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Watch Jennifer Hudson Play a Sassy, No-Nonsense Nurse in a New Clip from ‘Lullaby’ (Opens Friday)

Watch Jennifer Hudson Play a Sassy, No-Nonsense Nurse in a New Clip from 'Lullaby' (Opens Friday)

Terrence Howard and Jennifer Hudson are 2 members of an ensemble cast dramedy titled “Lullaby,” joined by Garrett Hedlund, Amy Adams, Richard Jenkins, and Jessica Brown Findlay in a project from Radiant Films, directed by acclaimed fine artist Andrew Levitas – his feature film directorial debut with Lullaby, directing from his own script.

What’s “Lullaby” about?

Lullaby explores the power of life and the reconnections between loved ones. Estranged from his family, Hedlund’s character receives word that his father has chosen to take himself off of life support. What follows is an unexpected journey of love, laughter and forgiveness.

Hudson plays a no-nonsense nurse while Howard is a caring doctor who is handling the father’s case.

Principal photography too place in New York City in 2012.

Director Levitas’ paintings have been exhibited worldwide, including in the prestigious Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts 2008 exhibition in the Louvre. He’s also an acclaimed photographer.

The movie will be in theaters and available on video on demand, this Friday.

In the new clip below, featuring Hudson’s sassy character, she threatens to “smack the handsome off your damn face” when the family’s friends won’t leave the hospital and Jonathan (Garrett Hedlund) tells the nurse to “take it down” with her attitude, 

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That scene was atrocious. Why did she walk out of the room then back in and then start the sassiness? It looked and felt as though it was directed by an amateur who's never watched a movie in their life. And let's be honest, Hudson's Oscar, like so many others', was a fluke. She never was nor never will be a genuine actor with craft and talent like Denzel and Viola. But I'd rather she have an Oscar than Bey or Oprah. If that sh$t ever happened, we'd never hear the end of it.

Passing By

Jhud needs new management.


PSSSST– yo, T-Howard. C'mere, man. SSSSHHHHH– yeah, you, mac. Just c'mere a sec.

SHH! Yeah, uhhhhh… say, look here, my man. Just between you an me:

What's up with the konk??


Can't believe that this is seriously the clip they decided to share with the S&A audience. Did she not have any meatier scenes?


BREAKING NEWS: a black woman has been cast to play a "black woman with an attitude" role.

Hollywood, CA – According to the latest reports, Hollywood is thoroughly unable to create nuanced depictions of women with noticeable traces of melanin in their skin.

Social scientists from the WTF Institute of Helpmelawd, have found that an actor's melanin is often too potent a presence for dim-witted, cookie-cutter "writers" to flee from their shelters of laziness and write a movie that isn't either about black people as slaves or black people as attitude-havers and gangsta killers. These scientists have termed this phenomenon "institutional racism."

Our resident journalists just refer to it as "f—–king stupid."

"We are over the bull," said Dr. Gabby Fray, founder of Other Great Black Actresses Exist, So Please Cast Them (OGBAESPCT).

More on the tired, lame, repetitive concepts in film, as we receive updated reports (on no doubt the same sh—t).


Well.. She is more of a singer…


I have not seen Jennifer Hudson in a decent role in years. I don't even know what this is…she continues to play these typecast angry Black woman roles. Why?


So this is what an Oscar gets you huh? Way to go J-hud! Slaying them all on the screen! Does she even really need the money? That's what I don't get. She has other things going on that like advertising contracts and a music career, that she should be making enough money, and this is a role that she probably didn't really need to take, especially since it's not even a high profile high budget movie that would've paid her a big check. If it was some big budget blockbuster and she got a large check from it I would understand. But this is puzzling to me. If she really wants to act, has she thought about creating projects for herself?


Is this what Lupita has to look forward to?

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