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WATCH: Lauren Greenfield’s Brilliant ‘Like a Girl’ Always Spot (VIDEO)

WATCH: Lauren Greenfield's Brilliant 'Like a Girl' Always Spot (VIDEO)

The issue of how society views women and girls is front and center these days. And many folks are stepping up the consciousness-raising that so clearly needs to happen. Geena Davis is on the case. So is Women and Hollywood. And so is documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield ("The Queen of Versailles") who has posted a wonderful spot for Check it out. 


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Ira Lippy

Watching this could change a girls life but, perhaps more importantly, it should change a boys life. As a boy, I an not bothered that girls are different or smarter or more open the life. I?' just glad they tolerate boys even though they don't have to!

Howard Hughes

Loved the message until I saw the branding. Clearly not done for its own sake or the elevation of women alone. I've shared the video nonetheless

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