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Robert Pattinson Denies Rumors He’s Going To Play Indiana Jones Or Han Solo

Robert Pattinson Denies Rumors He's Going To Play Indiana Jones Or Han Solo

With Harrison Ford temporarily out of action (the latest rumors are that while he recovers from the ankle injury he suffered on the set of “Episode VII,” he could be filmed from the waist up, although that could also be because he’s refusing to wear pants, a la Marlon Brando in “The Score“), it’s undoubtedly going to be causing problems on the set of J.J. Abrams‘ new “Star Wars” movie. But in the meantime, Hollywood are already looking for a potential Harrison Ford replacement, because there’s supposedly an Indiana Jones reboot in the offing, and a “Star Wars” spin-off focusing on Han Solo, and the 71-year-old Ford is almost certainly too old to star in either.

Recent rumors have pegged a semi-unlikely possibility to take over one or both movies, with “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson said to be linked to both the “Indiana Jones” and “Han Solo” reboots. To be honest, we never even bothered with the rumors, as they were patently bullshit to begin with, but if there was ever any doubt, it can be dismissed now, because R-Patz himself has come out and denied the reports.

While at the premiere for his latest film, “The Rover,” the actor told People when asked about the prospect of picking up Indy’s hat and whip, “I don’t know why. Why is that coming out? I honestly don’t understand what it’s all about. Man, I wish.” And a similar response landed for the Han Solo question. “I didn’t even know there was a Han Solo spinoff coming out. Sounds like a cool spinoff. I’ll watch it.”

Now, Pattinson could simply be keeping up a good poker face, but there was never much reason to believe these reports: Pattinson’s choices have been skewing towards working with more interesting indie type directors (Olivier Assayas is next), and other than a healthy ambivalence towards the franchise that made his name, he doesn’t have much in common with Ford as a performer, and there are more obvious choices to play both roles (Chris Pratt for one, if that first image from “Jurassic World is anything to go by).

That’s not to say that Pattinson couldn’t take over a Ford role at some point (were, god forbidding “Blade Runner,” “Witness” or “Frantic” to get remakes, he’d be much better suited, while at the rate that the Jack Ryan series is going, the next time that series gets rebooted might be in the middle of one of the movies), but there’s a roguish charm to Indy and Han that Pattinson hasn’t particularly shown himself to be suited for. Besides, he’s got more interesting things to be doing. “The Rover” is in theaters now, and expands this coming Friday.

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@camille, I agree it was wrong to concentrate on that and not the film he is promoting,
I also think it was wrong that during The Rover they were asking Guy about filming with Kristen in equals
At least articles like this happen less often now, at one time it was constant if any film/ project/film/musician/ actor / actress / model wasn’t doing well and needed attention they would find a way to link them/ it to rob, sometimes it was quite insulting when it was a project he may have wanted to do but hadn’t actually been considered for, but they were happy to use his name for their benefit, even when it usually resulted in negative comments about him, i.e he would be dreadful etc: unfair when he had nothing to do with it
Saying that, this week there have been a few girls posting model pose pictures with Rob in the background unaware, trying to get a model career started ? annoys me when people use him for attention to themselves , same people usualy then discredit him, or commentators do
He needs and deserves to socialise and enjoy his life without the constant negative nastiness that usualy comes with it, but I’ve noticed this doesn’t happen the same with others even when what they are doing is actually wrong


brando in score did not wear pants but he had under pants on…a lot like ford and connery in the last crusade for one of their scenes did not wear pants as it was very hot…so lets quit the brando bashing without finding the reason he did it – and the reason was that it was very hot


What bothered me was that most journalists asked him about it on the RC of The Rover. They got like one minute and they wanted to know his reaction to these rumors instead of a asking a question about the film he promotes. Even Guy Pearce and David Michod had to answer how they think about Rob being cast as Indy or Han.

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