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Sony Pictures Animation announces ‘Medusa’ directed by Lauren Faust

Sony Pictures Animation announces 'Medusa' directed by Lauren Faust

Via Sony Pictures Press Release: 

Sony Pictures Animation today announced the acquisition of an original animated comedy feature pitch by Todd Alcott and Holly Golden entitled MEDUSA, which will tell an all-new story behind the infamous snake-headed lady from Greek mythology.  Emmy winner Lauren Faust, who rebooted the My Little Pony franchise in 2010 and turned it into the current My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic phenomenon with an ever-growing fanbase of all ages, is attached to direct the feature.

Sony Pictures Animation president of production Michelle Raimo Kouyate will supervise production, along with Jenny Marchick and Daniel Inkeles. Kouyate states, “After hearing the ingeniously funny pitch from Todd and Holly, we could immediately see the enormous potential in the idea.  And when Lauren Faust, a uniquely gifted animation filmmaker with a real talent for relating to audiences, connected with the project, we knew the combination of her vision and their story would create something extraordinary.  MEDUSA will be a clever, heartfelt animated comedy about a girl who’s having the ultimate bad hair day.”

Director Faust comments, “Todd and Holly’s version of the tale of Medusa is filled with so many of my favorite ideas to work with: magic, mythology, humor and strong, funny, extremely relatable characters.  I was excited by the idea of showing the comedy behind an otherwise horrific monster, and I was really drawn to the writer’s unique re-imagining of Greek mythology.  In our story, we meet Medusa as a young human, who, like so many of us, is overwhelmed with trying to fit a certain mold to please others.  Her resulting popularity ticks off the wrong Goddess who turns her into the snake-haired monster we all know and fear. Medusa sets out on a quest to reverse this curse with the help of a goofy team of oddball and misfit mythological creatures who help her learn that what makes you different is, in fact, what makes you strong.”

Allcott was a co-writer on the animated feature hit Antz, and most recently worked on the Weinstein Company’s live-action The Giver, starring Jeff Bridges and directed by Philip Noyce; Golden has enjoyed a successful career in reality television production. 

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Are we really going to pretend that the logo / font doesn't make it look like a "Hercules" sequel? I get that they're both inspired by Ancient Greece but come on!

Nic Kramer

Well, Crystal, this won't happen if some people here try hard enough to convince studios on why there should be a new traditional animated film. Yes, the bigwigs will probably say no, but one should not give up convincing them on risks. Giving up should not be an option.




I don't know I do love Greek Mythology but lets face it. Let's take a look at Disney's rendition of Hercules. I was going to list a few but I found this neat site that does all the work for me.
Son of Zeus and Hera. Born in Olympus.
The two snakes which attack the child Hercules are two demons in disguise sent by Hades.

Son of Zeus and Alcmena, wife of Amphitryon.
Hera, who did not approve the love affair between Zeus and Alcmena, is Heracles 1's enemy and some say she sent the two snakes which he, being eight months old, killed.
Pegasus,the winged horse that keeps Hercules company at all times, is created by Zeus out of a cloud.
Narcissus appears in heaven watching himself in a mirror.

Pegasus, offspring of Poseidon and Medusa 1, is the winged horse which opened up a spring on a mountain by striking the rock with its hoof. Bellerophon mounted it when he went to kill the Chimera. It is said to have leapt forth from the teeming neck of the slain Medusa 1, its mane bespattered with blood. This horse never followed Heracles 1 in his adventures.
Narcissus still keeps gazing on his image in the waters of the river Styx in the Underworld.

The site goes on and on, though I guess it's technically a waste of effort for all the Die Hard Disney fans who believe Disney does no wrong. So yeah I'm really not excited especially after Tangled and Frozen. I'm just…disappointed.


I love Greek Mythology and I love Lauren both for her stories and her animation. I can't lose.

Yvette Kaplan

I'm excited for Lauren! She's a smart and serious thinker and storyteller, so bravo to Sony too. I can't help but see as a good sign to all the talented and visionary gals out there. Even if it's a transparent tip of the hat in Frozen's direction– the potential benefits are still the same. A long time in comin'!!


If it's just gonna be more CGI and celebrities, it's really hard to be excited for this. It'll be kind of a bummer if Faust can't work with the voice actors she seemingly likes working with (Tara Strong and Grey DeLisle, for example)

There's nothing in the article that says it is though . . .

Pony 03

This. I gotta see!

Hometown Cheerleader

Can't wait to see it!!


Having your movie picked up by SPA is a virtual guarantee it will never get made. Congratulations!

Now sit and get ready for a year or so of exciting story-boards and pre-production as Bob Osher and Michelle Kouyate stick their fingers in the pie and drain every last bit of flavor out of it before they decide put it on the shelf and make Smurfs 4 instead.


Nice, another movie Sony Pictures Animation bought the rights to but will never make. Throw it in the box with The Familiars, Kazorn, and every other original idea they feel is just too risky. Plus, who needs to waste time on movies like this when they can make more sequels to sub-par franchises.

Pinkie's Bitch

I love Lauren's previous works. This seems interesting!


when will this movie come in theater


It's petty, but it looks like they stole the font from Hercules.

I'm game, Greek mythology is always cool to see reinterpreted. Faust does good work, hopefully she doesn't get undermined or kicked out at the last minute because she does exactly what they hired her for.


This film sounds interesting! And, like other things she's worked on, it will have a strong moral and a message about being who you are. cheers.

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