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Watch: Highlights From The ‘Digital Bra’-Aided TV Edit Of ‘Showgirls’

Watch: Highlights From The 'Digital Bra'-Aided TV Edit Of 'Showgirls'

Nearly twenty years on from its release, and the legend of “Showgirls” show little sign of abating: Paul Verhoeven‘s semi-inadvertent cult classic still remains a byword for sheer campy badness of a kind that’s never quite been matched. Something of a box-office disaster on release, it’s continued to live on home video and thanks to cable showings, but we can’t imagine that the film would have ever had the same effect on network TV. But that didn’t stop people from trying.

Despite the film being the rare studio picture to be released with an NC-17 rating, someone, at some point, decided that it was worth re-cutting to be aired on basic cable. And in order to do that, someone put together a version with badly dubbed dialogue to get rid of profanity, hacked scenes to pieces, and inserted hilarious digital bras on top of the nudity, and then screened it on what appears to be Logo. Fortuately, some clever sort has edited together the highlights, and you can now watch them without wasting 90 minutes of your life. Watch it below, moneyfunsters. 

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David V. Matthews

That version aired on VH1. I have never seen either version in its entirety; should I brag about that?

Emperor Zerg Rush

This version made its debut on VH1 I think, many many years ago.

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