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Sergio Leone’s Extended Director’s Cut Of ‘Once Upon A Time In America’ Coming To Blu-Ray

Sergio Leone's Extended Director's Cut Of 'Once Upon A Time In America' Coming To Blu-Ray

If DVD is indeed going the way of VHS in the next few years, with everything soon to be stored in the nebulous “cloud,” the upcoming “Once Upon A Time In America” set may be one you’ll want to physically own before that’s no longer possible. But first, let’s go through a quick history of where this movie has been.

Few films over the past three decades have been through as many iterations of Sergio Leone‘s final effort, “Once Upon A Time In America.” After premiering at Cannes in 1984, Leone’s 4-hour-plus version first arrived in theaters stateside severely cut in a 134-minute version that the director didn’t approve, with the story presented in chronological order. During the ’90s, a three-hour version played TV and then a 229-minute cut made the rounds on home video. Then in 2012 a restored version played the Cannes Film Festival, but before it could make the rounds to more festivals and screenings, it was pulled from circulation so more work could be done. But now, it’s yours to own.

Warner Bros. has announced a Blu-ray Collector’s Edition of “Once Upon A Time In America,” with 22 minutes of additional footage, bringing the runtime up to 251 minutes. The set will include a 32-page booklet, making-of documentary and the 1984 theatrical cut in case you want to see the compromised version for comparison sake.

The set will street on September 30th and might make a nice, early Christmas present for yourself. Check out the fancy packaging below.

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Does anybody know if this new material is going to be fully integrated into the movie, OR will the finished product be more like what we have with "extended" versions of IT'S A MAD (4) WORLD, A STAR IS BORN and LOST HORIZON in which stills and/or sub-par footage is used to cover previously missing material? As much as I'd like to see an extended version of this classic, I would not want to watch anything that was less than fully integrated because those sub-par moments take you out of the action. It's much better to put those less than perfect moments in a separate "Deleted Scenes" section.


Does anyone know when it;c coming out!? And where to purchase!? I'm in awe!


Perfect, I need to rewatch this film anyway.


Can't wait. Hoping for this for ages.


Worst "old age" make-up I've ever seen in a major motion picture. Laughable.


Cannot wait.

And Gary, you don't know what you're talking about.

Gary Palmucci

The original theatrical version of Once Upon a Time in America that premiered in Cannes 1984 (after being previewed earlier that winter/spring in Boston and New York) and was then commercially released in Europe, was 227 mins, NOT 4-plus hours.

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