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Trailers from Hell and ‘Game of Thrones’ Director Neil Marshall Remember ‘Dragonslayer’

Trailers from Hell and 'Game of Thrones' Director Neil Marshall Remember 'Dragonslayer'

This week on Trailers from Hell, “The Descent” director Neil Marshall–who directed Sunday night’s much-debated action-packed “Game of Thrones” episode– professes his love for Matthew Robbins’ 1981 “Dragonslayer” from Paramount.

Director Matthew Robbins’ gothic fairytale is the missing link between the stop-motion animation of Ray Harryhausen and the super-real imagery of contemporary CGI. Thanks to special effects master Phil Tippett’s “go motion” techniques, “Dragonslayer”s dragon, a lithesome bat-like creature that terrorizes the medieval kingdom of Urland, is uncannily natural. The movie’s overall design is the cinematic equivalent of an elegant storybook illustrated by N.C. Wyeth but the film itself, though produced in tandem by Paramount and Disney, is anything but child-like, with virgin sacrifices, gruesome bloodletting and the unexpected death of of a beloved character that lend the tale unexpected gravity. Starring the great Ralph Richardson as the resolute wizard Ulrich and Peter MacNicol as his callow but brave apprentice.

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The Pope

I think you should defer to Mr. Marshall's opinion as he has seen the film and you have not. The image and sound quality of old trailers is often soft and murky, so it is ill advise to judge a film from the trailer alone. I remember seeing Dragonslayer when it first came out and after all these years, what Mr. Marshall has to say about it rings true.


The image in that trailer is very soft and murky. I would have rejected it for use in this series. The film itself comes off as muddled and murky, at least from the trailer. Hard to see the qualities that Mr. Marshall sees in it.

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