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A Second Aaliyah Feature Film Project in the Works, Heading for the Big Screen?

A Second Aaliyah Feature Film Project in the Works, Heading for the Big Screen?

I received emails on this before, but from people I’ve never had any previous exchanges with, and I couldn’t verify the information the emails contained, so I didn’t share here. 

But I just learned that the writer who’s said to be penning the script, author Zane (of popular erotic fiction novels – one of which has been adapted to film) shared a link to an article about the project to her almost 1 million Facebook followers, which suggests there’s some truth to it. Hence, this post.

The article Zane shared on her Facebook fan page is published on S2S (Sister 2 Sister) Magazine’s website, which states that a second film – this one planned for a theatrical release, and not TV, like the other one set up at Lifetime – based on the life of Aaliyah, is in development, with Aaliyah’s Uncle and former manager said to be involved. 

Cast to play Aaliyah in this project is singer B.Simone (pictured above), who clearly looks a lot like her.

The S2S Magazine article adds that Terrence Howard and Wood Harris are being eyed for possible roles, but no word on what those roles might be.

You’ll recall that, in response to the Lifetime project, which Alexandra Shipp will star in, with Wendy Williams producing, Aaliyah’s family has been vocal about their opposition to a small screen adaptation for Aaliyah’s story, wanting a feature film made for the big screen instead, with *name* actors.

“We want a major studio release along the lines of ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It,’ the Tina Turner movie… This needs A-list actors, A-list talent that can breathe life into what we think is a phenomenal story,” said Jomo Hankerson, Aaliyah’s cousin and president of her label, Blackground Records.

Could this seemingly mystery project which Zane is apparently attached to write, be closer to what they envision, assuming it happens?

Let’s see if anything comes of this, or if it’s all just a trial balloon – information sent out to the media (whether intentionally, or *leaked*), before any real work has been done, in order to see how audiences react to whatever idea is being sold, and whether it attracts any interest from those who are in positions to help make the idea a reality.

Based on the bestseller “Aaliyah: More Than a Woman” by former Time Magazine music editor Christopher Farley, the Lifetime Original Movie is to be filmed this summer to be premiered in the Fall.

By the way, Lionsgate’s upcoming adaptation of Zane’s popular novel “Addicted,” which follows the trials and tribulations of a professional African American woman with a sex addiction, is set for an October 10, 2014 theatrical release.

Directed by Bille Woodruff, from a script penned by Christina Welsh and Ernie Barbarash, the film stars Sharon Leal, Boris Kodjoe), Tasha Smith, Tyson Beckford, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Kat Graham, and William Levy.

Watch B.Simone in an Aaliyah tribute she produced to demonstrate her abilities:

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Some people want born n the 90s people was watching her when she was a little girl a teenager in to a young adult realize that she was n no group like mostly girl group waz n she was doing her on thing yes she did had people on her side but people need to realize aaliyah was doing a lot of thing first before people n this move people need to know wat she have done a lot of females and males praised aaliyah ciara rihanna drake the game its so many people so stop try talk bad about her when u dont ever know her that so ignorant


First of all aaliyah was bigger the brandy and monica n if u dont know her get the fu off this page so u say u dont know her but u on her page so u do know her lmbo that like saying I dont no were mac Donald at but im n there eating at one n besides she was only 22 she was growing I don't c u doing nun so she have to be doing sum for everbody still love her hater these dayz who hate on a talent person that was natural classic n beautiful n head up go to her you tube page n c of her the list goes down n how many people loved her


let it go …

Yes, I said it

Honestly, who is checking for Aaliyah, she wasn't that big (Brandy and Monica were bigger than her), and there is nothing compelling about her story (like Michael and Whitney), so I do not get this hype for a mediocre singer.

The Truth

Aaliyah was a great singer but sorry to say not to do a whole movie base on her life, sorry this will not make it at the box office. Look at the how the Big movie productions for this summer which failed big at the box office, do you really think that a Aaliyah movie will make any money, sorry NO.


THANK GOD. Simone is a WAY BETTER candidate than the girl Wendy Williams is/was promoting. Simone looks African American and does not look like she has one drop of color in her. Simone is a BETTER REPRESENTATION. The candidates that Wendy Williams proposed were insults, pretty, but insults to Aaliyah. I hope it makes the BIG SCREEN. Aaliyah DESERVES it. She does not deserve these candidates Wendy Williams is/was promoting.


The issue with me is there are to many irons in the fire. It doesn't seem anyone is trying to work together. If you are going to do a theatrical release or television debut, Aaliyah's family needs to be on the same page. I don't see that happening here. I feel like Lifetime or the possible movie will end up tarnishing Aaliyah's legacy.


Lolita price needs too portray Aaliyah I Think She can do her justice better than B.simone because Lolita Price Can Sing Dance And Act.


The link is private. 😕

Tell It Like It Is

From the photo this project looked liked it should be green-lighted, but after I saw the video – NO. She lacks Aaliyah's swag, doesn't dance as good as her, and needs to lose a little weight to play her as well (Aaliyah was very slim and had not an ounce of fat on her stomach). They should wait until they find the complete package. This is a tough project to cast.


Sigh…… Let it stop

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