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Watch: New TV Spot For ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Brings The Noise

Watch: New TV Spot For 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Brings The Noise

Blah, blah, blah, blah “Ant-Man.” While Marvel has yet to resolve that issue, they’re hoping to refocus attention on their summer blockbuster “Guardians Of The Galaxy,” and what better way to do that than to show off the much talked about villain Thanos?

And indeed, they’ve done just that with a new TV spot showing more footage from the film. As you know Josh Brolin got tapped to play Thanos in the film, and it’s more than just a cameo. *SPOLIERS AHEAD* As reported earlier this week, the character will appear in the opening act of James Gunn‘s film, and be a presence through the movie, essentially acting as the puppet master for Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) and Nebula (Karen Gillan). And it’s widely speculated he’s going to main bad dude in “The Avengers 3” (presumably after he completes his Infinity Gauntlet).

Anyway, we’ll see if ‘Guardians’ can make waves on August 1st. Watch below and also check out this pretty spectacular fan-made “Star Wars” inspired poster by Matt Ferguson.

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Gabe, you may still be here, but clearly you're not allowed to write in the manner you used to. And you haven't covered the box office in months. So don't kid YOURself.


Does it annoy anybody else that Disney is bigger on the poster than Marvel and it comes first? I don't know, I just want newbies to look at the movie and think, oh hey, a new Marvel movie, not, oh hey, Mickey Mouse.


time for a leave of absence bro


Hey, let's look at the bright side. Every time someone googles "thanos" "guardians of the galaxy" "footage" they'll be directed to this post. Yay! Clicks!


three minutes of research after viewing this latest spot would have informed you that Thanos is not in this trailer. that it is Ronan the Accuser.

i bitch so much about the mistakes on this site b/c it has potential. but as long as señor jagernauth refuses to put effort into his articles, masthead or not, this blog will never live up to it.


There's not a single media source reporting on his appearance in this TV spot, or any other medium, than you. Clearly, yet again, like the poster below said, you continue to get your facts wrong. For God's sake, y'all need to hire a FACT CHECKER.


That's Ronan The Accuser, not Thanos.

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