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Agency, Studio & Filmmakers Behind N.W.A. Biopic Release Statements on Casting Call Outrage

Agency, Studio & Filmmakers Behind N.W.A. Biopic Release Statements on Casting Call Outrage

Another update… this time, as expected, the casting agency has released its own statement on the matter, via its Facebook page. Here’s what they had to say: 

  • This is Kristan from Sande Alessi Casting. I’ve been wanting to say this for two days and now I can. I would like to sincerely apologize for recently posting a casting announcement that used offensive language to recruit women for a film our agency is working on. My intention was not to offend anyone and I’m so deeply sorry for not realizing the insensitivity in its content. I’m truly so sorry.

This follows a Friday (July 18) statement released by the studio and filmmakers behind the project, which follows below.


An update on yesterday’s Universal Pictures N.W.A. biopic casting notice fiasco, which caused quite an uproar as you’d expect…

Universal Pictures and the filmmakers behind the project have released a statement on the casting notice, seemingly distancing themselves from it, stating that they “did not approve and do not condone the information” in the casting notice published by Sande Alessi Casting a couple of days ago, adding, “We regret and sincerely apologize for being in any way associated with the offensive descriptions it contained.

As noted in yesterday’s post, the casting company has since removed the casting notice from its Facebook page. The agency hasn’t yet released its own statement on the matter, although I’m sure one will come eventually. Or maybe not…

Also worth noting, Universal did not say whether or not it planned to continue working with Sande Alessi – an agency that’s been handling some of the casting for the studio’s N.W.A. project. There are still other casting announcements on the film posted on the agency’s website and Facebook page.

If you missed all the excitement yesterday, click here to catch up!

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I'm glad this happened. I doubt it changed anything, or anyone really got more than a slapped wrist – because this is a collective perspective on Black women. We are marginalised and constantly put on the bottom rung of the ladder. We need to look out for ourselves and the more noise we make the better. We also need to make sure we know our own damn worth, because the rest of the world – including our own men – constantly underestimate and malign us.


They ars still casting for this. By the time the film is finally released next year no one will care. I'm not saying that's good. I'm just saying we'll have something else to be outraged at by then. And if the soundtrack has new music by Dr. Dre and Cube (that's actually good) people really won't care.


When the N.W.A. project was initially announced, I couldn't wait to check it out.
But now you coundn't pay me to see this foolishness.


This is being blown out of proportion. Nothing was meant by the A-D denotations. I am still excited about this film and can't wit to see it when it come out NEXT YEAR!


Ha no one is believing that statement! Laughing hysterically . . . we all know that's bullshit . . . but someone had to be thrown under the bus . . . in this case; casting. I'll be passing!


I am not surprised by this. If the casting announcement was not listed for the world to see, it would have been what casting would have been looking for anyway and still is in my opinion. We live in a world with ignorant people.


Their apology doesn't matter. If behind closed doors (away from social media) this is STILL their working casting call, then it doesn't matter. They can (and probably will) continue to work from this vision for A – D girls. Charge that to the game. I can't support this project.

Now… let me take my short & curvy ('cause I like cupcakes) and natural (happy to be nappy) hair having self and get back to work ('cause I'm "poor").

Mark and Darla

To damn late. Everyone involved knew what on the paper before release, hope the uneducated thug movie never materialize.


I don't care about apologies. It's in the actions. Cast "hot fly" main girls that look like Lupita, then we'll talk. Until then, me and the black women that I know that love themselves will not fork over one penny to see this movie.

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