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Watch: Edgar Ramirez Is Simon Bolivar In Trailer For ‘The Liberator’

Watch: Edgar Ramirez Is Simon Bolivar In Trailer For 'The Liberator'

We’re not sure Edgar Ramirez‘s career has quite shaken out the way we thought it might in the last few years. Having made his screen debut in “Domino,” of all things, Ramirez ticked along appearing in things like “Vantage Point,” “Che” and “The Bourne Ultimatum,” before giving an explosively brilliant performance in Olivier Assayas‘ epic “Carlos.” Since then, though, things have been a bit more mixed: Ramirez played the villain in the awful “Wrath of The Titans,” was better in a tiny role in “Zero Dark Thirty,” and will next appear in ropey-looking horror “Deliver Us From Evil,” with the lead in the “Point Break” remake also on the way.

But maybe sticking to foreign language fare is the secret? Ramirez’s latest lead role is in Alberto Arvelo‘s “The Liberator,” written by “Children Of Men” scribe Timothy J. Sexton, a period biopic of Venezuelan hero Simon Bolivar. Bolivar, for the uninitiated, led first his home country, then Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia to freedom from the Spanish monarchy, and helped to establish democracy across Latin America.

The film debuted at TIFF last year, and screens again at the LA Film Festival this weekend, and a trailer arrived over at Yahoo in the last few days. It looks like impressively sweeping stuff for what can’t have been a hugely expensive picture, if perhaps a little bit rote. The film co-star Maria Valverde, Juana Costa, Danny Huston and “Game Of Thrones” actor Iwan Rheon, and hits Venezuelan theaters next month, and Cohen Media Group will open it in the U.S. at some point down the line. Watch the trailer below, along with some new images and a poster from the film. 

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Paz Redondo

am in shock to learn Edgar Ramirez is gay. In shock because, he certainly does not look or act gay. I thought he dated Tibisay Lucena and Ana Maria Simon? Do you know if it’s true, he has a long time relationship with Jonathan Blum the now, head of Cisneros Media? who is he dating? Does he still live in Caracas? And if he is gay, why won’t he come out of the closet, like so many actors and singers, now have done. Thank you for your input.


Can anyone from Venezuela, tell me if it’s true that Edgar Ramirez is GAY? Is it true he is in love with a painter? and that a while back, he was dating venezuelan Jonathan Blum, now the head of Cisnernos Media Group? Is he still in the closet?
Edgar Ramirez GAY, impossible to believe true, but very likely. Please inform.
Thank you.

Wilma mounce

Sounds good —I heard about it on the radio and who plays the background music.


Looks pretty impressive. I really want to see this.

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