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Wong Kar-Wai Reportedly Shooting New Film In 2015

Wong Kar-Wai Reportedly Shooting New Film In 2015

Generally speaking, as Wong Kar-Wai‘s career has grown longer, so too has the breaks between each film. In fact, “The Grandmaster” marked the biggest wait yet, coming six years after the director kinda sorta tried to go Hollywood with “My Blueberry Nights.” Granted, it wasn’t completely his fault with the production halted due to injury, but then again, he does have to take some blame for a process that often sees him changing course or working to exacting standards even if it means delays. All that aside, it looks like Kar-Wai doesn’t want to wait too long to get back to work.

Hong Kong business paper The Standard is reporting that the filmmaker will start shooting his next movie in 2015. What will it be? Well, the only thing backers Mei Ah Entertainment will say is that it’s a “romance” (shocker), and head honcho Patrick Tong Hing-chi says it will feature a male lead that “all women are crazy about.” Start your speculating machines!

There hasn’t been much in the way of news about any future projects from Wong Kar-Wai, except for brief talk of a sequel to “The Grandmaster.” This doesn’t really sound like it, and we’d wager having spent forever in that world, Wong Kar-Wai wants to do something else. So hey, a new movie from the director in next year or two? Provided he doesn’t get distracted or run into production problems, he might start rivalling Terrence Malick in terms of productivity. 

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Sanker from india

Dub and mike nice comments! After the career defining classic "in the mood for love", wong's movies "2046", "my blueberry nights" and "the grandmaster" have underwhelmed to some extent. Here's hoping he comes roaring back to form with the next one!!


Wai's career died after that huge steaming turd that was My Blueberry Nights.


So it's a remake of Truffaut's The Man Who Loved Women.


"it will feature a male lead that "all women are crazy about."

I guess an american/european actor. Pattinson? Jude Law again?

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