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Watch: Rosario Dawson Wants To Do Crazy Things In First Clip From ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’

Watch: Rosario Dawson Wants To Do Crazy Things In First Clip From 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For'

With the “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For” controversy over Eva Green and her boobs now ended, the focus is turning back to the movie itself. Last week, we got a brand new trailer, and today comes the first clip, and together, they make the case that the second time around may not be as fun or inviting as the original “Sin City” nine years ago.

This first scene from the movie centers on Rosario Dawson‘s dangerous and sexy Gail, who basically grinds up against a car, sweet talks a brute into some potential sexy times, but has a nasty surprise waiting in the trunk. So yeah, standard stuff from the mill of Frank Miller. Perhaps it’s just the fact of being out of context, but the aesthetic doesn’t seem to quite work here, or mostly, it just doesn’t feel as fresh. Or maybe we’re just distracted by whatever that drawl is that Dawson is laying on pretty thickly.

“Sin City: A Dame To Kill For” drops on August 22nd. Watch below. [Comic Book Movie]

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the non-existent controversy, you mean? the first sin city was trashy, b-movie grindhouse fare, and that's what made it fun. this looks the same. can't wait for a midnight viewing of it with my main squeeze.

Emperor Zerg Rush

Looks like the same Sin City to me. I guess if you disliked the first film then that's reason alone that this one isn't going to fare any better in your eyes.

I will say this though – Frank Miller wrote the RoboCop sequels. Think back about how "good" those were and then consider the fact that Rodriguez has given Miller more freedom to do stuff he wants with this film vs. using him as a consultant to make sure the film stays close to the source. This film's cast is likely what will stand out while critics are likely going to rip it to pieces for just about everything else (screenplay included).

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