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Watch 2-Hour Long Found Footage Documentary on the Ascent & Demise of “Chappelle’s Show”

Watch 2-Hour Long Found Footage Documentary on the Ascent & Demise of "Chappelle's Show"

Watching the first 5 minutes of this – specifically the segment during which he’s in conversation with Oprah Winfrey, after he returned from his, shall we say, self-imposed “African exile,” as she questions his disappearance, walking away from a $50 million contract, I found myself frustrated with Oprah’s line of questioning, especially when she refers to him as crazy, and out of his mind, which was rather reductive, dismissive and unnecessary. You can sense Dave’s bewilderment, as he tries to explain exactly just that to her, but seemingly can’t quite find the words, if only out of respect for her, and maybe being caught off guard with that line and tone of inquiry. 

Maybe perfectly-timed with his ongoing Radio City Music Hall event, which runs through the 26th of this month, a 2-hour-long found footage documentary on Dave Chappelle has surfaced, made by Neal Brennan, close friend of Dave’s, as well as the co-creator and co-writer of “Chappelle’s Show.”

It’s a solid amalgamation of interviews and clips that traces the duo’s (Chappelle’s and Brennan’s) journey pre-“Chapelle’s Show,” while the show was on the air, and finally, how it eventually all came to an end.

Apparently, the documentary was released online a year ago, according to our friends at Vulture, was pulled, and, a year later, has been released again – like I said, probably in light of the fact that Chappelle is currently mounting a comeback or sorts, as it would appear.

This is the first time I’ve seen it, so I assume that will be the case for many of you as well.

Watch the 2-hour piece below:

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Keenan Ivory Wayans and other Wayans left In Living Color for a reason.
Chris Tucker left Hollywood for a reason.
Dave Chappelle left Chappelle show for a reason.
Prince left Warner Bros for a reason.

Mainstream media called them crazy and/or arrogant over and over and over and over and over and over. Until it became the reason.


I watched this two hour documentary and I came to a conclusion that there is blame on both sides. I blame Dave Chappelle for leaving the way he did! He left in a messy way and just left people hanging, including his family. I blame Neal Brannan for not trying to reach out to his friend and find out what is wrong.

When Dave Chappelle left "The Chappelle Show" and $50 million dollars all he did was give another 100 guys their chance to make it. He did not hurt Comedy Central in anyway!


This amateur documentary wasn't made by Neal Brennan. It was created by Brandon Farley.

patch neck red

After watching this documentary I understand both sides but like B.I.G use to say " Mo money Mo problems".

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