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Watch: You’ll Start Fearing the Rainforest Thanks To Eli Roth’s ‘The Green Inferno’

Watch: You'll Start Fearing the Rainforest Thanks To Eli Roth's 'The Green Inferno'

This is no rainforest documentary or eco-thriller. This is Eli Roth.

From the man who brought you the “Hostel” series comes “The Green Inferno,” a story of an environmental mission gone wrong. When their flight to Peru crashes in the South American wilderness, a group of activists are taken hostage by a local tribe. One can only assume cannibalism and human sacrifice will ensue. The inspiration for  Roth’s film was apparently the 1980 Italian horror flick “Cannibal Holocaust,” which is still banned in several countries to this day because of its graphic violence. This film will make you never want to try and save the rainforest ever again.

“The Green Inferno” hits theaters Sept. 5. Check out the trailer below:

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@Roger I would like to punch you in the neck. You are the downfall of western civilization.

Roger Almendarez

@Joel K, to refer to what will probably be a multimillion dollar product that will be seen by millions as merely a "horror film" is to be dismissive and overly reductive of the impact that cultural productions such as "horror film[s]" have on the way that those movies' creators not only understand their cultures, but also how they view other humans. This trailer seems to depict two kinds of people, white Americans in opposition to a primitive, savage, indigenous group. The problem with that opposition, as Chris Thompson notes, is that it depicts Peruvians as primitive and savage while simultaneously creating a horrible representation of indigenous folks of violent and cannibalistc. We would need to see the film in its entirety in order to determine if the final product is racist (i.e., promoting the righteousness of its white characters while demeaning its indigenous). Whether the film is racist or not, to refer to someone's critique of a cultural product as "neo-liberal un-pc bullshit" is not only confused–neo-liberal is not the same as liberal, and I would wager that you would agree with neo-liberal policies–but sad in your unwillingness to engage in discussion. In the U.S., we have a word for people that don't question both their lives and the things they're exposed to: sheep. So you can grumble all you like about someone being critical, but unless you're willing to have a debate to discuss the merits and faults of an argument, the only one that is going to "go away" is you.

Joel K

Seriously? You reached into your bag of neo-liberal un-pc bullshit over a horror film?

Go away

James M

@Chris Thompson: Then you wouldn't like "Cannibal Holocaust," the movie to which "Green Inferno" pays homage.

Chris Thompson

Looks massively racist, exploitative and derivative. Not that a cynical hack Mr. Roth could care less as long as he can grab some much wanted attention and money.

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