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Watch: New Trailer For Tornado Disaster Movie ‘Into The Storm’ Raises The Alarm

Watch: New Trailer For Tornado Disaster Movie 'Into The Storm' Raises The Alarm

While this weekend’s “Transformers: Age Of Extinction” spends a lot of money and time to explode things with shiny robots in big metropolitan cities, sometimes it’s just the weather that can be worrisome. As anyone who has even glimpsed at the news knows, a tornado can wreak deadly havoc with little more than rain or wind. So of course, Hollywood—more than fifteen years after “Twister“—is getting ready to make another tornado tentpole.

Into The Storm” is coming and a new trailer has arrived for the disaster movie. The premise is simple: over the course of a single day, the town of Silverton is met upon the fury of an unprecedented number of tornadoes. And behind the craziness is “Final Destination 5” director Steven Quayle, who knows a thing or two about putting people into absurd danger.

Starring Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Arlen Escarpeta, Nathan Kress, Jon Reep and Jeremy Sumpter, “Into The Storm” opens on August 8th.

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Melissa Pope

Wondering if anyone would be able to help me with finding a contact? I had a children's book published last October called STORM BUDDIES. I have recently had the stuffed animals made that go along with the book. It is a soft little cloud pillow that has the storm buddies inside. It would be really cool to have this available at the movie.


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If you wanna make a tornado movie, go for it, I don't care. But to base it on what happened in my town (Joplin) is just too much. (For those who don't know, the tornado started at the end of graduation, just like in the trailer, and the drive home from the graduation is where/how several of the people died) It's not only distasteful, but hurtful. It brings to mind things that we hope to forget. It makes me sad that of all the ways they could have gone about this they decided to use what happened here.


If you want to see what a tornado can do, go to youtube and see the footage from Joplin missouri or Moore oklahoma. Very tacky to air a graduation, since that is when the Joplin sirens went off, and the schools that were destroyed in Moore.


Looks alright, but I fear some faux global warming / climate change pseudo science is in the mix. I guess we'll wait and see.


Really looking forward to this!!


I don't understand why ya'll gotta compare this to Twister and assume it'll suck. There hasn't been a solid tornado movie out in nearly 20 years. I'm just excited there is one! And I never had the privalege of seeing Twister in theaters cause i was too young; so I think this will be great see in a theater. Granted, the effects seem the same they were 20 years ago (which is weird), but it isn't going to stop me from enjoying this.


Anyone catch the semi honking as it was about to slam into the window from above? Like there was supposed to be a driver inside, honking to tell people to get out of the way? Bwah ha ha! I wouldn't be surprised if they had tires squealing too.


BrianJ and Mickie seriously? This movie was filmed in the summer of 2012. It is not trying to cash in on recent tragedies.


This movie looks awful. Enough said.


SO totally in!! Can't wait!

Dr. Tornado

I've been chasing tornados and have been in several F4 and F5s. This movie is the best yet to come out and I hope they make a sequel. Awesome effects! This movie will be #1 at the box office for several weeks!

David Otto

Wow this video is just like Twister and The Night of the Twister Combined, I got to say they must have had to make a new video to trump Twister, but sadly i think this will be a fail. After 5 season of Storm Chasers on Discovery which was a hit, Hollywood decides to take a shot of it, i like to see what happens. The chase vehicle look like TIV 2. We will see what happens


Looks more like a Disaster movie than a Distaster movie. Pretty annoyed, I really wanted to see a Distaster movie.


I fell in love with tornadoes in 1974 with the Great outbreak of tornadoes.. i was only a little kid. When Twister came out i fell in love again. I thought it was great movie,. Not perfect but still Great,. I hoped for a sequel but now that the actor Phillip is gone who played Dusty it would not work. That being said ill give this a whirl ( no pun intended) but fear its more global warming fear mongering disguised as a fun disaster movie. Maybe= im wrong. Ill-wait and see the first reviews. Twister is mocked but it still is a favorite and has seems to have a cult following.. One day it will-be considered a classic,,where will this be. We shall see.By the way why not put Sean Casey and Reed Timmer in as cameo roles? That would be fun and worth the$ to spend at the theater, a place i rarely waste my money.


Lori!! She's alive!!


So as an Oklahoman, I find several parts of this blatant rip offs of tragedies that happened last year. It's a bit too close to home and I won't be spending my money on this. You're all welcome to enjoy if you so choose, but last May it was elementary school children hiding in a school hallway hoping it would stand up to this and several perished, the armored vehicle is a rip-off of several that would actually survive tornadoes unlike that thing sitting so high off the ground, and we did in fact set a world record for a 2.6 mile wide tornado while losing another 8 people with 150+ injured. This is just…no thank you.

Kiwi Stormy

After 5 seasons of Storm Chasers on discovery this is the best Hollywood can come up with?
you have a TIV2 ripoff that is so high off the ground and such an impractical defense system it would roll away in an EF1 twister, then you have the DOW7 clone with a younger female version of Dr Worman, and to top it off multiple tornadoes from a single supercell in a nice straight line, ARGGGG!
This requires not just suspension of disbelief but flat out turning your brain off.
Oh and don't get me started on the building damage scenes.


You people need to chill out..damn buncha complainers. You wanna talk about bullshit..yea Bill and Jo holding onto a well pipe with a leather strap as an F5 runs right over them as they gaze up into the center of the vortex was realistic and plausible…puleeeeeeeze. It's Hollywood, people….enjoy the effects and take it what it's worth…a buncha wind, destruction and kaos. I ain't knocking Twister but this movie looks like it is gonna blow it away with it's effects.


I don't know about anyone else, but does anyone else think the movie is a bit dramatic? I mean, I know how devastating an outbreak of tornados can be on a community, but really? Like huge one encompassing an entire city, what did it like to you all, several miles wide?


Well if they can't convince the masses with falsified fake data about Global Cooling/Warming now Climate Change(really the climate changes?). They'll make dozens of disaster movies to scare the folks into believing it, Pure Hollyweird Bullshit!


my wife loves the dooms days Global warming bull so guess she will like this movie ,, myself I hate Dooms day impossibility movies.


I can already hear the babbling on about global warming. No Dusty, no Dorothy, no "the extreme!", no Jonas, and no cows = no thanks. Looks like they are following the Day After Tomorrow theme… horrible acting and horrible effects.


Watching Reed Timmer ripping his pants on a barb wire fence in front of a tornado is much better than this!


Bad acting, weather impossibilities, TIV2 rip off AND "Laura" from The Walking Dead came BACK from the dead for a movie that WILL soon be dead, LOL. THAT being said, I can't wait to see it!!! LOL


"They're all over the place!"

LOL! Sigh.


Ummm that vehicle looks too much like TIV2, ripoff.


Most of us in the chaser community lol'd when "Twister" came out, many using the meme "Twister – Its only a movie" But by comparison to this, "Twister" comes out looking like a National Geographic documentary. I figure by August the DVDs of this will be in the 'Two for $5' bin at Walmart.


The graphics on the Twister pinball are better than this! I think I may pass.

Jenny Carr

I can't believe what I'm reading!? I thought it was awesome and can't wait to see the whole thing! I too fell in love with Twister many years ago. I think I'll fall in love with this too. I was so excited watching the trailer that all I could think was…..(how can I say this without sounding awful)….thank goodness tornadoes are 'coming to light' so more movies are made like this. Very exhilarating! Thanks to the creators!


WHAT is wrong with you? People, children died in Joplin and in Moore, so you make a movie with a graduation and a school scene?! Thoughtless and tactless.


This looks good but after falling in love with twister, seeing this makes me realize how much more realistic twister really is.


This looks like one of those B movies but with better actors. Can we just get Sean Casey to release Tornado Alley around the world?


You both are nuts.


Twister had better tornado graphics


I'll take Twister over this crap any day of the week.

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