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Watch: Oliver Stone’s Controversial Fidel Castro Documentary ‘Comandante’ In Full

Watch: Oliver Stone's Controversial Fidel Castro Documentary 'Comandante' In Full

No stranger to controversy through films that have delved into American history and politics, often blurring the lines reality between and fiction, Oliver Stone’s little seen 2003 documentary “Comandante” was another one that stirred up debate. Called everything from “an opportunity frustratingly squandered” to  “a backslapping love-in” to something “that Stone is bending…for his own personal interest,” many believed that the filmmaker wasn’t able to make an objective documentary on the controversial Cuban leader. Well, now you can judge for yourself.

Over on Vimeo (and we’d imagine it’s only a matter of time until it gets yanked), the entire film has been posted for your viewing pleasure. So now you can see how Stone and Castro interact, as the director tries to get El Caballo’s perspective on a number of topics. Vintage footage is mixed with handheld filming and in person interviews, with the 99-minute film (likely culled from hours of material) it’s the closest anyone from the West has gotten in one-on-one time with the revolutionary. Give it a look below.

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The "controversy" surrounding this pretty by-the-numbers documentary largely comes from people of a particular ideology who don't want to accept that there's more to certain world leaders than their adversarial relationship to the USA.

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