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Watch: Luke Evans Becomes A Monster In First Trailer For ‘Dracula Untold’

Watch: Luke Evans Becomes A Monster In First Trailer For 'Dracula Untold'

Oh, so you think you know the story of Dracula? Think again. The untold story of the king of all bloodsuckers is coming to cinemas with Luke Evans getting it done with the fangs on, and the first trailer arrived today for a movie that certainly isn’t lacking in epic scope.

War, family, and loss are all part of the story in “Dracula Untold” which follows the mortal Vlad Tepes, who does whatever it takes to protect his son from an impending war. And that essentially means making a deal with the devil, drinking from a weird cup of undead sauce, and reluctantly developing a thirst for blood. Being a father isn’t easy. With war in the background, yelling, and no shortage of CGI (at times this evokes “300,” particularly with the battle sequence stuff), director Gary Shore is putting it all up there for his feature debut.

“Dracula Untold” arrives on October 17th. Watch below. 

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Silly movie with silly script. It's not about Dracula. It's a videogame on a big screen.
Luke is handsome but still can not guarantee a movie.


This looks kinda awful… Why do people think films like this are a good idea.


i think
the director played castlevania Lords of Shadow 2…


Oh boy, that "Everybody wants to rule the world" cover is terrible. I like Lorde but this garbage sounds like that terrible Pixies cover made for Sucker Punch. Also, what is Sarah Gadon doing in this? She's much better than this generic movie.


Funny how YOU think you know the story! It's all a stupid myth perpetuated by Hollywood.


So, that is what happened to Tywin Lannister after he died….


Luke Evans is nice looking but, this looks cheesy and STV material.


Am I the only one that thinks this looks like generic crap?

Mike T.

I have to say this looks pretty awesome. Love the 80s track redone. Me thinks it's Lorde. This goes on my must see list.

Gabe Toro's Step Dad



It looks better than I expected.


Looks better than I feared. But why so many close-ups in 2.5 minute long trailer?


Looks exciting and different from the Dracula story that's been over and over. Looking forward to it.


I think I will pass.

Mongrel Mike

I have to say that despite looking a bit goofy, at least its trying to tell a different side of a story that we've all heard a thousand times.

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