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2014 Emmy Predictions: Best Miniseries

2014 Emmy Predictions: Best Miniseries

Indiewire will provide regular updates of our predictions through August 25th, when the winners will be announced. 

David Simon and HBO must be pretty pleased with themselves. Not only did shifting “True Detective” to the series competition pay off with an Outstanding Drama Nomination and two acting nods for their leads, but it made room for David Simon’s “Treme” to score a nod in the Outstanding Miniseries category. It would be tough to pull out a win, seeing as “American Horror Story” continued its Emmys dominance with “Coven” scoring a ton of nods, and “Fargo” made the emphatic statement it wanted in the category as well, landing multiple acting nominations for most of its cast. Then you’ve got “The White Queen,” a well respected Starz mini with a possible sequel on the horizon and “Luther,” a beloved BBC drama with Simon’s former co-worker on “The Wire.” For being a sparse year for minis, it’s also a solid bunch.

Below are predictions for best TV miniseries from both Indiewire Awards Editor Peter Knegt and Assistant TV Editor Ben Travers. Check out predictions in all the categories here.

The nominees:
“American Horror Story: Coven”
“Bonnie & Clyde”
“The White Queen”

Ben’s predictions:
Will win: “Fargo”
Could win: “American Horror Story: Coven”
Should win: “Treme”
Shoulda been here: None.

Peter’s predictions:
Will win: “Fargo”
Could win: “American Horror Story: Coven”
Should win: “Treme”
Shoulda been here: Abstain

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But Treme isn't a miniseries?


Sherlock isn't in the miniseries category, is it?


Hello, I am a television critic.

I have watched all the miniseries and television films this year, and I think if Mini-Series were submitted to Drama or Comedy, they would win it… BIG! But TV-films at the Oscars… please!

Here are my nominations in numerical, from winning to tenth, and then some may-be nomination spoilers.

1) The Normal Heart (When I watched this, my son made me, I loved it and it was the best)
2) The White Queen (The best mini-series this year)
3) Fargo (I loved it more than the film from 1996)
4) Burton and Taylor (The cast were amazing and so was the story)
5) Petals on the Wind (I loved the sequel way more than the first)
6) Luther (Sorry, Sherlock, here's one fantastic show)
7) Killing Kennedy (From start to credits, I swear I never blinked)
8) Flowers In The Attic (Lifetime has better shows this year)
9) American Horror Story: Coven (It was an odd, but amazing show)
10) The Paradise (1st season was epic, this season was kind of a let-down)

The other shows and films that may spoil or is too good to not be nominated:

Salem (It was enjoyable)
Dancing on the Edge (This one made me sleep, but last year's was more epic.
Sherlock (This one made me turn off my television sometimes)
Under The Dome (I'm waiting for the second season)
Rosemary's Baby (Yes, the three episodic-series was saliva-making moments)

Now, some shows going for Drama and Comedy should seriously consider submitting here. If they did, they would dominate here and here follows the should-be-here shows:

True Blood (Crazy about it)
Homeland (In the bag if it was here)
Girls (It would defeat any mini-series and television films coming it's way, well, except its challenger, Veep)
Veep (EPIC)
Downton Abbey (Okay, I am so sorry Veep and Girls and Normal Heart, but you can't defeat this one)


can't remember, but i think they combine miniseries and tv movie for the categlory.
but my prediction are
American Horror Story: Coven
Burton & Taylor
Dancing On The Edge
Killing Kennedy
The Normal Heart


ummmm AHS: Coven isn't as critically adored as Murder House or Asylum? You need to recheck your research there. Coven is consistently critically and fan adored way more than the previous two incarnations. Check those scores again, bud. In fact, Coven to me, is the frontrunner.


In a perfect world I would include The Fall in this


AHS Coven sucks. Quite thoroughly.

Akash Vijay

I thought Sherlock again switched to TV movie.

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