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Watch: Trailer for ‘Dear White People’ Explains Why ‘Gremlins’ is About White People Afraid of Black Culture

Watch: Trailer for 'Dear White People' Explains Why 'Gremlins' is About White People Afraid of Black Culture

Roadside Attractions has released the first trailer for “Dear White People,” Justin Simien’s critically acclaimed satire about race in America. 

“Dear White People,” which was voted as Indiewire’s firstever Project of the Year in 2013, made its debut at Sundance this past January, garnering the Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Talent.

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The trailer is succinct and sharp in its critique of Hollywood’s portrayal of African Americans onscreen, not only parodying the trailer format with an opening that calls the film “in the tradition of ‘The Help,’ ‘The Blind Side’ and ‘The Butler,'” but also interrogating institutional racism with a particular academic finesse.

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“Dear White People” opens in theaters on October 17. Watch the full trailer below:

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Well Wendy, you seem like a grade A racist.


Racism isn’t the biggest problem in this conversation, it’s the irrational disdain for the English language.


Blacks can most certainly be racist. Any tace of people can be racist towards another. Quit watching some much BET. Dont tell someonethey are racist all the while you are filled with racist hate. Your a hypocrite.

Davis Krabs

Your "argument" I guess you’d call it that "Blacks or African Amcericans can’t be racist" might just be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

Blade Triple

It’s not racist Michael. Blacks or African Americans can’t be racist due to not owning any institutional power or influence. What this movie is saying is there are too many images perpetuating stereotypes and racial epitaphs as normalcy. What’s sad is there are many that think this is okay, or that due to affirmative action and "civil rights" or Obama that Blacks have finally made it; if anything it has gotten worst due to social media. Anyone can say what they like and not worry about any physical repercussions. I guess Cowardice and Bigotry is the new cool.


    ‘Physical repercussions’? Are you saying we can’t say anything or we’ll be violently assaulted?

Michael Pankay (White guy)

This is racist.

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