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Watch: Dwayne Johnson Gets Mythological In New Full Length Trailer For ‘Hercules’

Watch: Dwayne Johnson Gets Mythological In New Full Length Trailer For 'Hercules'

We gotta be honest, we nearly forgot that “Hercules” was still coming this summer. Maybe you did too. There’s a veritable onslaught of blockbusters set to descend on multiplexes, and this season won’t be complete without Dwayne Johnson flexing his impressive muscles. And he’ll do that and much more in this latest take on the Greek myth, with a new full length trailer dropping today.

Brett Ratner gets behind the camera for this effort, which is actually based on the graphic novel by Steve Moore and launches from there. “The idea was to take the spirit of the graphic novel, which we liked, and then create a script and a story based on that that still gave a very unique twist on the story of Hercules,” The Rock told Collider this spring. “But we also pay attention, respect and homage to the mythology of Hercules as it relates to the 12 Labors and the group that Hercules had around him, the anguish that he had to go through with the death of his family and things like that.”

And the end product is a movie that has some grand aspirations. “The tone is a nice, even balance. I think of ‘Gladiator‘ and ‘300,’ ” Johnson said.

See if “Hercules” ends up in the same ballpark on July 25th. Watch below. 

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Johnson may be "box office viagara," but I'd put money on this being another flop. People just don't care about him enough to see him as a leading man.

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