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Watch: Mia Wasikowska & John Cusack Reunite In Clip From David Cronenberg’s ‘Maps To The Stars’

Watch: Mia Wasikowska & John Cusack Reunite In Clip From David Cronenberg's 'Maps To The Stars'

“There were a couple of Hollywood producers, and one of them said, ‘I could not do this movie, because I could not do that to this business that has been so good to me,’ ” David Cronenberg said about “Maps To The Stars” at the Provincetown Film Festival (via THR). “But I actually had the head of a studio come over to me in Cannes, hug me and say, ‘Your movie scared the shit out of me. I had nightmares about it all night. And then the next day I went to a party at the Hotel du Cap, and all I could see was scenes from your movie.’ So I thought that was a positive reaction.”

And indeed, his Hollywood satire did receive some good notices from the Croisette, including our own review which called it “the director’s most twisted, and as a consequence, most deliciously entertaining film, in quite a long while.” And this new clip highlights the cynical tone of this film, with father and daughter, John Cusack and Mia Wasikowska, having a conversation shrouded in some regrets and therapy chatter (“that’s a victim question”). It’s a pretty nice cut from the movie and Cusack looks pretty great.

No word yet on a release date, but according to the LA Times, “Maps To The Stars” will likely play a fall festival (probably Toronto) before opening via eOne. Watch below.

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Both really good actors. Loved Mia in Jane Eyre. Cusack's character seems like a real jerk as a father, but I bet he's funny, too.


Robert Pattinson. Ovary exploded. Did he get naked in this movie? Ovary exploded again….


It's seems boring.


Another Flop.

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