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The Premiere of HBO’s The Leftovers: What’s Not to Like…?

The Premiere of HBO’s The Leftovers: What’s Not to Like…?

jumps deep into a mass of angst gurgling inside nearly everyone ‘left’
untouched after what may have been The Rapture swept the planet and 2% of the world’s
population disappeared without a trace. If not tormented, people are in denial,
if not in denial, they’re in a cult. There are personal hells-a-plenty to go

Now… three years after “The Sudden Departure,”
government officials proclaim that it’s time to stop grieving… that everyone is
ready to “feel better.”  Naturally, the
date of the occurrence, October 14 is set aside as “Heroes Day.”

In the small town of Mapleton, New
York, this means a parade down Main Street, complete with speeches by the mayor,
bereavers-of-note, and a reading of the names of the departed.

All to the good except for the small
but growing contingent of a sectarian-like group, the Guilty Remnant or GR who
silently hike around town, chain smoking cigarettes and stalking the surviving family members of those who have vanished. They don’t really do much of anything
except show up everywhere, paint the town white and stare—a lot.

An air of combativeness inhabits their
quietude, however, as if they are judging folks who are striving to return to some
degree of normalcy. They find fault without actively appearing to do so and yet
appear hurt and confused when antagonistic members of the community become
physically aggressive with them.

In this clip, Chief of Police Kevin
Garvey (Justin Theroux) attempts to warn Mayor Lucy Warburton (Amanda Warren) about
the dangers of the upcoming celebration. 
Wonder if she’ll heed his advice?    

Bestselling author (Election, Little Children) Tom Perrotta scripted
the pilot, based on his novel, with series co-creator Damon Lindelof.  Perrotta says the book “became an examination
of collective grief, and I realized I was writing about a search for meaning in
the wake of a terrible mystery. What would an authentic contemporary American
religious upheaval look like?”

Episodes One to Three—The Wrap
Up:  What’s not intriguing about a light shone
on a Rapturesque event in a way that questions everything we’ve ever thought
that event would be? Religious and ideological concepts are stretched, pulled
apart and reconnected without, dare I say, any disrespect.

There are no slackers in the ensemble
to be sure: Amy Brenneman, Christopher Eccleston and Liv Tyler, among others,
join Theroux and Warren.

In a summer that’s threatening to
boil over with dark material, HBO’s The
certainly isn’t the darkest; I only wish I felt a bit of hope for
someone about something in the town of Mapleton. Right now, there is nothing
save despair and more despair. Still, with numerous characters and ghost subplots
galore, maybe a tiny light will seep into one of the story-lines. There’s still

debuts Sunday, June 29 — 10:00-11:15pm, Eastern and Pacific. There are
ten episodes.

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Random comment

I just silently hope it won't be some religious bullshit. Why would anyone join the GR sect after being stalked? TV show forgot that there're now laws against it.

Robert Edwards

On TV or in the movies, when a protagonist's teenage child requests permission go to a party, and assures mommy/daddy that said party will be chaperoned and safe, can any viewer IN THE WORLD not know WITH CERTAINTY that that party will turn out to be an orgy of liquor and sex?

Answer: no. Parents are morons. Parties are orgies. Easy cliches, both.

Most times I give myself three episodes to decide if I like a new series. With Leftovers, however, one was sufficient. Life's too short to waste on this dreary, cliche-riddled mess.

Okay, HBO, you gave us Game of Thrones, so you're entitled to one huge disaster. Just, please, don't screw up this badly again.

David Nairne

I find myself transfixed by the world of The Leftovers. When trauma strikes a civilization or in this case multiple species the reaction to that trauma is as likely to fracture as it is to unite. We are presented with an event where three years on no explanation seems to fit. It's a sad a cruel world where uncertainty and pain abounds. The little town feel gives us a fascinating look into group psyches. What happened why did it happen could it happen again. The originality and courage of this production makes me look forward to more. Bonds have been broken in The Leftovers. What can we trust if "They are not our dogs anymore"

Tyler Davis

I watch every new cable series that starts.

I can say without a doubt, that the premiere episode of "The Leftovers" is by far the absolute worst, boring start of a cable series that I have ever seen in my existence on this Planet.

I could go MUCH more in to this, but what is the point.


I suffered through the 1 hour and 14 minutes of the 1st episode, but at least I won't have to suffer through 1 more minute of this BORING show any more.

Oh, did I mention it was boring? Only twice above, so I absolutely must say it again.



Religion or anything influenced by the subject of spirituality is bound to stir up emotions. It’s not surprising that this topic is pulling up comments on all sides. And just like the community in The Leftovers people sometimes resort to antagonistic behavior, physical and in print. I suppose they think they’ll be heard by being extra mean.

I didn’t care for the show myself; hated the thing with the dogs too and the smoking thing… well… what…? The show’s not horrible. It’s just not… I don’t know…fulfilling maybe? There’s got to be some reason to keep turning in. I’m willing to give it one more look-see. Other than that play nice people.


A little slow, a little flat yet I almost liked it. Then the wholesale slaughter of dogs happened which was unnecessary and horrid. WTH? Will not watch another episode.


wow! I knew this show would stir people up! But let's be honest here….people are constantly criticizing content on TV…we have to monitor what our children watch!!! So here is a show based on something meaningful that makes us think & question our faith & wwhat may be…and yes, it's Hollywood…it's a movie guys…give it props for what it is & what it's trying to say…it could havebeen ANOTHER zzombie movie or horror flick..but it'snot! Its got meaning & it's full of emotions & questions & characters that are believable! I loved it & can'twait to see wwhere & how this story unfolds. Great work !!

Len G

The show itself looks like it will be a hit. But, the continuous, disgusting, nauseating, smoking/cigarettes/ash trays, could very well cause me to stop watching it if they don't back off of that. TOTALLY GROSS!!!


soo im completely confused about the show


looks like somebody decided to post a bunch of times while at the same time saying the same funny thing. its a tv show…take it easy.

Stephanie Hart

Just could not watch this to the end. The first 30 minutes were disgusting and unbearable. Not interested at all in the outcome. Sorry, lost in the beginning! Trash!

Marc Schenker

So you get an idea from the Bible about the end times and make it a secular TV series. You base it on those who are Caught Up as a precursor to the 7-year Tribulation. And you keep religion out of it. I'm a Christian, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the stupidity that permeates this thing defies description. The fact is, if you have an occurrence like this, the obviousness of what happened and what it means is simple and clear. And HBO found it interesting or fun or profitable or something to bastardize the most amazing and meaningful occurrence in human history. May I personally apologize to God for what is the best reason of all to come to Him.

Freland Barkowitz

Ah more despair….just what we need in America right now with the dire situation in Iraq and rest of mid-east, nightly multiple killings in the city, crazed serial killers on the loose, a Congress filled with idiots, the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer! Sign me up for a slice of that HBO stuff…NOT!


Scraps for the masses…


HBO's "The Leftovers" – warm 'em up and they'll be just as tasteless as they were when they were fresh.

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