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Watch ‘The Love Life of a Black Girl According to Velissa Robinson’ (Short Shouts)

Watch 'The Love Life of a Black Girl According to Velissa Robinson' (Short Shouts)

Here’s one of a few short films I received when I asked for projects that were submitted for Sundance 2014 selection, but didn’t make the final cut. 
Titled The Love Life of a Black Girl According to Velissa Robinson, the experimental piece was directed by Velissa Robinson, an LA-based writer, director and graduate of University of Southern California’s school of Cinematic Arts.
The Love Life of a Black Girl According to Velissa Robinson is her most recent short film, and, as she says, is her favorite to date. 
So what’s the story behind the story? Here’s a statement from the filmmaker:
The Love Life of a Black Girl According to Velissa Robinson was created as I was sitting at my desk at work, knee deep in spreadsheets and so creatively frustrated that I was about to burst. I checked my Bank of America account. #nomonies So I thought “What can I make with no money?” I would have to only use myself. Ok. It would have to be in one place. Ok. One shot? Ok, done- and I wrote it right then and there. I was inspired by the trajectory of the love lives of so many women I know and how over the course of our lives, our trust wrinkles to take the shape of so many things. I’m fascinated by that journey and frustrated by the simplistic portrayal of a woman’s love as just one or two of these stages. I’ve never heard two of the same interpretations to this piece. Everyone gets something different out of it. I didn’t anticipate that, but love that it has that potential. My goal is to shed the layers of the human experience and being able to make this piece in the depths of just needing to make something, anything is the ultimate satisfaction.
And with that, here’s the 10-minute experimental short, The Love Life of a Black Girl According to Velissa Robinson:

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I thought it was great and could be & mean a lot of different things at one time. Camera shots going in and out of focus was important to the storyline. Hope to see more stories from this sister in the future.


Beautifully shot and scored, a brave performance from both behind and in front of the camera.

Kamal Sinclair

Beautiful! I think this film is incredibly vulnerable and honest.


Super smart, subjective camera and interesting perspective on this first person story about a young woman's attempts at love. The viewer has a beginning middle and end journey of their own as they imagine the main character with one love over time, or with distinct loves at different times, or imagine a story taking place in one night, or over a lifetime. The character's transformation into a woman who would lie down without even being hit is frightening and dark. Hopefully her emergence as a woman who sheds her commitment to patriarchal culture is only prelude to a woman who claims and shines with an awareness of her own value and power. Velissa Robinson has demonstrated mastery of character, narrative arc, transformative journey, tone, cinematic language, film music and more. This is a thematically dark and disturbing work for this viewer, but bravo to Ms. Robinson for a courageous short piece of cinema.


Even as a experimental piece there's no story, narrative, or focus. Just a woman being filmed in and out of focus for 10 minutes.


I really enjoyed it, raw and real! I would love to see more of Mrs. Robinson's work.


9 minutes 59 seconds too long….

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