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Will 2014 Be a Breakthrough Year for Women Directors at the Academy Awards?

Will 2014 Be a Breakthrough Year for Women Directors at the Academy Awards?

From my latest Forbes post on the potentially record-breaking awards season to come: 

"I know it is overly optimistic and a tad delusional to think that women could get two nominations for best director, but there are two women — Angelina Jolie for Unbroken and Ava DuVernay for Selma — who should get HARD looks come awards time. The fact that both women have made movies about men will just enhance their chances of getting noticed."

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It is always refreshing to see women directors being recognized for their great work. I have not yet seen Selma, but in Unbroken I found it incredibly powerful how we were shown Zamperini’s childhood and were given many different scenes where we couldn’t help but root for him. It was also nice to see the more sensitive side to him and have the sensitive side be taken seriously, instead of just having Zamperini displayed as a macho, unfeeling man. Having him step outside of this typical gender role allowed Jolie to really show the audience all the aspects that make up Zamperini. It is always interesting to see famous people for more than just what they are famous for, and I feel that Jolie did a great job of showing us who Zamperini really was.

The Amazing Future Teller

Answer: No. Jolie is still (admirably) finding her vision as an actor-turned-director; Duvernay's film headed down path of Lee Daniel's Butler: popular but without major Academy recognition.

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