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Watch Trailer For Nick Cannon-Directed High School Comedy ‘School Dance’

Watch Trailer For Nick Cannon-Directed High School Comedy 'School Dance'

Who knew that Mr. Mariah
Carey – aka Nick Cannon – had directed another feature film? It’s a high
school comedy titled “School Dance,” which
judging from the trailer, is exactly the sort of film you would expect Cannon to

I mean, seriously, think about it. If Cannon was directing “Selma” then that would be an unexpected surprise, and we would be forced to
look at him in a different light altogether (“Wow! Cannon is directing ‘Selma’? I didn’t
know the brother was so deep”). But “School Dance”? Yeah that sounds about right.

The cast is also what you would expect: Mike Epps, Katt Williams, Luenell, Amber
Rose, George Lopez, with Bobb’e J. Thompson in the lead, playing a high school student who tries to win
his high school dance contest to get the woman of his dreams, while also trying to survive her gangsta brother’s crew’s initiation.

The only person missing is Stacy Dash, but she’s now busy over at Fox News. And something tells me that Mariah will not be making any surprise cameos in it.

The film comes out next month on VOD, and theatrically in
some markets.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you:

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Sad that I knew before I even clicked that a black woman that actually looks black was not gonna be the popular girl or the girl you tried to get. Sad…..

Monique A Williams

Good for Nick Cannon! I'm definitely not the audience for this, but I'm sure they will love it.


That trailer is funny as hell…especially Kat Williams…


Coonery! Before I even clicked I was betting on how many Black women I would see in this trailer and I was right…NONE! Typical Black Male B.S.


"Mary Wanna" HaHaHaHa!

The Youtube Comments

say it all: the kids are gushing over this trailer.

Either it's a match of niche and base OR we've just gone completely off the deep end.

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