! Everyone should watch it, especially before criticizing it! Not sure that the people who are making all of the negative comments truly saw the film. If they had, they are not being truthful with us or themselves. Go see it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. The facts hurt, I suspect? God Bless America!


You must have watched a different movie. I thought the movie was fantastic! Inspired me to watch his earlier movie; Obama 2016. Good thing for Obama more people did not watch it before he was re-elected. D'Souza uses facts and his own words to expose him. All Americans need to watch this wonderful film.


I'm wondering if the idea that you shouldn't criticize your country comes from India, because there's nothing American about it. Maybe that's why Mumbai is in the condition it is.


of course it's the worst movie of all time.. according to democrats… that's why it's probably one of the best movies of all times.


So, according to Dinesh D'Souza Americans shouldn't talk about the fact that the middle class is crashing, or that we have near record wealth disparity, or that politics has been so corrupted by money that it scarcely functions in the general public interest. Gee, I wonder why the right wing wouldn't want us to fix those things? Lol.

Richard Wells

I found the movie informative. I have wondered where the ideas that permeate the university social sciences originated. Previously all I have seen are the negative opinions of the left without any thing else. You bad/evil-we good/noble. Conclusions without reasoning. The above review does point out limitations of the film that may be more an issue with film as the medium. A film can't cover many facts and is an emotional medium. But as a counter point to the current cultural narrative I found it uplifting. I am sure the author likes the balanced and objective films created by Michael Moore who was not constrained by chronological order or editing for substance. The author criticized Denish's clothes? And, mentioned his opinion of the production values of a porn film? Would a better or slicker production won him over? I think not.


Would like to see this critic's reviews of any Michael Moore film.


Maybe D'Souza is a little confused. Or maybe he's never taken a civics class. Because here in America we like to fix what's wrong with our country.


Any liberal is going to hate this movie. Liberalism is a mental disorder.


Thank you to all the liberals who have given us this disgusting mess called Obama. Of course you must hate this movie in order to defend your denial of all things that have made this nation great. Why do you live here? The answer is most likely because unlike the US – France – Greece, Canada and other socialist societies wont let you simply go across the boarder and squat in their country – or worse you want to make us like these countries. I have lived there – it is not fun – Take your Kardashians, Starbucks Lattes, medical pot scam – gay sex obsession and entitled mentality – collect your free health care I am subsidizing and move on. I holding up one finger guess which one it is.

Jane Doe

Unfortunately, this movie is a thinly disguised propaganda film for the Republican Party. Highly critical of both President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton while using Cong. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to answer questions relating to American history. I will say it is a waste of money to pay to watch a political commercial in the theatre.


It makes me inexpressibly sad that people who call themselves Americans can be receptive to such mean spirited tripe.


So you loved the film?
Great! I will go see it tomorrow.

Blind tom

It sounds to me that the right is uncomfortable with the truth. Adults can handle the truth, even when it hurts. It's our job as citizens to always strive to make America better.


I read the review, some douche bag yuppie who wishes he was a family guy writer…

Havent seen the movie, but thankful that there is a movie that isnt a total piece of shart coming out this year. Obama's 2016 was sweet and accurate. dont let this retard tell you the movie is dumb, he doesn't want you to see it. this is all the more reason to see it and form your own opinion.

When you were a kid and someone told you not to do something, didnt it make you want to see it more. Rebel, see the movie, it's prob much better than that GM commercial. transformers 9, or whatever one they're on. and it looks much better than Tammy. i bet this moron gave that one two thumbs up….up his ass.

Constitutional Freedom Mother ufkers


When you think about it, being well-informed and critical of your countries shortcomings is the best form of patriotism. It means you love it, and you want it do be the best it can be. Who in their sane mind tries to justify slavery? That's crazy. It's like they're descendants of Jefferson Davis.

Patrick McGehee

What else would you expect from a Hollywood critic? Oops! I shouldn't have said that the next thing you know the IRS will be at my door! Who says that Hollywood and the media are hopelessly liberal? Come on guys, I don't want to drink the kook-aid, as you have.

Cindy Easter

The director imagines that he assassinates George Washington?? That's horrible!! On the forth of July even! He should be ashamed. Really, that's…awful.

shoots dakine

He should have made a bad Prophet Muhammat video instead. Our Dear Leader could use another distraction right about now.

Jack's bill

It's no wonder the right endorses him. He has spoken admiringly of the terrorists of 9/11. He admits he agrees with them about us. He, with the terrorists, longs to establish a theocracy. As for myself, I'm standing with the founding fathers.


This review is a sorry joke, as is the author.

chuck p

I have not seen the movie so in that regard I can make no comment. But I have been saddened by the hateful vitriol expressed in the comments by both sides of the political and ideological spectrum. It is one thing to strongly disagree with each other, but to wish harm on each other is an evidence of something more troubling than the disagreement of ideas. I have been a number of places outside the USA and my experience has been that what we have here in America is substantially better than what I encounter elsewhere. It is always a joy to go through customs at the airport and hear the agents say, "Welcome home." My patriotism is not a blind perspective on our history but rather a hopeful compass for our potential in the years ahead.

Kell Brigan

The movie's brilliant. It examines claims by progressives and/or the "Occupy" crowd that America is shameful, and should either cease to exist, or become Socialist/Communist in a methodical, calm, reasonable manner. No wonder so many ideologues are scrambling to claim it's something else. Honest people will see it for themselves.

Robt C

It would be great if C.J. Walker's family could sue Gunga Dinesh for essentially saying slavery helped her become a millionaire. It would be even better if every rightwinger dropped dead like Ronald Reagan or Andrew Breitbart. Or shot themselves like Mark Mayfield. No more Jenna Jameson. No more Kid (rich son of a Republican who came to the inner city to sell drugs) Rock. No more 4th rate actor Fred Thompson. No more lying ass bitches like Michelle "farm subsidy" Bachmann. No more aholes with anti-Obama bumperstickers tying up traffic in their big vehicles talking on their phones and listening to Rush (drug addict) Limbaugh


The reviewer, 'Gabe Toro' reveals his liberal bias before one even reads the first words of the review by asking a 'rhetorical' question in his title. He then goes about personally bashing the filmmaker, criticizing his voice, his clothes, his demeanor. All of this is typical low class sleazy liberal stuff. When you can't win on facts, you try and tear down your opponent.

I saw the film. It was excellent and the book it was based on was even better. Liberals like Gabe Toro suffer from liberal-itis…a constant low self-worth from being brought up as spoiled children that never learned to do anything or create anything for themselves. Hence why he is a reviewer…and not a filmmaker himself (which just about all film reviewers wish they were). This is why he is not able to see the real message of a film that represents conservative views. Conservatism is about creating value. Liberalism is about taking it from those that created it. Unfortunately, while you might be able to transfer yourself some of the riches of others, what you can't transfer is self worth, pride or class. All things liberals like Gabe Toro sadly lack…and always will.

Roy Endres

Just came back from the theater to see the movie. EXCELLENT! As a country, we aren't perfect, but it beats every alternative on this earth. I found it interesting when interviewing the Border Patrol officer, in 27 years, he can't recall one incident of someone from the USA climbing the fence to get into Mexico! This movie should be required viewing for every High School student.


Apparently D'Souza feels that slavery wasn't really such a bad deal, so maybe we should reintroduce it. Let's start with immigrants from India, and then work our way out from there.

Robt C

So William Ellison would be a tea party member today? Gunga Dinesh go home!

The burbs

Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, or in this case, it is the refuge of the morally lax but highly judgmental self promoter.

Robert Swinney

I read the whole thing…. looking for something approaching a cogent argument or analysis. The exercise failed. rss


I wonder when D'Souza is going to make a movie about the wonderful gift we gave the world when we invaded Iraq? Because an extremist caliphate will be the gift that just keeps giving.


It's pretty amazing that D'Souza can get away with presenting himself as patriotic. He admitted on TV he has the same attitude towards America as most terrorists.


Can't wait to see it…. about time there was something pro-American…. America's the greatest country that has ever existed and all the hatred the left has spewed against this country is sickening… about time we heard the other side. I'm sad for most of the youth of America today, they've been brainwashed by the NEA, the media and anti-American politicians… they have no understanding of how lucky they are to live in the freest of all countries… and with decades of deconstructionist propaganda…could stand to lose this and then all will know how lucky we were….

Thisguy Isliberal

The person who wrote this is obviously politically opposed to the content and therefore has lost all objectivity in reviewing the work. On top of that, he sounds pretentious and possibly light in the loafers or some similar goofy thing no one likes. And right wing old people might be annoying but would you rather be at a bingo parlor or a psych ward? Would you rather live in Mayberry or Detroit? Would you rather sit in a board meeting or a north korean reeducation camp? The right is by far the lesser or two evils.

Jeff Smith

The most pathetic attempt at writing I have ever read. Gabe Toro? Really?


Fun game: try to figure out which of these comments are Dinesh D'Souza.


If the left hates it, it must be good and on target.


Me thinks you protest too much…

Greg S

The review demonstrates Gabe's need for caution… because with his current posture if Obama were to stop abruptly Toro would be performing an upper GI exam on the President.

Capt. A

Talk about a vitriolic over the top bunch of condescending obnoxious "braggadacio". You're sadly misinformed about the history of the United States which is understandable considering the unioized government so called education system we have in this country. Maybe you should have read something other than saul olinsky's rules for radicals or Noam Chomksky. I wouldn't say the White House is under the control of the DEVIL(aka saul olinsky lol), but its definitely had a big influence on this "regime" we have occupying the White House Mr. Toro. Doesn't that translate to bull. How appropriate for this so-called review.

Richard Gonser

Your obvious HATRED OF AMERICA is showing.

You need to understand more world history and human psychology. Saul Alinsky is the same in methodology as that of Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini and Mohammed. The difference being is they gained power and directly ordered the killing of millions who did not agree with them. Even in places they did not control, it was done in their name.

They all thought they had a better idea and that was one of power and control. In psych terms that is called megalomaniacal. The cultural history of much of this World is full of those that believe they must follow a leader who knows better. That is until their hearts and minds are opened that freedom must come first. America has been involved in wars and what has happened in places where we won? These became open places of freedom and economic progress that raised the standard of living. Look at the contrasts of North and South Korea…

One thing I have found in interviews with writers like yourself is that your group is universally uneducated in the real world. Rather than kibitzing with your narrow knowledge "intellectual" friends, try reading the great political philosophers of the 17th and 18th centuries or the actual personal writings of the American Founders. Get inside their heads and see what how unique and beneficial to mankind their approach to this country is. You can also read the Papal Encyclical "Rerum Novarum" to understand capitalism in real terms, not the Karl Marx outdated view.

What has capitalism done? It has only raised the standard of living in EVERY country where it exists. Socialism only protects the powerful with connections and placates the mass population with trinkets. Obey the socialist power structure or you will disappear.

Fletcher Green

Dinesh must have hit it out of the park resulting in this typical vitriolic liberal review.


DEFINITELY will see it!!


You mad bro?

Chris Clinkinbeard

Gabe, you sound like a "liberal Democrat superstar". You mentioned every liberal dumb ass that is a hero to "your side". Howard Zinn, Matt Damon, Michael Moore, Saul Alinsky etc. The only ones you neglected were Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc. Can't believe you haven't run for office…in a blue state.


The real candidates for worst political documentary are any Michael Moore "documentary".

Roger Cotton

Going to watch America. In fact, will be taking the kids, as well.


Socialism the utopian answer to capitalism, then the documentary would have to rewrite history, and you know lie. This bozo will give it a thumbs up for originality. I am definitely seeing America now.

Nick Searcy

Ass-kissing Democrats longing for a nice strong dictator to protect them from people who disagree with their philosophy of government enforced mooching hate this movie.

Never say moby

Maybe Dinesh feels morally threatened by Matt Damon because Damon didn't have to get divorced after getting caught shacking up with a woman who was not his wife? Of course, Damon is also not a convicted felon, so that could be it, too.


Looking more and more every day that activist Liberals blindly hate Americans from India similar to the Klan hating Americans from Africa. So sad


Can't wait to see it and bring my 13 and 14 year old as well. Saw the beauty of our Constitution at work this week with the Supreme Court decisions pulling back Obama's over reach.

Devil's Trumpet

I'm definitely seeing this movie based on this review.With such childish use of hyperbole,it clearly irks the writer.Truth hurts I suppose.


Thanks – the level of vitriol in the article convinces me this is a definite must see for me.

Da bird

As a moralist, he's a complete failure. He had to leave King's College due to his own moral shortcomings. Sometimes when people fulminate against others the person they are really angry at is themselves.

Barton McLaine

Rule #5 in Alinsky's Rules for radicals is when you have no argument…ridicule.

Apparently, this guy reads Alinsky


Another leftist Myna Bird review. Curious whether you have had an original thought in your life…

Keith Longhorn

If this is the same dude that butchered Bill Ayers in a debate at Dartmoth it's no wonder that the establishment is worried about his ideas.

EK Black

If Toro had wanted to do a proper review, he would have read the book first, as here, D'Souza has put together another one of his masterfully wrtten, thoroughly researched, and well reasoned propositions that befits his standing as a NY Times Best Selling author. Did it translate well into the movie? We certainly won't know from Toro and I personally won't know for some time as the movie isn't coming to Canada any time soon. What I do know however, is that in any matters related to Obama's presidency, D'Souza has been bang on as he was the first to expose Obama's hidden, misguided, anti-colonial agenda handed down from his absent father which seeks to knock America down a few knotches in the international power and influence sphere – and we have seen this play out before out very eyes on a daily basis in Eqypt, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, Russia and Iran. It also never occured to me until this book, that Edward Snowden's whistleblowing finger didn't just point to the NSA, but to 5 years of Obama's Executive Branch expanding it's terrorist watch way beyond that role, into monitoring the lives of all Americans as it provides is surreptitious evidence collection service to the IRS, FBI and the Justice Dept. The mainstream media has failed us big time in exposing this recent introduction of totalitarian tyranny in our lives. Thank goodness D'Souza has the guts to stand up for America.


I've got the book and plan on seeing the movie. Gabe "Toro", though obviously a Progressive Parrot, reciting the usual canards to demonize D'Souza (Alinsky would be proud!), is nevertheless an entertaining writer. looking forward to his next "review"


Any film hated this much by the communist and socialist, has got to be a film worth seeing. I can't wait.

Dennis S

I look forward to seeing this film. His last one was excellent. Ignore the leftists who blindly support Obama


So many today are agressively fighting to change America but they don't have a clue as to what the result will be… we need to have the conversation. At what costs? What will we look like after the change – change is not always good. Personally, I like the everyday, bland predictible compared to the 'unexpectedly' which we're experiencing on a daily basis now. The Progressives see 'opportunity' in chaos and so, they're creating it, forcing the issue on the citizens all the while telling us they've got the solutions… but they're the one's who created the mess in the first place. (example- Nancy Pelosi's comment recently in Brownsville, TX at the immigrant detention center – she calls the boarder crisis an opportunity). Let's talk people, this movie should open dialogue.


Thanks Gabe, I will make a point of seeing the movie!

Charlie B

Actually, a lot of conservative writers hate D'Souza too.


Even handed, objective review. A lot of substance here. Thanks for moving away from the typical video-game-obsessed-high-school-drop-out internet fare, for diverting from the ad hominem MO of 'tea party' haters. If I didn't know better I would think you are a racist attacking an Indian-American by calling him artless, pathetic and obnoxious.

Can you please tell us all the political documentaries you have seen? It must be exhaustive if this is all time worst…


Clearly this "review" is anything but a legitimate review. It is a blindly written piece of left-wing bias, reflecting the myopia and ignorance of the extreme liberal closed-mindedness of today. Most of all, the film presents truths and this is what the left despises above all.


Thanks for the endorsement, Gabe. Can't wait to see it!

No shoestrings

What I find interesting is that his hatred of America is pretty much in line with that of Islamic terrorists, and the right is so happy to embrace him.


Haters gotta hate.


I can hardly wait to see it!

Rational Independent

From this review alone, I am watching this on opening night. This review is so blatantly biased it actually made me laugh how pathetic it is. The person who wrote this review can't even feign independent critical thinking. Thanks for recommending I watch this film!


Dinesh D'Souza's America , like any documentary , is supposed to make you think , but thinking gets you out of your comfort zone so you become conclusion selective. Any movie that depicts Obama in a a negative light is to be considered "The Worst Political Documentary Of All-Time" Its childish. Not childlike with all of its positive connotations but childish.


When someone or some group so eagerly wants you to not see or hear something – you gad better open your eyes and ears. I am half way through the book now and admit openly, i see points of view i never imagined. Regardless of your political position, take up your responibility as an American – read it or watch it with an open mind.


"The Civil War re-enactments (which feature a war re-envisioned by D'Souza as “a war to end slavery”) depict the notion of an alternate reality death of George Washington."

I CANNOT believe that Gabe Toro thinks that George Washington was commander during the Civil War. Don't get me started on the rest of the review.


Only 23 comments? So nobody is really paying attention to anything you say anyway…how's that feel sparky? What a joke. Haha


Gabe Toro: Worst Film Reviewer of All Time?


So the Proverbial nerve of the Liberals who's agenda does not run by the side of this mans thinking was hit I see…. We all do not follow the "sheep" in front of us.

D Bay

D'Souza doesn't like to talk about how he obtained his world view. His family were profiteers of English imperialism in India. Does the left have it all right, no. But I would rather put faith on the opposite side of the aisle of The Chamber of Commerce; for what is good for big business is not good for me. Republicans can blame poor people for their problems all they want but poor people are not writing laws. Poor people are too busy struggling to feed their families. If you watch this manipulative documentary, follow it up w reading Howard Zinn's Peoples History.


"…liberal educator Saul Alinsky. The metaphors and doubletalk end just about when D'Souza flat-out compares Alinsky to Lucifer…"

Hahahahahaha! Liberal educator??? He was a GD commie! And how about the opening page dedication in Alinsky's Rules for Radicals:

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

What a brainless review. Toro would be embarrassed but for a public school education.


Liberalism is a disease, a plague spread through direct contact. Normal good people can become infected with this mind-blowing ignorance and spew their misinformation onto weak, uneducated citizens. They are enemies of the United States and deserve nothing more than the miserable result of their actions. They are like small children who do not understand responsibility and consequence.




Its amazing that idiots like this clown are given a podium to whine from. Typical temper tantrum of a screaming liberal who lives in fantasy land. Watch the Keynes vs hayek videos on econ stories dot com to begin a real education.

Ken B

What's the matter Gabe, can't you take the truth about you scumbag liberals? Don't you have a date with Obama this weekend? He seems like the type you might want to cuddle under the covers with..

Jerry S

Perhaps this reviewer has a problem with Indian immigrants. Hmm, are you racist, Gabe? Lol.

Well either way, anyone who obviously tries this hard to get folks to NOT see a movie should probably be a good enough reason as any to go see for myself what it's all about. Thank's for the extra motivation, Gabe.

Gabe Toro

Go back to India.


Wow. You talk about an agenda! It is so easy to spot where your loyalties are. P.S. maybe watch the movie with an objective mind…who am I kidding.

Kal W.

I have to wake up every day and realize that people like you exist and are trying to run my country into the ground. Thanks for that.


Worst… Review… Ever!
And I think the worst made up documentary was an inconvenient truth…


Hey Tomato Readers! Welcome to The Playlist, where we are fans of filmmaking not agendas.


Gabe, you must have a miserable existence, with all the hatred you spew over the greatest country in the world that you live in. I can only imagine what a lousy negative waste you are in life. Quit being such a miserable elitist and try to find the greatness of America. Your obvious jealousy of those that have exceeded your self estimated worth in society is disgusting.


I'm hearing a lot of envy and jealousy here?


Obama is the worst president of all-time.

Dan Goodwin

This review is garbage. Sorry Gabe, it is….The movie was awesome and shines a light where darkness hides. Many of us do not want Obama's socialist failed European agenda. Thanks Dinesh for a movie well made. I was truly inspired.

Harry Satchel

If you think living in Mexico or any other country than the US is better, why don't you move?

Julie Lucas

My sentiments exactly! This review would be funny if it wasn't a total joke. Anyone who protests as much as you have done in this piece makes me suspicious of your motive. D'Souza must have struck the truth chord!

Mindsley B

Mostly this reminds me that I need to actually read "A People's History of the United States" some day, so thanks.

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