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Watch: Katherine Hepburn in ‘The African Queen’ is the Ideal Action Film Heroine

Watch: Katherine Hepburn in 'The African Queen' is the Ideal Action Film Heroine

Although for most “The African Queen” is not the go-to action movie, screenwriting instructor and story consultant Jennine Lanouette has created a comprehensive video showing why Katherine Hepburn’s character exemplifies what every female action star should be like today. 

Titled “The Mother of All Action Heroines: Rose Sayer,” the video is a glimpse at an ebook Lanouette is working on that dissects female action stars, using Hepburn’s Rose Sayer as a model. The clip provides a voiceover narration over some of Hepburn’s key lines from the 1951 film to show some of the characteristics that make a good action heroine. Some of these include initiative, intelligence, tenacity resourcefulness, courage and higher purpose. 

Watch and listen to Lanouette dissect the film in the video below and check out the Kickstarter here.

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Steve Berrens

Wow. Indiewire's really playing to the geriatric crowd, isn't it. I think there may be some interesting points in this discussion of a 50 year old movie, but I got lost in the soporific narration that recounts the plot more than make any really new points. Rose Sayer is indeed a great heroine… but it's an overstatement to say she's the ideal action film heroine. Her character is wonderfully written regardless of the genre or the sex. All in all… yawn.

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