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Ancient Egypt-set ‘Hieroglyph’ Canceled by Fox Before Season Begins

Ancient Egypt-set 'Hieroglyph' Canceled by Fox Before Season Begins

Its trailer didn’t look particularly excite me, but I was willing to wait to actually watch a few episodes first before offering any commentary. Unfortunately, I won’t get that opportunity, because, in maybe an atypical move, Fox has canceled “Hieroglyph,” the ancient Egypt-set, action-adventure drama, before a single episode has even aired. 

The straight-to-series, 13-episode order which was slated to debut in 2015, “wasn’t coming together creatively in the way that executives had hoped,” sources tell Entertainment Weekly. 

Set in ancient Egypt, “Hieroglyph” was described as a combo fantasy and reality, ambitious action-adventure series from “Pacific Rim” and “Clash of the Titans” writer Travis Beacham, which was to follow a notorious thief who leaves prison to serve the Pharaoh – a move that places him amid lots intrigue within palace walls; sex, crime, the usual.

Condola Rashad, in what would’ve been her first TV series regular role, was to play Nefertari Kanahkt – “a rare beauty who intimidates even the strongest of suitors… and she knows it,” as Fox described how the character will be portrayed in the series. 

Too bad.

Maybe another network will pick it up? Maybe Netflix or Yahoo will *save* it?

More at 11…

Watch the trailer below if you missed it:

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I like the concept of an "ancient Egypt" series, bbut not a vampire rift one. Ancient Egypt was seedy enough with the insestus marriages, and constant power sttuggles. Look how well Tut did on Spike. People are hungry for that type of format. I know I am!

That Chick OvA There

Well, Egyptians were not Europeans. The Black People and Arabic People create more of an accurate representation, not Anglo Saxons. It's silly and sad how Hollywood loves to depict the Black Women as a Whore all the time.

Miles Ellison

The only reason Fox canceled this was because they didn't think it would get good enough ratings. I seriously doubt that there was some moment of clarity about the low-quality history mangling crap they were troweling out. If they thought 10 million people would watch this crap, it wouldn't have mattered how tasteless, ridiculous, or racist it was. It would have aired repeatedly and been promoted relentlessly.


So it's a black-less Egyptian story & the only black woman is a "whore". Okay!!! Good riddance.

K. B.

So glad that this next onslaught of cultural blasphemy, defamation & disrespect was stopped B4 it started. There's enough of that already. Maybe this is a good sign of better times 2 come. I'll save the celebration 4 the time being though.


Nefertari was just the bed warmer to all the men! That's what I got from the few clips I have seen.


Looks like some entity realized just how flawed this was and put the kibosh on it before it got out there to the public.
In the world of bad TV, how bad do you think this was to be unceremoniously pulled in this manner? Just curious.


Enough of the PC bullshit! This was (badly) made as entertainment — not history. Get over yourselves.


+FLOYD WEBB Maybe the reason Black people have not made shows set in ancient Africa is because, those type of shows might not sell to a mainstream audience. Also the producers were trying to capitalize off the success of "Game Of Thrones" on HBO. The reality of the situations is that it is not easy to make a fantasy series or time period series like "Boardwak Empire" also on HBO. Those type of shows require a great deal of research! That's one that the producers behind "Boardwalk Empire" and Game Of Thrones" did their RESEARCH.

Floyd Webb

When is negros gon' stop complaining bout what white folk do and and pool some capital, then make they own damn Egyptian fantasy about the good old days of 6000 B.C.??? I would love to see a story about those days and the state of human relations between royalty and commoners.


Oh thank GOD! That looked absolutely horrible. HORRIBLE! They got one black person up in there like that's supposed to mean something. FOH!


This GARBAGE needed to be cancelled. There were NO WHITE PEOPLE IN EGYPT until the invaders.

Where there any white people in Nigeria/ghana/kenya/mozambique/togo/ benin/ zimbabwe UNTIL white invaders.

so Why you let WHITE PEOPLE rewrite history? there are there now because THEY decided they wanted to stay. and just like all media, they ONLY show white people (light as in egypt) in good light.

Now go SOUTH in egypt and see the COLOR of its people. Fugg cairo and around the coast. Those are the invaders.


Justice prevails!!! Ancient Egypt with a token/only one black character in 2014, is that any better that an Elizabeth Taylor's film?—->those racist dweebs should have wrote a better script to keep their stupid show alive.


Hopefully they didn't cancel it because of backlash from Arabs or Muslims.

isis aset

Good riddance


All I saw in that promo was the darker skin people being the slaves.

M. Todd

You want accuracy go crack a book and stop looking for your history in a goddamned vampire fantasy. Hollywood barely, if at all, gets it right when trying — and you expect them to nail it on a show about vampires? Tired conversation.


"inaccurate telling of our history, for TV, is averted." ERIK W.

"Seeing those white people in Kemetic garb made my stomach turn. Calling it Egypt is infuriating. Everything about this is gross. I'm thrilled it will never see the light of day. Thrilled." MONIQUE A WILLIAMS

I couldn't agree MORE!

Claudius Mitchell

Ancient Egypt + only one black person = stupid
Do a show about ancient Greek people with one white person!


Nobody is picking this up. If it was so bad that Fox canceled it before airing even the pilot, there is no way another network will invest in it. It sounds like the showrunner couldn't produce a quality product worthy of the investment. The subsequent scripts (after the pilot) were below average apparently.

Erik W.

"wasn’t coming together creatively in the way that executives had hoped,"

Translation, it was ten pounds of crap in a five pound bag. Thank goodness another inaccurate telling of our history, for TV, is averted.

D.C. Kirkwood

Smart Move.

Monique A Williams

That looked absolutely ridiculous. Vampires??? Seeing those white people in Kemetic garb made my stomach turn. Calling it Egypt is infuriating. Everything about this is gross. I'm thrilled it will never see the light of day. Thrilled.

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