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Watch: New Featurette For ‘The Rover’ Plus New Photos & Quentin Tarantino Praises The Film

Watch: New Featurette For ‘The Rover’ Plus New Photos & Quentin Tarantino Praises The Film

One of our favorite films of the summer is David Michod’s “The Rover” starring Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson. It’s a completely stark and austere tale of a man hell bent on retrieving what is his, by any means necessary. But remember, it’s not quite post-apocalyptic. “It’s post-catastrophic economic collapse!” Michod stressed in a recent Reddit AMA. Got that? Our review described it as “bleak and compelling… it shows Michôd can work with other genres and textures, and still make a film that is unmistakably his, and that is how auteurs are made.”

If you don’t believe us, it’s received a striking endorsement from Quentin Tarantino and he compares it to a post-economic collapse classic. “A mesmerizing, visionary achievement. The best post-apocalyptic movie since the original ‘Mad Max.’ With the one-two punch of The Rover & Animal Kingdom, David Michôd proves himself to be the most uncompromising director of his generation.”

The movie opens in wide release this weekend, so naturally, A24 has released some new elements including some new photos, a new featurette and a clip of Guy Pearce talking about his character. “The Rover” has spent a week in limited release and goes nationwide on Friday. Here’s our in-depth interview with David Michod which you should check out too. “The Rover” is a grower too. If it doesn’t strike you immediately, let it simmer and don’t be surprised when it sinks its gnarly claws into your heard in a way you can’t escape.

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disappointed theres no positive comments quotes against Rob for the film on the posters , the poster "its over for you" upset me it seemed personal, 24 poter with target 10 , target over his picture, there are a lot of people , sites determined to see him fail, I don't know how he copes so well, I would be a constant panic, and feel constantly intimidated if I was trying to cope with this, when he has said previously he wasn't coping web sites ripped him apart,
at least The Rover hasn't or atleast not yet been put on itune before its full release, its not in the uk until August, he made profit on RM and WFE doubling the budget in profits on both, his next two films BA and cosmo were put on iTunes before full cinema release, I really hope the Rover has a decent BO over all, but if it doesn't meet the budget there aren't hateful articles drawing attention to it asusual, or if they do they refer to it as Michods film not Rob's , Michod made 6m for Animal kingdom one actress hadan Oscar forher role, the film had very good critical praise, Cosmopolis made 6m but constant articles that it flopped, it would be nice to see more articles concentrate on the positive or atleat treat everyone the same


the QT quote is good andhaving a positive post, and the link to your positive review B+
confused and disappointed it has not been posted on rottetomatoes but indiewire negative rotten C- review was?
could your review be posted on RT please ?


totally agree with tarentino


Mr. Davis is right, the film really gets under your skin. I want te rewatch is like now !


That quote from QT is so cool. He was really impressed. Going this weekend.

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