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Watch: Richard Ayoade Makes Jesse Eisenberg Laugh A Lot In 30-Minute Interview For ‘The Double’

Watch: Richard Ayoade Makes Jesse Eisenberg Laugh A Lot In 30-Minute Interview For 'The Double'

Yeah, we know, the film came out last month, but after dropping The Best Films Of 2014 So Far…, “The Double” is back on our minds. It indeed is one of the finest pieces of cinema from the first six months of the year, but what can often be lost in the discussing the film’s many accomplishments is how much it rests entirely on the chemistry between director Richard Ayoade and star Jesse Eisenberg. Well, you can see just why they got on so well in this recent interview.

With the film now arriving in Canada, the pair stopped by “Q with Jian Ghomeshi,” and it’s pretty loose and fun. Ayoade in particular seems to have grown tired of what’s been an extended press run for the movie, and instead uses every question as a opportunity to riff and only when prodded, gets back to seriously answering the question at hand. It results in Eisenberg largely playing spectator, but clearly having a blast watching the filmmaker improvise all over the place, and you can hear him laughing throughout. It reveals the easy respect and rapport the two have, an ingredient that made the success of “The Double” all the richer. Watch below.

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I saw the movie and was disappointed. It struck me as pretentious and lacked originality.
Eisenberg is playing the two characters he plays in all his movies.
Instead of pushing the film the director should hire some black/mixed race actors next time -like himself- and not hide in a world of white mediocre stars. I'm not surprised the movie's flopped at the box office.

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